Wednesday, November 4, 2009

UEA and Cornbellys

Our last event over UEA was to take the kids to Thanksgiving Point and go to the Halloween Festival called Cornbellys. We did the corn maze first and got lost (of course). When the kids were tired of walking around I took us to the end in about 60 seconds by cutting through the corn. Hey, we made it out right?

(Here is a picture of the allusive Miss Kendra and her crew of misfits!)

(Here is a picture of a tall hot guy that we met at the corn maze. The kids took a liking to him, so we kept him! And we let him buy us dinner.)

Afterward we walked around, smelled stinky pigs, shot pumpkins out of a cannon, took a ride on a tractor train, rode some mini petal bikes, walked through a haunted blow up monster and jumped on a huge moon bounce. By the time we were done with all of that it was dark and the kids were cold so we crossed the street and went to dinner at JCW's. Yummy. It was a great family night and everyone had a good time. It is nice that the older they get the easier it is for all of us to do something together and have a good time without fighting.

Haley Turned 7!!

Haley turned 7 over the UEA break. On Sunday we took the kids to breakfast for her birthday to Sweet Tomatoes (their favorite place). Then we took them to see Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3-D for our family party. It was great. Most of the kids do not remember seeing them because they were too little. We are all excited for the third installment to come out! For her gift she chose to get her ears pierced. FINALLY!! (Jess do you remember when we tried to take her?) She has gotten up in the piercing chair 3 times and chickened out 3 times! I was so proud of her when she did not even cry!
Then on Monday I took Haley and Abigail out to lunch with M.R. and Sage. We went to Red Robin (Haley's choice) for fries with ranch and birthday cake.
Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love you more then you will ever know!!

UEA @ The Homestead

Over the UEA break Lewis surprised the whole family with a weekend at The Homestead in Midway. We went up on Friday afternoon. They had a scavenger hunt set up for the kids. Our kids were all set and excited to do it. There was a candy surprise at the end but when they got to the end they had run out of candy. Needless to say our kids were less then thrilled. So we decided to get our tennis shoes on and go get dinner. Well I had quickly packed for the whole family and I accidentally packed Abi's left shoe and Haley's left shoe (they have the exact same set of shoes) for Abigail to wear. Well she could not wear those so we drove to Park City and bought her some new tennis shoes. While we were there we stopped for some dinner before going back and hitting the pool. The next morning we went to a local diner for breakfast because I did not want to pay $18 a person for breakfast at The Homestead. After breakfast Lewis rushed us back so that we could participate in a secret activity that he had planned for all of us. He had a reservation for us all to go swimming in the Crater.It was one of the coolest things that we have done. Jason was scared to death because he did not know how the life jacket was going to hold him up in the 30+ foot deep water. Luckily for him we made him go in and we all had a great time.After the swim we went back to the cabin, got our stuff, checked out and then headed to Heber. We went to the park, went shopping, and had lunch before our second surprise activity of the day. Lewis took us to ride the Heber Valley Railroad. We have lived here for about 8 years and we have never done it. The kids had a great time! It was just short enough not to get bored and long enough not to want more.

When we all done we headed to Susan's to get Mojito and head home. The kids had a great time, and I was very happy to do something fun with them before we left for Italy.
Because of my last post I now know that people from Virginia, Tennessee and Mississippi read my blog! I love that! At least I know that the southern girls appreciate my type of humor! Now what can we do about you Utah ladies??? I guess I never have fit in well here. Maybe if I start blogging about my crafts... hmmmm.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe Everyone Everywhere Reads My Blog!

So this is what I found on my blog today as a comment. How is that for customer service? Problem is there is not much that they can do. I will be calling him tomorrow to see if there is anything at all that he can find. I need a faster connection!!!!!!

Hey there Miss Kendra, this is Brian with Qwest. I don't want to bug ya, but I read a part of your blog post here, and saw you mentioned your DSL is running slow with uploading/downloading pictures. I just wanted to offer to take a look at your line, and see if there is anything wrong that we can fix...maybe get it running a little faster. It sounds like you've already checked into faster speeds, which I'd be happy to see if there are any plans to deploy fiber or DSL upgrades in your area anytime soon as well.If you want me to do some digging for you on this, send me an e-mail to and I'll be happy to help.

Thanks, B Consumer Affairs Manager
Qwest Communications
November 2, 2009 11:24 AM