Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camping: Day 2

The morning of the second day brought this guy to our camp. He was BRIGHT orange/red and beautiful.
Just a shot of a cactus flower.
We went to the petting farm place again this trip. I wanted a picture of all of the boys with Miss Molly's sign this time. It was really sunny and there was not a good spot to take the picture, so just accept it as it is!
Here are all of the grand kids in the covered wagon. A silly one for me...
And a nice one for the grandparents...
After the petting farm we went to St. George for the afternoon. We went to the outlets and then to lunch. After lunch the boys 21 and older took a trip "down south"...
and Marlo and I took all 9 kids to the movies to see Night at the Museum 2. My mom was not feeling well so she stayed at the campsite. After the movie we all went back to camp and made dinner and had a fire. It was rainy and we did not know what to do with 9 kids so at 9pm when the men still had not returned from "down south" I told everyone to get into he cars we were going somewhere. They all wanted to know where, but I would not tell. I had told mom and Marlo but I wanted to surprise the kids. We went into town and went to Dairy Queen. By the time we got back it was dark and late so the kids went strait to bed.

Camping: Day 1

We left on Friday the 5Th and drove down to Virgin to camp for the weekend. On Friday we set up the campsites (4 to be exact, we did have 16 people!), the kids went swimming with Grandpa, Grandma (who read the comics and sat in the shade), Lewis, Marlo and me (I sat in the sun and did not touch the water). Cris and Sam made dinner. Dinner was sausage and potatoes in the dutch ovens. It was really good.
Here is a gross green beetle that was found. Becca and Abigail found it very fun.
Jason, king of his domain.
Grandpa and Becca pretending to sleep by the fire.
Marlo and Michael by the fire.
Everyone except for Lewis, Abigail, and me!

Meet Mojito!

On Wednesday night Lewis came home with the cutest little guy in the world. We named him Mojito. He was born April 1st so he is just about 10 weeks old. Here are a few pictures of him:

All the kids LOVE him. So far he has been a great little guy. He loves to snuggle and play, and he will let me carry him around the house all day long. I am definitely his mommy! We had one questionable night, but I have solved the night time whining problem. Isn't he just so dang cute???

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soccer is Over!

Haley (and Adam, but I promised him that I would not post about his soccer) had a great soccer season. It was a great learning experience for them both.

These are Abigail's feet. I just really liked the photo.


E.T. was the first movie that I remember going to see at the theaters. I love this movie, so when C.H. did a movie night at the park I was all in for it. We got popcorn, snow cones, and sodas. Everyone had a good time (even though Sharon and I were the only ones watching the movie).

Haley's Kindergarten Graduation

Haley Graduated!! She is officially a 1st grader! I can't believe it. I am so proud of her. She has grown up so fast. She went from not reading much at all to being able to read as well as Jason. Here she is doing her speaking roll in the graduation performance. She had to talk about the color purple. She was very brave. She had to memorize 5 sentences about purple and things that are purple. She did a great job, even though she started out really fast and then restarted because she remember she had to talk slowly.

Haley with her teacher Mrs. Peterson. She was also Jason's kindergarten teacher, and she will have Abigail next year. We LOVE Mrs. Peterson at our house!!
Haley with her aide Miss. Tori. In March when I asked Haley what she wanted to be when she grew up she answered, "I want to be Miss Tori." I guess we all know how Haley feels about Tori!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Virgin River

Here I am typing while sitting next to the Virgin River. Literally. I am watching it flow...

I have too much to type right now but I wanted to send a quick hello to all of you out there is the real world. So much has happened in the past few weeks and I have so much to update. Maybe if it rains I will get to it while I am here tonight.

Okay have fun in whatever you are doing. I miss you. I love you.

Oh man. My mom just dropped the cast iron skillet onto herself. I better go before someone dies.

Just For Fun

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thing That I Hate About You, But Only Because I Do Them Myself

This post is a long time coming. For those of you who have been waiting for this for several months, here it is!
There are so many things that people do that just bug the crap out of me! (I know that you feel the same way about me too, so I do not feel bad about writing this post at all!!) Here is a list of the first 5 things YOU do that I hate because I do them too.
1. Gossip. This is a huge one. I hate hearing about people talking about me or others when they have no clue if it is true or not. GUILTY!!! I do it everyday with the girls in the lounge. In our defence, we try to be better about talking about people, but whenever we try and stop for a day or so it gets really bad the next day. So if we just keep doing it eventually we will run out of things to say about you behind your back. (Or in front of your oblivious face in some cases!)
2. Interrupting. I hate it when people interrupt. GUILTY!!! Sorry I tried to stop once, but it did not work very well.
3. Wearing crappy clothes. Okay, here is the deal with this one. People wear clothes that are too small or too big, unattractive, old fashioned, slutty, stained, or frumpy. Do they not look in the mirror when they leave the house? One of my favorite things to do is point out bad outfits. Well, HELLO!!!! GUILTY!!! I hate to get dressed for work. I have to stand in the kitchen all day so I smell like kitchen, get food splashed on me and then I go home and sit in the yard with the kids. Why should I get dressed? I am just gonna get dirty anyway. So yes I wear too big, frumpy, old t-shirts almost everyday!!! I am surprised you people even hang out with me, I look so bad! Please feel free to talk about me. I would talk about me if I was you. (You know I would! See #1) Just don't call me ugly. If you do, we might be fightin'.
4. Being a smart ass at family/public functions. Whenever anyone says anything you always find a way to make fun of it, disagree with it, or one up it. GUILTY!!! I hate boring stories and I always want to have fun. If a family friend is there and she is chatting about her cat you should try to sit within my eyesight. My eyes will be rollin' across the room. I make GREAT faces too. Try to sit within ear shot. I can make fun of anything. Ask my mom... the penguin. Or my brother... the wolf. Or...well I better keep those other names for another day!
5. Disagreeing with people for fun. People who have to disagree with everything even if they know nothing about it, just to get a rise out of the other person. GUILTY!!! What did you say? Whatever! Shut up, you are wrong. What do you want to do? Oh! That is stupid. I would never do that. You like to go where? That place sucks! Get my point? Oh you think you do. I don't think so...
There you have it. Part one of:
(heaven knows how many installments of)
Things I Hate About You, But Only Because I Do Them Myself
Stay tuned for more fun filled adventures, with me, The Late Night Diva. :)