Saturday, May 31, 2008


* why does it have to be your way or no way
* why do you dislike me so much
* why am i so worried
* why do i even care
* why do you not get it
* why do you treat me like a child
* why is enough never enough
* why do i work so hard
* why is the floor sticky
* why am i not invited
* why do you ignore them
* why is it always so hot in my room
* why does it never go as planned
* why are you so smug
* why do you get so frustrated
* why does it matter if we go
* why don't you come and see me
* why don't you get along
* why do we even bother with the last week of school
* why do i get straight hair and you get curly
* why do cats and dogs hate each other
* why are you still reading this


* i do not like roller coasters
* i type without using my pinkys
* i refuse to buy generic cereal
* i am embarrassed about my lisp
* i can get by on 2 hours of sleep a night on a regular basis
* i love animals but i refuse to pick them up
* i did not want kids until i had one, and then i wanted more
* i am so self conscience that i make myself sick
* i was on the dance team in high school,
* i wanted to be a rockette or a dallas cowboy cheerleader
* i am mean to the people i love when i am frustrated
* i love mexican food
* i have tons of gray hair so i dye it
* i give my kids cereal for dinner once a week
* i think you are all better moms then i am
* i don't like to cry in public because i think it makes me look weak
* i love the beach, but i HATE sand
* i can read a book in one sitting if everyone leaves me alone
* i am a middle child
* i took my parents for granted the first half of my life
* i NEED a vacation
* i want to look nice but i am not willing to take a ton of time getting ready in the morning
* i need validation, but i do not want you to know that i need it
* i like to swing
* i like doing laundry, but i do not like folding it
* i want to ask you 'why'


I try so hard with you,
but it is never enough.
I do what I think you want me to do,
but it is never enough.
I try and be myself,
but myself is never enough.

When can I say enough is enough?

I want you to see me.
I want you to hear me.
I want you to know me.

Enough is enough.
Have you ever been in a room with 100 people and still felt alone? Yeah. Me too.

Shopping and Sickness

OK I went shopping and got a dress with a little short sleeved sweater to go with it. I really like it but, it is the kind of dress that I would picture someone going on a picnic wearing. Too sweet and too cute for me? Maybe. We will see. I am wearing it tonight to the wedding...if I go. I actually got another outfit as well. A skirt and top but I might take them back. I have to think about it for a while. (I might even wear the dress to work just to get a laugh out of the rest of the staff. I have NEVER worn a dress to work in 2 years! I usually wear jeans.)

Yes that is right...IF I go. Starting at about midnight last night Haley and Abigail took turns throwing up every 20 to 30 minutes. First Haley and then Abigail and then Haley and so on and on until morning. It was sweet. (Lewis and I had to get up early to take his car in to some work done on it at 8am too.) And with his poor back still hurting him I was the one that was up and down every time they started to cry. Luckily for me every time they get sick they both start crying really loud first so I have time to run in their rooms and get to them before there is an accident.

The only good thing is that both Jason and Adam already had this and it only lasts about 12 hours. Both of the boys were fine by dinnertime on the same day. Some of the kids at school have had it too and it only lasted about 12 hours for them as well. I guess we will see!

Friday, May 30, 2008

What do you wear when you have nothing to wear?

I need "nice dress" for a dinner tonight downtown. I have nothing to wear. I have my 1 skirt that I wear all of the time to everything! Church, concerts, events, weddings, and even FUNERALS. It is pink pleated. I bought it when Adam was in first grade. I am not exaggerating at all. It is my only skirt. Oh, and I do not own any dresses.

Sigh. Too late now. I have to get the babysitter in 25 minutes.
5 More Days of School!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


I knew it was "HIM" in the casket. Don't get me started!

What do I do? IMPORTANT!!

OK so Shar is going to be on Good Things Utah tomorrow and I have a ticket. I also have the girls all day....problem right? Right. So what do I do? I was just going to take the girls to school with me tomorrow because it is a short day, but I want to go to Good Things!

I can drop Haley off at Corner Canyon (preschool) at 8am. Take Abigail with me to work for an hour. I need to leave for the studio at 9:15am. I need to figure out what to do with Abigail from 9:15am until 11:45. Hmmmm.... I can get one of the other moms from preschool to get Haley and take her to Channing and leave her in the library with Pam for 45 min. until I get back but Abigail is the problem. Think. Think. Think....

Help. Anyone?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8 days of school left!!!
now, i just wish that the weather would cooperate with us...

Crazy Flashback!

Wow. Not even cute. Why are we all wearing such bold statement outfits? Angel - nice haircut. "There's a guy out there, hes gonna comb his hair..."

Name that Person

I was 15 at the time. We lived in Belgium. This is the sister of well known person. Name the famous person. Dad you can't guess because you know!

New Shoes

Is there anything better then new shoes? Really? The act of going out, trying on and buying new shoes. They smell so good. They look so good. They are so stiff and sturdy. I LOVE new shoes. So on Monday when Lewis says to just go buy a new pair of shoes and stop whining about it, I said OK. Adam went with me, begrudgingly. Too bad. I was in heaven. We went to DSW. Oh I love DSW. Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Can you tell that I have a thing for shoes? I went straight to the cutest pair, tried them on and bought them. Of course I lapped the store to see what else there was, but I ended up with the first ones that I saw. The reason that I love

shoe shopping is this: it is simple. You know what you like, you know your size. You do not have to worry if your but looks big in them. (Pretty much all heals make your butt look better anyway.) Shoes can change an ordinarily outfit into extraordinary. So here they are. My cute shoes:

OK, SJP (if you don't know who this is then just stop reading), they are not Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choo, or Christian Louboutins, but they are totally cute and for under $30.00 they are a steal. Cute with carpi's, jeans or skirts.

I used to own about 40 pair of shoes that I would wear on a regular basis. Then I had more then 1 child. I changed to tennis shoes, flip flops or plain old brown "Jesus-type biblical sandals. Very ugly and very boring. I still own these and I still wear them. If you have kids then you know that a time and a place for all of these shoes (well maybe not the ugly brown sandals, but they are so comfy. I try to never wear them in public though). The cost for pretty shoes was too much when you also have to buy cute tiny Jordan basketball shoes for a 1 month old infant.

So I was going to tell this awesome story about my first really great pair of shoes, but I can't find the picture that goes with it. I am going to have to save that for another post!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Utah Sports Caster is an Idiot

I have tried to write this twice and it has not worked right either time, so here is attempt #3.

I hate Utah News Anchors. On a whole they report stupid news. The top news stories each night are usually crap about birds, or a cat got hit by a car, that kind of crap. I have met some of these news anchors and they do not seem very bright. I am sure that some of them are great, awesome, smart news finders. Tonight I would like to crack on Channel 2 News Sunday Sports guy.

He shows a clip of a "Viral Video" that is going around the internet. It shows Kobe playing with the guys from JackAss (MTV show that Lewis and I used to love). He is jumping a pool of snakes and dunking a basketball. Looks totally fake. So this sports guys says, "Thanks Kobe!" like he is a personal friend or something. WHAT!?! Where has this guy been? Does he not know that thanks to Kobe the Jazz are no longer playing for the rest of the season? Thanks Kobe? Hey buddy... if you like Kobe, then move to L.A.


Kobe + Jackass Guys

Here is the video that was on channel 2 news. Enjoy!

9 Days of School Left

Our Memorial Day

The Weather:

The girls having lunch inside because of the weather:

The girls being silly at lunch:

Running into cousins at Walmart:

The girl's picnic dinner:

So Memorial Day wasn't exactly what we wanted. We had a plan. A plan to go swimming, hiking, picnic, and Shaved Ice. Instead we got rain, lightning, and wind. It is OK though because Lewis can't walk and Jason is sick. Lewis hurt his back and then his left leg. It huts to walk, sit, and lay down. Sorry Lewis! Jason has been sick all day. I am not sure what I am going to do with him tomorrow. I have 2 choices:

1. Leave him home alone

2. Bring him to work with me and let him sleep and watch movies under my desk while I work. (Haley did this about a month ago when I had to go in and work when one of the ladies called in sick.)

I am leaning toward option #2.

Happy Memorial Day!

When I think about Memorial Day I think:

*military service
*red poppies
*cemetery visits
*no school/work
*visiting memorials
*flags and flowers

My favorite memories of Memorial Day growing up were swimming, BBQs with my dad's office, family picnics, military parades, and concerts. I lived more then half of my life on or near a military base. Many of you may not know this about me but I am a very patriotic person. I love this country. I respect and support the troops that serve both inside and outside of these United States. My father, father-in-law, brother, and grandfather, and close friends have all served in the military. My love goes out to all of you who have, are and will serve in the military service, and their families.

Abi's Smile

Did you notice Abigail's smiles in the last post? She looks like she is in pain in every picture. I went back and looked and in about half of her pictures she has that same "I'm in total pain but you want me to smile so I will" look on her face. The other half she has wonderful smiles. Strange. I think when we tell her to smile she forces what she thinks she needs to do and it looks like pain. When it is a natural smile she looks nice and happy. Just an observation.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Abi's Ears

We have been offering the girls to go get their ears pierced for about 2 years now. We told them that when they get their ears pierced then they can go to Bath and Body Works and pick out a sweet spray for herself. Haley said when wanted to wait until she was 8. She will have it done then. Abi said she wanted it done now. She did not want to wait at all. She wanted to go to the mall today. So right then we drove to the mall. We went strait to Claire's. I thought that she would still change her mind. We were the only people in the store so Haley started looking around for pretty stuff for herself. Abi went up to the lady and said that she was there to get her ears "pursed". The lady looked at me and I nodded yes. So she showed Abigail the earrings. Abi chose her birthstone, ruby. I set her in the seat and she grabbed the stuffed bear that the store has there for the kids to hold. She noticed that the bear had her ears pierced too. That made her laugh. The lady took about 5 min. to get set up. By then there were quite a few people in the store. When the lady was about to start the piercing they all stopped to watch this tiny person get her ears done. Abigail was brave. I told her it would hurt at first and she said that was fine. Then the lady did the first ear. Abigail looked at me, and her face started to get that nervous look, but she did not cry. She said, "Ouch! Mom, will you hold my hand for the second ear?" So I did and she was done. No crying, no whining, nothing. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought they were beautiful. The strangers all started saying what a brave and smart girl she was. They told her she was wonderful and that she should be proud of herself. She was ecstatic! We paid and were out of there. We had to go right into Bah and Body Works. She wanted the spray right then and there. She picked out a small bottle. She carried her bags through the mall all by herself. She keeps telling me that she is a big girl and that she loves her earrings. She is also telling people that it did not hurt at all. I am glad that she had a good experience.

I just hope that she doesn't want other piercing thinking that because this piercing didn't hurt that others won't hurt as well. I know for a fact firsthand that other piercing do hurt.
One more thing, Haley decided that she wants to wait until she is 11 to have her ears done. I bet she changes her mind once she starts school.

Birthday Gifts

Here are my birthday gifts:

I got this one just last night from Shar and Brandon. I absolutely love it. The charms on the bottom can be switched out. So cute! I think they are trying to fancy me up a little, which is fine with me. I would have put it on last night but she was wearing the same one and I think at 30 I am too old to be "twinseys" with someone else. It is from her boutique. (A little advertising. Shar has a little boutique in Lehi. It is called Bags That Fit. You can see them on the web at )

Here it is up close.

Daisy platter from "South". The middle bowl holds the dip, and the petals hold chips or veggies. I love it! Thanks! It will be great for the summer.

Pens from "North". Her husband made the one on the left. I really like using it already. It has a nice weight to it. Thanks! The piggy pen is a little joke. Now we all have one!

Mints from "South". She saw them and thought that they were exactly me. I think they are delicious. Thanks!

Music card from my kids. Thanks for the tunes! I needed it.

This was left on my doorstep. Haley said, "A guy in a truck went into our driveway, got out and left it on the doorstep." Hmmm... A secret admirer? The lotion scent is PASSIONFRUIT! Thanks, whoever you are! (I am sure someone made their husband bring it over.)

I also got a cards from wonderful Marty and Allison, Grams, Grandma Yoder, and Alain and Donna. Thanks!

I also had a birthday lunch, 2 birthday dinners, and a Mini Spa night out with M.R.
I guess overall my birthday was great and lasted a while! Still not sure about turning 30...that's another post.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dinner, Dr. Johns, and Dessert

I went out on Friday night with "South" and "North" because South's birthday and mine are a day apart. Oh, a decade, a few years and day, my bad.

I need to preface this with a disclaimer. I hate most seafood. No, hate is not a good word. Um.... loathe, detest, despite... yeah that will work. I like salmon (most of the time), few Sushi, crab legs, and um...maybe a tuna sandwich once in a while. But that is it! Nothing else.

So South got to decide where we were going for dinner so she chose Red Lobster. Oh joy. My favorite restaurant (enter sarcasm here). It actually is her favorite restaurant but she never gets to go there so we agreed to go. (Funny story. About a year and a half ago I took South to eat at Red Lobster to thank her for helping me with some errands. That was the last time either of us ate there, before last night. She ordered some fish meal and I got cheese sticks and chicken fingers off of the appetizer menu. When the waitress brought us our food she says to South, "Do you feel like you are eating with a toddler?" Yes, she said I do. Kendra always eats like this. True, I do.)

So we order our dinner and exchange gifts. South got me a daisy platter for chips or veggies and dip that I saw at the store last week and wanted to buy, but didn't. North had her husband make fancy pens for us. The pens are fabulous. I love mine! And I got South a comfy blanket and frame for a picture of the 3 of us to go in. Dinner was fine, I had steak and had to cut it into tiny pieces to get it into my mouth. (During dinner North's husband calls and she says we are at Red Lobster, come and join us. He says, "Yeah right. I'll be right there. that where you are for real?!" So it is not just me that thinks Red Lobster is a strange place to eat.) By the time dinner was over I had called the dentist twice because my mouth was hurting so bad.

After dinner we went to get dessert at Cheesecake Factory. The line was too long so we decided to take a drive down State street while we waited. We drove past Dr. Johns and we decided to stop and have a laugh in the parking lot. North had never been inside and South had gone there with me one to get some decorations for a party that I had last October. (Funny thing is that was the errand she was helping me with when we went to eat at Red Lobster the last time! I had forgotten that!) So North is a very proper lady and is so funny about these things.

When we were done laughing we drove over to Cheesecake Factory and got right in. I got hot chocolate and Oreo Cheesecake. It was so yummy. (The hot chocolate made my teeth feel better. The cold is what was hurting them.) It is nice inside the restaurant. They do not bother you to hurry up. You can take as long as you want. I mentioned this and then said, "Yeah, they better leave me alone and let me take as long as I want if I am playing $14 for a piece of cheesecake and hot chocolate!"

While at Cheesecake Factory some ladies were complaining about their husbands a little. And here is a part of their conversation:

Person 1 said, "So what is this notion of spending your WHOLE life with one man?"
And person 2 says, "In her case it isn't life, it is eternity."
And they laughed and laughed. And then person 1 says,"The only bad part about that joke is I can't go home and tell my husband about it."
Good time ladies! Thanks for the gifts! Not that you will ever see this thank you because you told me last night that you do not ever read my blog!!

Tuesday Tooth Trouble

I went to the dentist on Tuesday. They thought that I needed a root canal, so I was set with my new I-Pod and a whole bunch of songs to keep me busy. It was going fine when about 30 min. into the dental work the dentist says, "Oh, Crap!"

WHAT??? Don't say that! Don't say that!! Oh Crap What?!?! My mouth was full of stuff and I am trying to say "WHAT?? What is wrong??"

So he gets up and looks at the x-rays for what feels like an hour and then sits back down. He says, "There is good news and there is bad news. Good news is you do not need a root canal. Bad news is your 2 fillings flanking this tooth are crumbling out. They are about 12 years old and the fillings do not fill the tooth properly. Do you want me to fix them now or wait for later?"

I knew that the teeth felt weird but I had no idea that the fillings were bad so I tell him to just fix them now while I was numbed up and in the chair. Plus since there is no root canal it will be cheaper and I can have the other teeth fixed while I am here. So he gets me all fixed up and I go out to pay. YIKES! I was wrong. It was supposed to cost about $500 and now it is costing me $925!!! Oh well it had to be done. My mouth is sore and he says it will be for a while. Eat soft food and drink water. Sweet.

I went home and went to bed and slept for a while and then watched a movie with Lewis. National Treasure 2. We had already seen it in the theaters, but I wanted to watch it again. I liked it, but not as much as I liked the first one. I LOVED the first one. I think in this one he figured out the clues too easily. Plus my mouth hurt so bad that I was having trouble paying attention. Then I remembered...I had to work in the kitchen on Wednesday because Mel was not coming in. Oh joy.

Irish Food and Indiana on a Thursday Night

Lewis and I went to dinner with Marlo and Cris on Thursday night for Marlo and my birthdays. Our birthdays are 4 days apart so we usually do a dinner or something together to celebrate. We decided to go on her actual birthday this year because she wanted to see Indian right when it came out. So did the rest of us, but whatever. We went to dinner at McCools to be followed by the movie. I thought dinner was going to be no big deal, but with my teeth still VERY sore, it was a bit more difficult then I thought it would be. I ended up eating the perfect meal. It was all white (which as a person who makes menus, I had a laugh because an all one color meal is a total no-no). Roasted turkey sliced paper thin on a piece of think sourdough bread, mashed potatoes and gravy on the side. I managed to push all of the food to the right side of my mouth to eat. It was actually very tasty. The other three all had steak, chowder and pot pie. Delicious Irish dishes. Marlo and I also shared a chocolate torte. It was soft and smooth so it was perfect.

After we ate we were just chatting while waiting to go to the movies, when we noticed a ton of people standing outside the theater. So we got up and went out side. This is what we saw...

Obviously a fire alarm had gone off and everyone had to get outside. They never used the water so it might have been someone smoking in the bathroom or a popcorn debacle. After about 45 min. they let everyone back into the movie theater. It was funny to watch all of the people race to get to the desk to see what they could do about the movie that they were forced out of. They announced that everyone could go and finish their movies and that all of the times for the rest of the night would be pushed back by 45 min. to an hour. So we had a little fun while we waited for the movie to start.

I was too short to get my face through the opening so I had to stand on the fence behind the cutout, but I had to do it because it was McDreamy.

The movie was...well I won't say because many of you will not have seen it yet. I thought Harrison Ford looked good for his age. Personal opinion. I have always like Indiana Jones. It was a fun evening overall. Happy Birthday Marlo!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Sunday

I will save the deep, thoughtful birthday post for later when I have more time to think and write something meaningful. Here is what happened on the 30Th anniversary of my birth.

I got to sleep in! Yes, that's right, sleep in. It was very nice and I almost did not want to get up at all. But, Lewis had made breakfast for the family. We had eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns. It was very delicious. Instead of getting me cake (For those who do not know I am not very fond of cake. It has to be very moist and very delicious for me to like it.) they went to Harmon's and got me a fruit tart. It was wonderful! They sung to me and I blew out the candles on my tart. Of course they were trick candles and I had a hard time blowing them out. I got a gift card for I-Tunes. This way I can get some songs for the new I-Pod that I got for mother's day.

At about noon we went to Costco where we saw quite a few people that I know from both church and Channing. (Hi Jen!) We got the few things that we still needed and the kids had samples to eat. Then I went to to my mom and dad's house to see my Uncle Joe that was in town this week teaching a quick class at The University of Utah. Later in the afternoon we took the kids to the park to play. We got them home and to bed early and Lewis and I had Goodwood for dinner and watched The Office marathon for a while. I finished the day by doing some laundry and watching a movie called P.S. I Love You. It was an unfulfilling movie that did not live up to the hype.

Overall the day was fine. Turning 30 was not quite the experience that I thought it would be. Subdue, quite and slow. I still have a few things planned. Thursday night we are going out with Marlo for her and my birthdays. Then I will have a dinner with my parents to celebrate in a week or so. And last but not least Vegas. The girls will come through and we will go for a couple of nights to Vegas for my birthday. Now, I just need to find the time, the girls and the money!

Happy 30Th Birthday to Me!!

Saturday Water Fun

On Saturday the kids had a ton of fun in the water. It is finally nice enough to play outside in the sprinklers. Here are a few shots of the kids in the front yard.

Hill Air Force Base

Case Lot Sale!!!!

I went to Hill with my parents, Marlo, Sam, and Angel on Saturday. It was the bi-annual case lot sale. We go really early with the big cars and load up with enough food to last a long while. After we shop we have lunch at the food court. Here is a few pics from lunch. Yikes!

While we were there we saw McGruff the Crime Dog! It was like a dream come true. Well, not a dream but it was a funny thing to embarrass ourselves. Here Angel and I are enjoying the dog's company. Or is it him enjoying our company?

Empty Nest Syndrome

Literally. The nest is empty. Even the egg pieces are gone. They were gone so quickly. I looked the birds up online and the babies need to be in the nest for 16 days. I scoured the ground all around the nest and nothing. I hope and pray that the mom moved the babies. I am sad to say the least.

So I know that I have a lot to catch up on so I am going to try and get it done tonight. Happy Reading!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The game was wonderful and awful at the same time...

I can't type much...

I am really struggling tonight...

I will try later...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Babies Have Arrived!

It is my pleasure to announce the birth of our babies!!

As of now they are all doing fine. As soon as 10 minutes after the birth mom was feeding the babies. They are all resting comfortably now. The family is not yet making the names available to the public. We will make an announcement when the family is ready to divulge the names. Thanks for all of your support! Please, no visitors at this time, as the babies are still so small. I have attached a few photos so you can see them!

It seems like just yesterday they were tiny eggs in a nest.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


If WalMart is lowering prices daily, how come nothing in the store is free yet?
Third quarter....

Keeping up with them....

Still no chance....

Kiss the bonus goodbye!!!!

i might be wrong.... Lewis is still hoping for a win.... we will see....
4 days...

hitting my stride...

it is just another day...

whens my vacation?

Vamps vs. Wolves

First of all lets get a shout out from all you Twilight fans out there! (enter cricket sounds here). J/K I know all of you love Twilight just as much as I do. I know that since I just read them for the first time in February, I am not an "aged" fan, but a devoted fan just the same.

So I am in the mist of a heavy debate with my friend reddirtgirl. She suggested that I write about it on my blog to get it out and see what everyone else thinks. So here I go....

I LOVE Edward. She loves Jacob. I sort of understand the Jacob appeal (sort of, kinda, but not really). Here is a short list of reasons that I love Edward:

*he is beautiful
*he is smart
*he is charming
*he is protective of the ones he loves
*great musician
*crooked smile (to show he is not perfect)
*he is a true gentlemen
*wants Bella to live a full life and enjoy everything she can while she is alive (he doesn't want to turn her into a vamp)
* and the most important reason of all is that he was willing to give Bella up to keep her safe and happy

People say that Edward is the possessive one. What I see is that Jacob is the one who looks at Bella as a prize to possess. I think that part of the reason he wants Bella so bad is because he is aware of how much she means to Edward and we're all aware of how much Jacob detests Edward (and vice versa). Edward is the one who has her best interests at heart. Did we all not read that in 'New Moon'? When Edward left her it showed true love. He thought she would be safer and better off without him.
Another fact to remember is that Edward and Bella actually fell in love with each other. Jacob has just been pining for her constantly, despite her obvious love for Edward. (Eventually she says she also loves Jacob, but who can deny the kind of love and attention that Jacob gave her? Nobody, even I might fall for a werewolf if he treated me the way that Jacob treats Bella. And I am a Vampire lover through and through!)
Even though Edward loves her to the point where he would give up everything for her, he still gives Bella a choice, so that SHE can be happy. (And BTW she picks Edward.) From what I see about Jacob, he wants her and intends to get her whether she likes it or not. He does not want to give her a choice. In his mind he is the ONLY choice. He will not give up on her no matter what she says, clearly implying that his infatuation with Bella is indeed very selfish and one-sided.

So I pose my question. You know my answer.

Edward or Jacob?
Half Time....

Down by 7....

We have no chance....
About to watch the Jazz game....

hope that they win....

we will know soon....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 days...
almost there...
maybe it will not be so bad...

who am i kidding?

whens my vacation?

Monday, May 12, 2008


Definition of Obsession Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006:
1.the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
2.the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself.
3.the state of being obsessed.
4.the act of obsessing.

Kendra's official definition of Obsession is: An irrational preoccupation

Synonyms of Obsession: Fetish, Mania, Fixation

Do you have an obsession? I do. It is hard for me to admit. It demands my attention 24 hours a day. I find myself thinking about it when I am working, when I am playing with the kids, when I am watching TV, and when I am sleeping. Yes I am so obsessed that I am dreaming about it. It is beginning to drive me insane. I Google it. I read people's blogs about it. I watch interviews about it. I go to the websites. I talk about it to anyone who will listen. I want to know all that I can about it. I need to know all that I can about it. I never have enough. I am silly when I am with it. I believe whatever it wants me to believe. I want to understand it more. I heard about people who had a party with it. I wanted to go. I always want more. It can never be enough.

I eat, sleep, and breathe it.
I need it.
I am admitting to myself and all of you.
I am obsessed with it.
Help me........

Obsession is a dirty problem. Do you know my obsession?

The yet to be determined

On Sunday morning as Lewis was leaving for work he noticed a wonderful little present on the front door. A bird's nest. We have a wreath with fake flowers and leaves on it that hangs on the door. Last week Lewis took it down and asked me if I wanted to throw it away. I said no, lets keep it through the summer and then we can throw it out. A week later we have a bird's nest with 5 eggs! With me being so short I would have never seen the nest up on top of the wreath. So, the bird that flew into my house on Friday night has a family! I am glad that I did not kill it when it was flying around the house.

Mary Ruth helped me move the wreath over to the side window so that every time we open the door the bird doesn't fly in. I was also worried that when the eggs hatch the baby birds might get knocked out when we open the door. That is the last thing that I want to see..a dead baby bird on my porch. So here are the pictures. I will post more when the babies are born. The kids are so excited. They want me to lift them up to see the eggs every 5 minutes.

6 Days...
Feeling flustered...
Will I be able to get over this feeling?

Whens my vacation?

Sunday Night

We had a Mother's Day/Birthday Party for my mom. She had a good time, and that's what counts right? We made chicken and shrimp kabobs with rice and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Thanks to Marlo and Rachel for helping pull the whole thing together. And thanks Angel for watching the kids!
When dinner was over we started listening to music and somehow a dance party formed. By the time it was said and done we had seen many people do many dances...including a few I was trying to forget ever exhisted! Here are a few of the choice pictures!
P.S. Lewis was not there. He took Abigail home early so they missed all of the fun!

Sunday Afternoon

The Jazz Game...

was awesome! We sat in the 11Th row. It was so nice. What a mother's day gift! Lewis did not have anything to attend to during the game so he got to sit with me the whole time. It was so much fun. Here are a few pictures. Kobe's head was right below us the whole time. And the Jazz won! The funny thing is that the pictures make us look farther away from the court then we really were.
Here are some picture from the game. Hmmm.... Kyle Korver managed to get into all of the pictures of the Jazz players. Coincidence? I think not!

Mother's Day Morning

Lewis had to leave for work before 9 am so he had the kids set up my gifts on the table in the living room and had me come out and see them. All of the kids did something special. It was very nice to see how loved I am!
Group Shot!

Adam was sick the day that his class made their mother's day gift so he found this rock for me. ?It really does look like a heart!

Jason made me these chocolate covered treats at school.

I got this homemade card from Haley. It says, "I Love Mom. Haley Madison. You're the best. Haley"
And these beautiful, shriveled flowers (weeds?) from Haley and Abigail.
Burt's Bee stuff from everyone.
And an IPOD from Lewis. Yeah! Now I can stop using his. I think that was the point!