Friday, April 23, 2010

Which Famous People Love Gobstoppers?

First of all there are these little guys. They are famous in my house even if they are not famous in yours. They have a disturbing sense of humor. They were on the television in my house daily for about 3 years. Even now when they come on everyone stops and watches for a few minutes. If you do not know anything about them I will give you the short version. These three tricksters spend all of their time coming up with schemes to make money so that they can go they can go to the store and buy GOBSTOPPERS!!!! Oh yeah, my type of men!

Another famous face that loves Gobstoppers is this guy:

If you don't get it then visit this website:
Don't let the kids see though. It might steal their innocence.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ode To Gobstoppers

Red is sweet and always a treat.
Yellow is tart and very smart.
Orange is okay, I eat it everyday.
Purple is yummy so I put lots in my tummy.
Green you are the best, so much better then the rest.

Gobstoppers, Gobstoppers, Gobstoppers, oh how I love you,
Whether I am bored, driving, or working I am stuck to you like glue.
Your flavor is so bold,
I wish they sold you by the truck load.

What Can I Say? Slugworth had it right!

First I wanted to start off with a list of Gobstopper points.

  • Everyday Gobstoppers come in red, green, yellow, purple and orange.
  • During holidays they are also available in heart shapes, candy cane shapes and also red, green and white at Christmas. Chewy Gobstoppers are also available but I do not consider them real Gobstoppers.
  • Small Gobstoppers are much better then the giant ones. I hate the large ones that we used to buy in the 80's from the gas stations. Gross!
  • As the colors change when you suck on a Gobstopper, so does the flavor.
  • It is a fat free candy!
  • Basically it is a dense ball of pressed sugar with a hard (sugar) candy coating shell.
  • I eat at least 40 a day (on the days that I eat them). I do take breaks from eating them every now and then.
  • Depending on the box you buy you can get 6, 9, 15, or 20 for about 59 calories. It all depends on size and shape.

What color is the best? Green and Purple hands down. Purple has the best flavor to begin with but green's second flavor is unbeatable. My least favorite is orange and right before Spring Break I bought 3 boxes and they must have been from a batch that had double the orange then any other color. It was a nightmare for me!

How do I eat them? I have a process of eating them. When I open a box I pour them out into a Ziploc so that I can see them. I eat them one at a time, not being picky about color at first. Once there is a reasonable amount left in the bag I eat them until there is an even number of each color left. (I know that I have issues. Stop judging me.) Maybe 15-20 of each. Then I eat them in a pattern, always trying to keep the same number of each left. (Ha!!! I sound crazy!) This is hard sometimes as I have 4 children who like to snatch one every time they come and see me at work. Plus since I work at a school there are about 20 6th grade girls that love to try and get one when they come to say "hi" (which really means that they are trying to get out of going out to recess). As for actually eating them... I suck on them until they are soft enough to bite and then I crack them in half and then keep sucking on them until the inside is gone and then I crunch the outer shell.

Tomorrow: Ode to a Gobstopper!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Since I have been having a bit of trouble thinking of things to write about for my blog I decided that this will be the week of


Gobstoppers are my favorite candy. I buy them several boxes at a time. I eat about a box every 5 days or so depending on if it is the weekend, how many movies I attend, and if I am stressed. You know I eat a ton more when I am stressed. I will entertain you with stories of gobstoppers, famous fictional characters who love gobstoppers, and some self written poetry about the wonder of the gobstopper. Stay tuned this week friends for you will be amazed at the wonder that is the


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

We Had Just Returned Home From Riding Lessons...

Haley: Do I really need to shower tonight? I don't want to. I would rather watch a show before bed.

Mom: Umm, yes you do need to shower. You stink. You smell like a horse's butt. You smell like you have been rolling in horse poo." (Giggle Giggle)

Haley: Mom. Ewwww. You are gross. It's not like I have been rubbing up against a horse.... Wait. Yes I have! Okay fine, I will shower."

When will she ever learn that mom is always right?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Five of Vacation: Saturday

On Saturday we left come home. It was a beautiful morning with sunshine and no wind. The trip was great and I had a lot of time to relax and read. Jess' mom and Joe took us to breakfast before we left for the airport. Here are a few pics of the beach to last me until next time. Thanks so much to Jess, her mom and Lewis for making my trip possible.

On a side note when we were at LAX we saw a ton of ads for Lewis' company. It was funny to finally see them after hearing so much about them during our trip to Italy last October. Here is a picture of one of them:

Day Four of Vacation: Friday

Friday was a busy day for us. We slept in and got up a little later then the other days. Jess set up a lunch with her friend from middle school. downtown at a Mexican restaurant. We went out to eat and stayed for over 3 hours sitting outside and chatting. Her friend was adorable and funny of course, we all are :)

After lunch we only had a little over an hour or so to walk around downtown with her mom before going to pick up Sarah (Jess' step mom) and drive out to Neverland (you all know what Neverland I am speaking about) on our way to eat dinner with Bob, Jess' dad. We ate at a really yummy restaurant. I had pizza. I know I hate pizza, but this pizza was delicious. Here is a picture of us in from of the gate to Neverland.
On the way home from dinner we decided to go and see one more movie and went to see Last Song. It was the worst movie that I have seen all year. If any other actress had played the main role it would have been bearable. I just think that the actress that played the main character was horrible. And to think that she is quiting singing to concentrate on acting...YIKES!!! Not my number one recommendation for movies this year.

After the movie we went to the parking garage, got the car and headed out. When we got to the gate we needed to pay $3 and we only had $2.72 in cash. They would not accept anything over a $20, no out of state checks, no credit and no debit cards either. As we are digging through the car to find .28 the guy at the gate tells us that he can write us a ticket if we do not pay. So I say I am going to get out of the car and ask the people behind us for a quarter because I am not getting a ticket for not having thirty cents when I had a $100 bill and 2 credit cards and a debit card and a checkbook. So I get out and the car behind us has an elderly couple in the front seat and an even older lady in the back seat. When they rolled down the window I told them that the man at the gate would not let us leave and could I please have a quarter. The oldest lady in the back seat leans up with a quarter in hand and says, "Dear Lord!!! He won't let you leave!" After that I have no idea what they said, I had my quarter. I jump in the car, give it to Jess and she hands it to the man. Oops, we are still short. Crap! So I dig again and search in my bag, and in the smallest pocket that I never use was another quarter! Jess hands it off and says Keep The Change and we drive away laughing. The old lady's voice still rings in my ears and I start laughing randomly to this day when I think of her.

We went home, watched TV did some laundry before bed. Another good day in California.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter (I will finish vacation posts tomorrow)

We had a lot of fun today. We are trying to start some new family traditions (we both have brought some traditions from our families and want to add some of our own to the mix) and have decided that on holidays we go out to eat and then go to a family movie. The one problem that we have with this is that one of my children hates to go to the movies. I know, he must not be mine. Maybe there was a mix up at the hospital? Adam and I have discussed this and figure that he looks too much like Lewis to not be mine, but the question remains: How can he be my child and hate going to the movies? (Including today I have gone to 5 movies in 5 days. Now that is what I call a good week!)

So we started the day waking up to the stuff that the Easter Bunny brought. It was slight this year but the kids got some candy, the movie Ponyo (my favorite NOT!!!!) and basketballs from the Easter Bunny (wink wink) and Lewis and I got them a basketball hoop for the driveway. We were unable to set up the hoop because of this:

Yes, snow. I left Santa Barbara yesterday in wonderful sunny weather and came home to this white stuff. Not my ideal Easter morning for sure. Because of the snow we were unable to have an egg hunt this year and Abigail is not happy at all about that. Oh well. Maybe we can do a little one tomorrow since we have no school. :)

Once we got all ready for the day we left to go to Gardener Village for brunch. We took some pictures and had a good time. After brunch we went to see How to Train Your Dragon. 5 out of 6 of us loved the movie. Any guesses as to who did not like it?

After the movie Abigail, Haley and I went and "egged" my brother's house where the rest of my family was eating dinner. It was very funny. The eggs were confetti eggs and the girls giggled and had a great time while Adam took our pictures. Abi was so worried that we might get recognized and get arrested! She is so funny!!

After the "egging" we stayed and visited for a few minutes and headed back home to get ready for bed and eat dinner. After the kids ate Lewis and I went to see another movie! We went and saw Titans. I liked it. It was by no means AMAZING but I liked it. Plus to have a little date with Lewis after being gone was very nice.

Happy Easter. I hope you all had a great day too! I will leave you with some out takes from the photo shoot at Gardner Village today. Notice all of the snow in the background but we are in short sleeves because it was already getting warm.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day Three of Vacation: Thursday

Thursday morning I was awaken by the horrible sound of Lady Gaga singing. Oh wait, it was just my cell. Katie was calling me at 7:15am my time.

Dear Katie,
You do know that it I did not love you so much I would have had to hunt you down and kill you.
Love, Kendra

So since I was awake anyway I decided to embrace the holiday feeling and April Fool both my blog and Facebook. HA! I seriously can't believe that worked. I guess if I have not seen you in a while you would never know that I have a disturbed sense of humor. Sorry about that. I meant no harm in the joke. Some people did not find it very funny :)

Moving on!

Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous, sunny day:

We grabbed some lunch from Fosters Freeze. Yummy burritos and ice cream. Then we headed back to the house and we layed out on the lawn for a while and read. Sometimes it is so hard being here in the wonderful hot sunshine while my family is at home in the SNOW!! We were able to lay out and enjoy the heat of the sun for quite a while. That is until the gardeners got there and needed us to move. We were reluctant but the grass had to be mowed. Oh wait! I think I have a picture of Jess soaking up the sun. Yes, I do! Here it is...

Oh! Did I forget to say that the wind made the 65 degree day feel like -12 degrees? Sorry about that. But do not feel sorry for us. I got a little bit of a light burn on my arms and chest while braving the icy winds.

So when sunbathing did not work out we headed out for another movie. We went to see Alice in Wonderland. I know that I have seen it before but Jess had not, and who am I to turn down Tim and Johnny? Of course I wanted to go and see it again. Like I told my friend Sharron the other day, "You know I love the freak action!" Now taking that out of context it looks bad, but really we were talking about J. Depp and T. Burton.

After the movie we hit the a store on the way to Jess' house for dinner. Her mom made delicious salmon, salad and artichokes. Then we headed home to make brownies and watch Greys and Private Practice. Another wonderful day in S.B.!!

Day Two of Vacation: Wednesday

Wednesday was supposed to rain. But guess what? It didn't! It just kept getting warmer and nicer throughout the day. All I could do was think about the poor sad people at home in the SNOW!!

Wednesday was a nice quiet day. We sat around and got ready to go at about lunch time. We went and had Sams To Go (some of you know what that is, and it is delicious sandwiches). Then we went to see Bounty Hunter. I know what you are all thinking. A movie on vacation? Well, yes. I love to go to the movies and so does Jess. It was cute and funny, and yes Lewis, you would have hated every minute of it so it is one less that you have to go and see with me :)

After the movie we went to do a little shopping. A very little. I was looking for "prizes" for my kids but I could find nothing to get them (I got them all S.B t-shirts last time I was here). I think in 2 hours plus we walked many miles, went into 10 stores, bought 2 pounds of Sees chocolate, and a sweatshirt. We went to the mall and walked downtown but everything was so pricey. Including the sweatshirt and candy. The worst money spent while on this shopping trip was also the funniest part of the day. We met this guy:

He was on the street selling "Jokes For Smokes" and I do not mean cigarettes. He had 4 friends and a dog with him. So we gave him a quarter and told him to tell us his favorite joke. The joke he told was so bad that I will not even repeat it here. Lets just say that the jokes were as clean as he was.

Oh Santa Barbara! Your sun is so sunny, and your freaks are so freaky!!

After shopping we met J's mom and Joe at a restaurant on the beach for dinner. We sat outside, which turned out to be a bit windy and chilly, but very beautiful. All 4 of us had salad and clam chowder with bread. It was very good. It sure is funny how seafood actually tastes good at the beach. After dinner the 3 ladies went to Coldstone for a little ice cream dessert. Then back to the beach house for television and bed.

I LOVE being on vacation!! (But I am starting to miss my little monkeys at home.)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Okay! I am not preggers! Sorry! It is April Fools Day!!! I got you Fools!!!

I Have The Best/Most Wonderful News Ever...

I know I am on vacation and that I should be out in the sunshine on the beach right now, but I can't wait one more minute to tell all of you something. Jess and I went out last night after talking because I wanted to know for sure. It was a bit of a long shot but I was right. I have been blessed...
Surprise even Lewis did not know...

Surprise! Baby #5!!! I hope it is another girl!!!