Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Day of School Pics

My All Day Kindergartner

This one is kind of dark, and Seven was nipping at Adam's head.

Abigail was so sad (can you tell she had been bawling) because she did not go to real school so we had to take a picture with her backpack too.



Day care is going. Just going. It is getting better. For the first week she cried every morning when I left her. The second week we found that when she misses me she will put on her special chap stick and feel better. So for 2 days I went to get her and she was covered in chap stick. The next 2 days it was less and by Friday she was not even wearing it. She still needs to take it with her to feel better but she doesn't need to put it on as often. By this last week she was going in without crying but she need about a dozen hugs and about 20 kisses. She is sad in the morning but she gets better by lunch, or so they tell me. She is making friends and she likes her teachers. I am not really worried, just sad that my baby is sad.


Last week was the first week of school. Adam and Jason started on Tuesday the 19Th. Abigail was at day care and Haley was... well Haley did not have school start for her until Tuesday the 26Th. So my mom was going to watch her for the week but she got very sick and Haley was in limbo. I tried to get her into the drop in day care for the week at Abi's day care but they were full. At the last minute we got Marlo to watch her for Tuesday and Wednesday and Lewis had to take Thursday and Friday off from work to stay home with her. Then on Monday my mom was finally well enough to stay with her for the day. When it was FINALLY time for her to go to school she was very excited. She picked out her clothes and was happy to have her hair done (for once in her life!). She looked very big and ready for school with her backpack. She is fitting in fine and already has a "boyfriend"! But she says she won't kiss him because, "boys have cooties and they are gross and smelly".


Jason stated 2ND grade. The past 2 years on the first day of school for him he was extremely nervous. This year he did great. He loves his teacher and his teacher's aide. His teacher Miss Margaret, and her aide "Grandma" are both, um... senior citizens. Grandma is actually like 82 years old or something like that. She is fabulous with the kids and she helps Jason so much. They both have special relationships with him. I do not have any worries about him academically this year. They are going to do 1 on 1 reading with him so that he does not have to go to "resource". He is doing great with everything else. Reading, writing and math. He pays attention and follows the rules. I am extremely proud of his actions and behaviors this first couple of weeks of school.


Adam is now in 5Th grade. He has the same teacher as 4Th grade because he is in a "looping class". So he still has most of the same kids and friends in his class as last year. He has already had a homework project to build a Cherokee Indian dwelling. IN ONE NIGHT!!! For goodness sakes! It actually was really easy and got it done in about 10 minutes but still when I read that on the homework I almost died. A really big project in one night during the first 2 weeks of school, is too much. Especially since I had back to school night the same night! Anyways Adam is doing fine. He got back in the swing of things very easily and seems to be happy having a schedule again. I just wish he would broaden his circle of friends... but I do not want to tell him who to hang out with. He usually make good decisions so I will leave him to it for now.... for now.


I am starting to adjust to working. I work 5 days a week now and the hardest part is never having a day to catch up on the laundry and TV shows that I tape all week long. I usually watch all of my taped shows while I fold all of the laundry from the week, but now I do not have an open day. I will get the hang of it though. I was tired for about a week because I am getting up about 3 hours earlier then I was during the summer, that will pass. Work is the same. I am much happier this year though. No drama or arguing. Lyndie is fabulous and I am so glad that she is my staff.


The new job is good. He went to lunch with his buddies from the Jazz and the other guy that left the Jazz has already quit his new job and is searching again. The guys from the Jazz are hating life, saying it is worse and worse. When they asked Lewis how his job was going he had to tell the truth. It is great. Boy are we glad that he took the chance and the job when it was offered.

So life is getting back into a routine. I am looking forward to the fall with Halloween and Thanksgiving. With Lewis working close to home, and me 5 days a week at the school life is different, but it is good too.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Kendra is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scary Blog!

Someone (no names...cough, cough, Murl) thinks my blog is a little scary. Hmm... Why is that? Can you please tell me what is scary about this blog? I would love to know!!!

K Fact

I have decided that I LOVE these "Kendra facts of the day" so now you will learn to like them too. I will post them whenever I like them and they are not, well.... dirty. Here is today's fact:

If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? Yes. Kendra hears it. Kendra can hear everything. Kendra can hear the shrieking terror in your soul.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Kendra does not sleep. She waits.

* This fact is in fact true. I do not sleep.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Abi's Hair

I found this cool hair blog after reading about it on my friend's blog. Haley and Abi are so excited about it. I tried one immediately on Abigail tonight and she looked so cute. The hair style is not much different then I usually do her hair but the bows make all the difference. I am now a big supporter of hair bows, after not really caring about them for 6 years now. She had her hair all done and put on a fancy flower girl dress and she really looked ready for a wedding. It was the cutest thing!
The website is Check it out if you have little girls.

Day Before School Started

So Mary Ruth and I took the kids to an early breakfast last Monday to get the kids used to getting up early. Jason and Cash of course were not anywhere to have their pictures taken.


I like to say that I can cook, but I do not like to. So, to prove to all of you that I actually do cook, and it looks good...

Playing Cards at Cris' House When Lewis was Out of Town


Adam, Ellie, Haley, Jason and Abigail before bed



Look at our hair!

So I needed to put up a few more pics of the cousin sleep over because they had so much fun. Ellie is aged just between Haley and Abi so they were all able to play nicely together. They had a blast! We need to do it more often.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things to Remember from Last Night...

* Don't order meatloaf at a diner, while sitting outside on a slanted area with questionable decor
* Carafe's are tricky
* The salad has too much dressing
* Remind "j" not to get the Caprice Salad :)
* Always carry Gas X
* Don't were sandals
* The dog really does like me best
* Can we talk about ANYTHING except for school?
* The roommate likes her pizza
* The boyscout is stranger then anticipated
* Spazmatics have been around for 4 or 6 years... I really wasn't paying attention
* "J" 's cousin is insane crazy fun
* Tropical Theme? Really?
* "S" is hilarious
* Your phone can stay in the car
* Women want an emotional commitment and men want to give a financially stable commitment
* 80's music really is good
* Girls just want to have fun
* Cigarette smoke stinks YUCK!!
* Remember the earplugs
* Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the name of the movie
* Cougars are cool
* We should have gone to Dees
* We teach and mold the future leaders of the world... God Help us All!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Morning

Do you remember when Saturday morning meant getting up very early and watching cartoons for hours? I do. We had our whole schedule set. We got up at about 5:45 and went downstairs. Mom and Dad sometimes left folded up blankets on the floor in the family room for us to snuggle up with. 6 am started the TV schedule. We would eat cereal or donuts in the dark while watching. And mom and dad could stay in bed until they wanted to get up. Sometimes they would get up early and do chores, mow the lawn, or to go to garage sales. Sometimes they slept in a little. Cartoons would be on until about 11 and then Looney Tunes for an hour until 12. My brothers were huge Looney Tunes fans. I think most boys are. The only time that we did not watch cartoons all morning were the mornings in the fall that we played soccer. Then we had to get up and out the door by 8 am usually.

Well those are the Saturday mornings of the past. With channels like Cartoon Network, Noggin, Nickelodeon, Disney, Nick 2, Boomerang, and more available with basic cable cartoons are on 24 hours a day. My kids sometimes sleep in on Saturdays until 10 in the morning. Sometimes later. Which means that I get to sleep in too. Unfortunately, I rarely can sleep in because the only way that Abigail will sleep in is if she is in MY bed. She crowds and stretches out sideways and takes up half of the bed, so most of the time it is just easier to get up. Lewis goes to play basketball on Saturday mornings at 9 anyway.

So, my point. My point is that I have very fond memories of Saturday mornings, staying in my pajamas until 10 or 11 watching cartoons with my sibs and any friends that stayed the night. And I am sad that my kids won't have those same memories. They have memories of watching TV, that's for sure. Just not the same kind.

So here I sit in my pajamas at my computer blogging about Saturdays of yore, while watching 90210. Adam is at a friend's house, Abigail is outside with the neighbors, and Jason is with his buddy, most likely playing computer games. Haley went to basketball with Lewis. Things sure have changed. Saturday mornings will never be the same.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

About a year ago 2 friends that I have each lost a baby a few months apart. Each case was different.

My first friend was so stricken with grief that she was never able to touch the baby again. She buried the baby without holding him. It would have hurt too much she said. She buried the baby without a kiss goodbye. That was right for her.
The other friend held her baby tight through the service until the end. She wanted as much time with that precious baby as she could.

I thought I was like my first friend. I even told Lewis that I would never be able to hold my child knowing they were gone. He told me I had no idea what I was talking about. He said until I had to actually be in that position I could not say what I would or wouldn't do. He was right.

I now know that I am not like my first friend. I am like my second friend. To have to let one of them go would break my heart, and me. I love them more then they will ever know. Even with their quirks and problems they are perfect to me. They are my life and my love.

For all those who complained about my lack of posting... watch out because you are about to receive an ambush in the near future!

It Is Over...

It is over. Summer is officially over for us. The kids have been in school for almost a week now, I have been working and setting things up at work for a month, and the time has just flown by. Last time I checked we still had 4 weeks of summer left before school, and now suddenly I am thrust into the daily work, school grind. When did this happen? It totally crept up on me.

What will I miss?

* Swimming at least 4 days a week
* Staying outside until 10 pm watching the kids play in the yard with all of the neighbors
* Having the kids sleep until 10 or 11 in the morning
* Reading 4 books a week (or one a day!)
* Not having a schedule
* Sleepovers
* Watching Mama Mia every week at the theaters
* Daydreaming
* Going to 2 or 3 movies a week
* Having all of the dishes done all of the time because I had a lot of time
* Popsicles
* Playing in the garden at school anytime I wanted
* BBQ's at Dad's and Cris'
* Friends
* Kids on the slip-n-slide
* Visiting the East Coast
* Snuggling with the kids for hours
* Chalk
* Bubbles
* Park play dates
* Green grass (from watering 3 times a day!)
* Tans
* Shaved Ice
* Talking to KT all night
* Abi in her cute swimsuits (4) with her baby butt ( it last year for that! she is going to be too big next year)
* Adam diving at the pool
* Jason and Cash playing all day everyday happily
* Haley looking so right with her tan and blond hair in the sun
* Being in a good mood most of the time
* Rummy

Things I will not miss:

* Lack of schedules
* Sunburns (only 1 this year and it was not too bad)
* Wasps
* Kids being bored when I have to work
* Not having time to blog everyday (I heart blogging)

Um........ there is not much that I will not miss. The kids are finally old enough to have lots of good fun with during the summer. I LOVE the summer. I will miss summer. I will miss the sun. The warmth it provides me. The way it feels burning (in a good way) my face. The sounds at night during the summer. The breeze at night. The stars when it is warm enough to sit out at night and look at them. The random summer thunder storms that make me think of home. The nights out with the girls. Dates with Lewis. And so much more. I LOVE the summer...

BUT that does not mean that I do not LOVE the fall too. But that's another post...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



Kendra once bet NASA she could survive re-entry without a spacesuit. On July 19th, 1999, a naked Kendra re-entered the earth's atmosphere, streaking over 14 states and reaching a temperature of 3000 degrees. An embarrassed NASA publically claimed it was a meteor, and still owes her a beer.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Gospel According to Kendra

iGoogle Fact:

Kendra is not Politically Correct. She is just Correct. Always.

*Remember this and act accordingly. Thank you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another iGoogle Fun Fact About Kendra


If you spell Kendra wrong on Google it doesn't say, "Did you mean Kendra?" It simply replies, "Run while you still have the chance."

Teeth and Toddlers

It is late at night.

I am awake.

My teeth hurt... bad!

It is my cap. It just aches and aches. I need to go to the dentist ASAP!!!!

It hurts every evening after talking and chewing all day.

I am going to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 for a while...maybe it will get better....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I know that I have not been my usual busy blogging self, but I have been so busy getting ready for school to start that I have not had the time. I promise to find the time though. My office is painted and the furniture is put together so now I can relax just a little. I might have a ton to do this weekend but then I will be back on my normal blogging schedule. Plus with Lewis gone... well you know I am worthless when he is away. I would never make it as a single mom.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Abigail From Then Until Now

Abigail's 4!!!

So Abigail turned 4 on July 29Th. She shares her birthday with my oldest, and most missed friend Amanda. {Amanda was my first friend when my family moved to Illinois way back when I was only 8 years old. I still consider her my oldest and dearest friend. Even though we were best friends for over 3 years, and were inseparable I never got to go to any of her birthday parties! The sad part is that I have not seen her since we were 16 years old.} So Abi's birthday is double special for me.

So Abigail had multiple parties. The day of the 29Th we started out with a picnic at the park with Marlo and her kids, and Mary Ruth and her kids. We had chocolate cupcakes with powdered sugar on top. Then we played for a couple of hours in the 100 degree weather. The kids were good sports, and enjoyed themselves. It is a good thing that we brought a ton of water bottles with us!

That evening out neighbors who also have a daughter that turned 4 on the same day as Abi, had a party. They included Abigail in all of the festivities, even letting her blow out the candle on the cake! Presents, cake, slip-n-slide, princess crowns and all. Thanks!

Then on Saturday the 2ND we had a nice little birthday celebration at my parents house with the whole group. She was sung to again and got to blow out more candles! She had a great birthday.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

All About Me!

So I have this application on my iGoogle homepage. It is called Random Facts about Kendra. Everyday there is a new generic fact that they just enter my name into. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes weird, sometime they are even dirty ;) So here is today's random fact about me:

Not everyone that Kendra is mad at gets killed. Some get away. They are called astronauts.

I like this one!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Bees (Okay really Wasps)

The bees (wasps) are dead but Abigail will still not go outside. She is scared to death! I tried showing her the bees were dead and we threw out the dead hive and she seemed to be better, but then she ran back inside and refuses to leave the house. Anything that can fly is her mortal enemy. She says she doesn't need to go outside anymore. I NEED her to go outside and play. I NEED her to run off the energy and jump on the trampoline. I NEED it quiet for 30 seconds in a row. What do I do? Force her? She is literally scared silly that she will be stung again. I NEED help!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Little Beehind

I am a little (8 days) beehind on blogging. I have been working like crazy since we got back from our trip and then the kids want to go and do things after I am done at work. They feel the end of the summer crashing down on them. I hope to get onto the computer tonight and catch up on Abigail's birthday, and the last week or so of activities. I said HOPE it will bee tonight. We will have to see beecause...

Abigail has been stung 3 times now in less then 24 hours or so by bees. (Get all of the bee's now?) She is scared to death to bee outside and will not play. I don't get it either. All of the other kids have been outside too and none of them have been stung yet. She doesn't provoke the bees, she is just the one that they get. The scary thing is Jason and Lewis are both allergic to bee stings and so I am very worried about the other kids too.

So Lewis is out with the kids getting bee killing supplies, and I was outside looking for the hives to kill. I found at least one good sized one and a few tiny ones.

Wish me luck with the bee killings. I don't want to bee killed too!

{I wrote this yesterday but blogger was not working so I posted it today instead...}

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trampoline Fun

The Drive Home

We drove strait home from Washington DC. 31 hours of kids, car food, and not sleeping. First look at this awesome storm that we drove through.

Everyone stayed mostly happy the whole ride.

Hey Sharon, and Katie look where we stopped for gas.

Finally when we were in Wyoming we stopped at this pull off on the side of the road. I used to stop here when I was little and we were driving across the country. It is the tree that is growing out of a rock. It has been there as long as anyone knows. Since they put in the first railroad. It is pretty cool to have a picture of my kids doing and looking at the same things that I did and saw when I was their ages.