Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haley's First Soccer Game

Getting her to get her uniform on was a challenge. She said that the socks itched and the shorts were too big, but once she was in it she looked good! She was also very hesitant about playing. I think that she just did not know what to expect. Once she started playing she loved it. When it was over she was sad to come home and wanted to keep playing. They play 4 quarters of 5 minutes each. She ran the whole time that she was in the game and she was very tired at the end. The White Tigers (Haley's team) won 3-1 over The Black Widows. She actually made one of the goals! (Although Lewis does not believe us that she did. He thinks she was just "part of the pack" that made the goal.) Hopefully she will keep enjoying soccer as much as I did while growing up.

Isn't she just the cutest freakin' thing that you have ever seen?
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay I was too hard on Haley. It is not her fault she got sick. I really was nice to her. I only was frustrated after she was back to sleep in bed, so she never saw that part. I just don't have the compassion gene, but I am working on it.

Haley (Warning: kind of gross)

So tell me. Was I wrong? Because I kind of feel bad, but I kind of don't. Here is the deal:
I hear gagging and someone getting sick. I jump out of bed and run down the hall to the bathroom and I find... nobody. Hmm....
So I call out, "Who is throwing up?"
No answer. "Who is sick?! Where are you?"
No answer. I look in one room, just in time to remember that Abigail is sleeping in my bed. Oh yeah, it can't be her. So I look in another room not expecting to see anyone and there she is, sitting in bed getting sick. Haley. She is just sitting there. Now here is my problem. I have taught my children from an early age that if they get sick it has to be in one of 3 places: the garbage can, a barf bucket or the toilet. But there she was just sitting in bed.
I give her the required pat on the head, and a mumbled sorry about her being sick as I grabbed her and shoved her into the bathroom. I held her hair and wiped her face. I put her in the shower and washed her hair. Once the bed was stripped and she was showered and changed I realised I was mad.
Why was she sitting there in her bed getting sick? What was she thinking? She knows the rules. She knows what has to happen. I am fine with sitting with them when they are sick, I love them after all. I can hold hair, and wipe noses and faces with washcloths, but I do NOT like to clean it up! Lewis won't either. I think it is because when they were little they all projectile vomited after every meal and we have just used up all of that parent power.*
She was sad and tried to explain that she could not make it to the bathroom. She did not know she was going to be sick until it was too late. She is 6 for heaven's sake.
Alright so here is my question for you. I ask because I am irritated. Should I have been nicer to her? Should I have just accepted the mess and cleaned it up happily? I feel like I should have not gotten mad, but I also feel like she should get to the trash in time.
*Parent Powers are powers that parents have that help them deal with their children's "situations". In this case the power I am referring to is the power to clean up nasty messes without gagging. There are in total 25 powers that all parents have. Maybe I will blog them on another day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress

Last Monday Jessica, Kristen, and I went to pick of the bridesmaid dresses! I was so nervous. What if it did not fit? Then I would have been doing all of this exercise and eating healthy crap for nothing.
Well, it fit!
Not only did it fit but it looked much better then I thought it would. I was having heinous nightmares about this dress. Dreams like it would not zip up, or the color made me look like a dead girl (vampire: okay, dead girl: no thanks!), or the top falls down and exposes my non-existent chest. Well luckily none of those happened. It will need to be hemmed (about a foot too long) and taken in in a couple of spots. Hopefully taken in more once we are closer to the wedding :)
I am not posting a picture because I do not want to ruin the surprise!!


Jason has been sick off and on for about 3 weeks now. He has a fever, but no other symptoms. He never vomits (unlike Haley did last night, but more on that later), no headache or stomachache to complain of, no ear infections, or strep throat, nothing!! All I know is that he is completely miserable for 3 or 4 days and then fine for 3 or 4 days. I just feel bad for the poor little guy!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sibling Date

Cris, Sam, and I decided to go downtown to eat some Belgian nummies. We decided to make it a sibling date, no others allowed. We have only done this maybe once or twice before (since we have been grown with spouses and kids).
Cris picked me up and we headed up to get Sam on the way there. When we stopped at Sam's I received this pretty flower from his son Gabe.
When we got to the shop the line was out the door. I guess we are not the only people in Utah to appreciate the delectable tastings of waffles and frites. The owner is from Bruges, Belgium. We used to live just a hop, skip, and jump away from there just outside of Mons.
We all wanted both waffles and frites, so Sam and I decided to share a waffle with everything and then have our own frites. I bought the waffle. After all, I did owe Sam $5 from an excursion that we took a week before :) So here is our meal:
Please notice the mayo...
The frites were real. It was like being back in Belgium. They came in a paper cone with a tiny little fork. Delicious!!
Here is Cris right before we left. I was messing with the camera and the one of him through the table actually came out. You can also see from the picture that we ate outside. It was a beautiful spring day to visit Belgium. We must go back again sometime soon.


This is the cute little dog that we babysat last weekend. The kids loved having him with us. They took turns walking him. He probably got more exercise in 3 days than he had so far in his whole 2 year life. He is very sweet, and the kids miss him already!

Nice Perspective, Interesting Angle

Lewis and I watched Yes Man last week. It was my second time seeing this movie and so I wanted to try something out. The main female character teaches a running photography class. I wanted to try this but with my own twist. I wanted to take pictures while DRIVING!!
Yes, I know you are thinking dangerous!! And M.R. is thinking NOT with my child in the car!! Don't worry. We were never in danger and I was not being irresponsible. We were very safe and the girls thought it was so funny. So here are some of the pictures. Not what I wanted but still, and interesting perspective.

My Happy Baby

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have not posted all week. I am a loser. Maybe tonight??

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I did not post yesterday. Commence with the wet noodle lashings....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some things that I need to post about but I am too bored to sit still and do it properly now:

*we are babysitting a dog for the weekend

*yesterday (Thursday) was a REALLY bad day for everyone (bad things do not always come in 3's, sometimes they come in 10's; right Lyndie????)

*Abigail needs a nap during the day for me to keep my sanity

*even when I am late to school, I am still on time and earlier then most of the adults...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Harper's Island

I love this show. I know, you are thinking, what show doesn't Kendra like?

The reason it is strange that I love this show is because it is totally FREAKY!!! I hate freaky/scary shows and movies. HATE. And LOVE them! I am like a bi-polar show watcher. I am fine while I watch the movie or show, but it is later that night, when I am trying to go to sleep that the ideas that the movie/show could really happen, start to freak me out.

I am an enigma wrapped in an uncertainty trapped in a big ball of contradiction. Hello world. My name is Kendra. Knowing me is not knowing me!

I will stay up all night imagining murderers walking through my hallway, waiting behind the shower curtain to kill me when I turn the bathroom light on in the middle of the night. (Which I don't do! I go in the dark if I have to go!)

I just finished watching the 2ND episode of this show and I am so excited for next week. The first problem is now I need to go and watch something else to get the images out of my mind. The second problem is the only show that I have taped to watch is C.S.I. which also has disturbing images (not nightmarish, but disturbing nonetheless). So now tonight I will dream about Nick and Greg (George Eads and Eric Szmanda) checking out a murder crime scene at my house and accusing me of murdering Uncle Marty (Harry Hamlin).* (I won't even tell you about my dream after watching Poltergeist and Brokeback Mountain. You want to talk freaky...) Even if I have this twisted dream I will not stop watching this show. I love it and I can't wait to see who the murder/murders is/are. I will be sure to let you know what, if anything, I dream about tonight!

*When I have freaky dreams while going to sleep I usually get up and watch Food Network all night long. Gotta love Alton Brown and Unwrapped!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phat Cheese

I am driving down the road with Abigail listening to the radio and the lady says, "That's PHAT!"

So Abigail says, "Who's FAT mommy?", while looking around.

I tell her that PHAT means cool and it is a nice thing to say but it is different from FAT, which is a mean thing to say. And by the way we do not call people FAT in the mean way.

A few seconds go by and she says, "Mommy you are one of the fattest people I like, in the nice way. You are fat. Mommy is fat!! Can we get a muffin?"

"Yes Abigail, I am. Thanks for that."

So I am standing in the kitchen today talking to Lyndie and I say, "What do you call cheese that is not yours?"

She thinks about it for a minute, going through all of the different cheeses; cheddar, swiss, etc.

I say, "You call it nacho cheese."

I think she actually groaned. And I laughed for about an hour.

Tuesday's Post

I actually did not forget to post yesterday. I wrote it and never published it, so it sat here on my computer overnight. Then this evening when I read it, I realised that it was stupid nonsense and I deleted it.

So consider this post, yesterday's post.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Every. Single. Day.

Good evening! I am trying to write every single day. Even if I do not want to. Here is what I have to say today:

Jason and Haley were sick today. They cough all night, and then they are grumpy all day.

The DVD player got put back in the car today. Finally. It works!

Lewis and I watched the Jazz game. I am soooo glad that I do not go to all of the games this year. Some would be nice, but not all.

I am going now so that I can watch The Hills. Oh yea!

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Here they are all standing in a row. They wait so patiently until I allow them to go into the front room. Plus, they did not get us up until 8 am!!! I was lovin' them this morning!

They got a meager amount this year, but were totally happy anyways.
{I do not like lots of candy on holidays, but not because of cavities and "hyperness b.s.". (I think holidays are a great one day every few months to have special stuff like candy, cake and chocolate fountains galore! Just like today. I swear they ate a gallon of chocolate each from the fountain!) I do not like it because we always throw a ton of candy away. I hate the waste! So at Christmas, Easter, Valentines, and Halloween I do as little candy as possible. Then over the next week I throw out a handfull every night so it is gone in a week. What a waste!!}

She let me curl her hair, and it turned out so cute!
Haley and Abigail

This was in front of my brother's neighbor's house. It was so dang windy at our house today that I could not do pictures outside. When we got to Cris' house they had zero wind so I scrambled for a place to take the pictures. This was the best place. I think they all look good... in their own way.
Adam looks so big. He thinks he is so big too (he just said no he doesn't). He thinks he is too big to have all of these pictures taken.
Notice he is trying to smile. Trying is as good as doing for Jason in pictures.
Haley LOVES her Easter outfit. Her skirt twirls so well, and the shoes are "cool".
She just took the best pictures today. She was all smiles. Now I just need to get her teeth fixed and then I will be happy.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


slowly. ever so slowly.
where? where? where do i lay my eggs?
as i creep along the wall i can see everything around me.
i even see you.
laying below me.
slow steady breaths leave your mouth.
dark. moist. mouth.
i see the corner of the room. i change my thoughts to the corner.
dark. high. isolated.
yes. yes.
the corner.
as i creep to the corner the wind from the fan sweeps me off of my feet.
i am falling.
swiftly, swiftly falling.
onto your head.
you felt me fall.
you scream.
you jump out of bed.
you claw at your hair.
clawing. screaming. jumping.
up to turn the light on.
it is 2:14 am.
you pull at your hair.
pulling. yanking. still screaming.
i fall to my freedom.
you feel a bobby pin in your hair.
you laugh and yank it out.
the man in your bed sighs and laughs at you.
you giggle and turn out the light.
you get back into bed as i climb silently up the wall by the door.
ha ha, i tricked you.
you never even knew i was there.
i can hear you breathing. slowly. softly.
dark. moist. mouth.
i change my mind again. the mouth is better.
until tomorrow night my dear!!

April So Far...

Since my March update went so well I thought that I would do April the same way. It will be more like 2 to 3 minutes worth of updates but still, faster then updating each thing alone. Plus I get to feel like I am all the way up to date without spending the whole day on the computer.
We started the month off by having friends over for poker. Here is Holly and Connie.
Here I am with Holly. We had to take this picture about 20 times and it still is not that great!

And then the next morning it snowed.

Last weekend we took the kids to Sonic for a $1.00 treat and I guess we happened to get there just at the right time because 6 one dollar treats was $3.21! Yes! Score one for us!

On Tuesday our neighborhood/ward had an Easter Egg Hunt. I took the kids because Lewis was at home not feeling well with a migraine. The kids found a ton of eggs and each won at least one prize! Abi looks tired because the egg hunt started 30 minutes past her bedtime. Plus it was really windy outside.

On Wednesday I had to go to Wendover for a food show/conference for the night. Jessica agreed to go with me so I would have some company. (To be honest I had decided not to go because I did not want to go alone, but then she stepped up and agreed to go with!! Thanks!) Here we are at the reception after the food show. They told us it would be appetizers and drinks but when we got there it was a full on dinner. Yummy! I look really red in this picture, and I do not know why. I am not tan/sunburned at all...

The food company paid for my room so we thought it was going to be a crappy room, but when we got inside it was so nice. We stayed in the new part of the Montego Bay Casino. It was no smoking (YEA!!!) and it had 2 king beds! It was very nice and the bedding was nice, not the crappy overlays with itchy blankets underneath.

BUT!!! There was one thing that got us laughing our butts off and cringing at the same time. It was this on the bed skirt...

EEEWWWWWW!!!!!! If you can't figure out what it is, then I am not going to help you out. Sick. At least it was not on my bed. He-He!!
Here is the view from our windows. Wendover is really out in the middle of nowhere.

Yesterday while driving in Draper the television/DVD player in my car fell off of the ceiling and hit me in the head. I screamed and slammed on my brakes. I thought something hit the roof of the car and the roof dented in. My kids stared screaming and none of us knew what was going on. If I had been on the I-15 we could all be dead right now. I would have slammed on the brakes and then cars would have hit us for sure. As it was I came to a complete stop in the middle of the road. After the player hit me in the head it fell onto Jason and cut his face in 4 places.

Now I have a bleeding kid and a fallen down player in my car. I am just about in shock so I grab the phone and call the dealership (they installed the player). I told them what happened and the guy was like, "Bring it in on Monday and I will fix the player."
WHAT???? No I'm so sorry we almost KILLED your whole family?? I am sorry you kid is bleeding? I am sorry you could have been knocked out and crashed your car? No. Nothing.
I. Am. Pissed.
Tomorrow is Easter. I will try to update better starting with those pictures. Love and miss you all!!!

March Update

Since I am a slacker, and I am way behind on blogging I though a quick month-at-a-glace would be the most effective way for me to feel like I am getting caught up. So here in 60 seconds or less is my month of March.
I went out with the ladies from school. Left to Right: Me, Jessica, Jennifer D., Jen G., Heather, Natalie. We had a nice dinner and some crazy 80's fun!!

Haley brought the bear home from school for the night. Yea!

We got a new couch. Thanks M.R.!!
(Yes those are winter/Christmas houses on the shelf behind the couch. They are gone now, so stop judging me!!)

I went out to lunch with the ladies from West Point. Left to Right: Lori, Me, Marlo, Helen, and Cara. We had fun talking about old times, and then like a few days later Lori had her baby!

Well, there you have it. My March 2009 in 60 seconds!