Monday, March 31, 2008

My Television Schedule

*Remember I tape most of these and watch them late at night when everyone is asleep, or on weekends. Also, this is what I am watching right now, this does not include the shows that are not on right now because of the strike or because they are off season. This also does not include the random shows that I watch each night while lying in bed.

Extreme Home Makeover (60 min.)
Oprah's Big Give (60 min.)
Dexter; this one is being taped so that I can watch it in the off season (60 min.)

CSI Miami (60min.)
2 and a Half Men (30min.)
Hills (2 episodes each Monday) (30min. each)
Greek (60 min.)
Jon & Kate Plus 8 (2 episodes each Monday)
Oprah (60min.)
Good Eats (30min.)

Biggest Loser (120min.)
Good Eats (30 min.)

CSI New York (60min.)
Good Eats (30min.)

Survivor (60min.)
CSI (60min.)
Lost (60min.)
Without a Trace (60min.)
Good Eats (30min.)

Numbers (60min.)
Good Eats (30min.)
Women's Murder Club; this one is being taped so I can watch it in the off season (60min.)

What Not to Wear (60min.)
Saturday Night Live (90min.)
Good Eats (30 min.)
Big Love (reruns, but new to me)(60min.)

Now these are the things that I plan on watching. I also watch lots of other stuff. But do not judge because most of these were off for months because of the writers strike. Also I have about 60-70 hours of shows taped that I have not watched yet, and may never get to watch. So just because I like them and tape them does not mean that I get to watch them. If I watched all of the things on this list every week I would watch 24 hours of t.v. A whole day out of 7. That is horribly sad and disgusting. 1/7Th of my week gone. YIKES!!! The thing is 99% of my television watching is done while everyone is asleep. Now you know why I only get 3 to 5 hours of sleep a night!

Random Thoughts...

1. I was going to write something "deep" but I decided I had too much in my head and needed to clear it out first. So I will doing my brain's spring cleaning now.
2. Taxes suck.
3. I am always so cold lately. I can't get warm. Lewis thinks I am sick, but I do not feel bad.
4. Where is spring? It snowed the past 2 days and I am TIRED of it!!
5. I am completely obsessed with a certain trio of books. All I do is think about them and reread them. It is driving me crazy.
6. I work too hard.
7. I need to take time for myself.
8. My lease runs out this next month. What should I do renew it? Do a month to month? Move?
9. I yell at the kids too much because I am stressed out. I feel so bad about it. It has nothing to do with them. I just hold everything in all day and then someone colors on the wall and I am raging maniac. I love them and half way through the rage I realise it is me and not them. I stop yelling. Man, poor kids. Sometimes I think that they got the short end of the stick with their mom.
10. I need to breathe.
11. Count to 10....
12. Take a walk.
13. I love to read. I need a new book. I am in the middle of one now (thanks M.R.) but I need one for when I am done. If I do not have a book to read then I watch t.v. I already do too much of that. (Hmmm..that's a post in itself.)
14. My back hurts. I need a massage.
15. The kids are all in bed asleep. Ahhhh.....
16. When's my vacation?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bag Tagged!!

I am so excited about this! I have been waiting months for someone to bag tag me. I almost tagged myself just so that I could do it. So here we go!!!

Here is what you do:
1.Take a picture of your bag(purse, diaper bag, briefcase) do the one that you use daily with all of your stuff in it.
2.Show a picture of ALL the contents in your bag. NO CLEANING OUT FIRST!!!!
3."Bag Tag" five people.

It was a toss up because I use both my purse and my laptop bag everyday.
So here is my Purse:


There was also about 75 receipts from school, but that was too much to photograph.

Now I want to tag: Katie, Lindsey Olsen, Sharon, Mary Ruth, Sanford and Jacki Bird!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What do you do?

While talking to a friend today I had an epiphany. Well maybe not an epiphany, but it was something. Somehow the course of the conversation veered slightly (where if you know me, conversations have a tendency to do just that...veer) off of the subject. This particular friend always asks me " What does So-n-So's husband do for a living?" and I sometimes know but usually do not. That has always kind of bothered me about myself. (For example M.R. has told me what her husband does maybe 10 times. Can I tell you what he does? No. But not because I do not listen and care about what she tells me.) I finally realized why I do not feel the need to hold onto that kind of information.

I do not care. I care about you, just not your job.

It really does not matter to me if you are a baker, a lawyer, a trash collector, or a school teacher. Some of my closest friends at school are the janitors. My dad was in the Army and he is a lawyer. My mom was a librarian and a secretary. M.S. has a very important high up position in the military. T.R. drives a school bus. Lewis is in sales. L.P. is a lunch lady. My friend started, owned and then just sold a big reality company here in Utah for MILLIONS. One of my closest friend's husband answers phones for Discover card. J.G. is in the marines and is being sent to Afghanistan. Amanda works for a non-profit organization. My sister works the check stand at Walmart. It is her favorite job. Ever. In. Her. Life.

Is the millionaire any better the the janitor? You might say yes. What would you say if I told you that the millionaire is one of the cruelest, nasty people that I have ever met? That he is mean just to be mean, and has always been that way even in college when he was worth nothing. He used to sleep with married women and steal money from poor college students to buy drugs. And that he beat up young teens (13 and 14) for fun when he was drunk? All the while going to church and acting like Peter Priesthood. Is he still better?

I think that people put too much emphasis on what others "do". Does Lewis have a "cool" job because he is in sales? No. Sales are lame. Tons of people do sales. (Sales are boring, and if you are just marginally good at it then you do not make a lot of money.) But if I told you he does sales for the Utah Jazz then that would make it "cool"? Yes. Same job, why does it matter?

I am not perfect. I was mortified when I was 17 and my mom worked at Long John Silvers. I was immature and too worried about what others would think. Does it matter today? No. She is still my mom and I now know that she was willing to do whatever our family needed to stay afloat. Isn't that all that matters anyway?

My point? I care about who you are, not about what you do.


I updated the Draper? post. I have added a few lines and revised it to more read how I feel. When I wrote it I was just typing with emotions. I feel the same way, I just changed a few words to make it a more realistic view.

Many people have commented to me about this post both in person and by email so that their views are not on the blog itself. I thank everyone who has given me their opinion...even the ones that are different then mine. That is what I was asking for. I wanted to see if it was just me that felt this way. I respect what all of you have told me. I think I like writing confrontational things. I am going to do it more often.

Thank you for listening...

When's my vacation?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Draper? (Updated version) (Again)

FYI: This one may offend or may entertain. It is lengthy so sit tight...

I went skiing on Saturday at Brighton. While I was there the guys behind the ski rental counter saw that I lived in Draper. (The guys were ranging in age from 20's to 40's) They started teasing me about being "a Draper lady". Hmmm.... So when I asked what that meant by that and they all laughed. Now, I know EXACTLY what they were getting at. (I was having a lot of problems with my boots and so I had to keep trying on different boots. I could have very easily been seen as a spoiled, needy, complaining lady.) They answered by saying that most people that they get in there from Draper are a little more "needy" and seem a little "entitled". My friend that was with me, Susan, stood up for me and said, "Does she look fake to you? Does anything on her look fake?" But then she agreed with the men about Draper as a whole.

So, here is my question... Do people from Draper deserve this reputation?

Here is my answer:

Yes. I do think that some Draperites (is this a word?), feel superior to others. (I also think that some people all over Utah feel this way, and probably all over the world.) I have had a very hard time living in Draper the past 4 years. (Much harder then when I lived in Lehi, although that was not a cake walk either.) Don't get me wrong, I love Draper, just maybe not the attitude that comes with living here. I have a few run ins with "Draper Ladies" since I moved here.

Example #1: Almost 4 years ago my baby Abigail was born almost 12 weeks early. She was in the hospital for weeks. When she was able to go home they told me that under no conditions was she to go to church. People take sick kids to church all of the time and she was not to be exposed to the germs. They also told me that it would be a good idea that my other children did as little as possible at church so that they would not bring home germs. So when Abigail was about 6 months old, she was still too little and fragile to go to church, but it was Christmas time and the primary was having a pancake breakfast on Christmas Eve morning. My kids so wanted to go so I took them. As soon as we walked into the cultural hall one of the primary presidency walked up to me and asked what we were doing there. We were not active and so not welcome. Holy Sh*@. Seriously!?!? We stayed for the breakfast and saw Santa and then promptly left. I know that I can't blame someone else for not going to church but I can't even attempt to explain how I felt when that happened. Embarrassed. Furious. Anti-Church. Anti-Utah. That would have NEVER happened in any other city in any other state. We would have been welcomed with open arms. Draper Ladies? Maybe. When I went to church the following week not 1 person talked to me. Not even 1.

Example #2: We joined a gym here in Draper. I will not name it but I am sure most of you can figure out which one it is. It is kinda expensive...well it is really expensive for us. But I wanted to join and Lewis worked it out. I loved going to the gym with the kids to swim, and work out with my friend M.R. The kids went to yoga classes and I found a few classes that I loved. I was losing weight and I was happier. I felt better too. Here is the problem. The women! My goodness. If anyone can find a more snotty, entitled group of people please let me know because I would love to observe them for a while. I know this is a generalization, but I maybe met 2 nice people there in over a year.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love where I live. I love the proximity to everything. I love being close to my kids school. I love the view. I have met quite a few people here in Draper that I love. M.R., N.F.S., L.P., J.J., and S.E., to name a few ( I am not trying to leave anyone out, so do not be offended. I just wanted to use a few examples of people I like in Draper.) (But wait...all of these people are either not from Utah or they are not Mormon. Hmm... Maybe my examples are not that good. I have lots of LDS friends.) Maybe you think I am trying to find a problem. Or maybe you have never met some of the moms whose kids go to my school. Maybe I should not have said that....
I am sorry that I do not have breast implants to discuss with you.
I am sorry your implants are unrealistic.
I am sorry neither my husband nor I are cheating on each other.
I am sorry that I do not charge everything in sight to keep up with the neighbors.
I am sorry my kids wear clothes from Walmart and Target instead of Dillard's and Gap.
I am sorry we do not have a boat so you do not want to be our friends in the summer.
I am sorry we do not go to Disney 3 times a year.
I am sorry you ruined your nails volunteering at school.
I am sorry your husband has you on a $4000 a month allowance and it is not enough.
I am sorry you think we are poor.
I am sorry I have trouble going to church with you.
I am sorry you feel the need to talk about me.
I am sorry you have lived in the same county your whole life and you are content with that.
I am sorry that your kids are not well behaved because you do not attempt to control them.
I am sorry I do not care what you think. Actually...I am not sorry about that.
I am sorry that you do not like what I say. At least I am honest.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Here is a picture of Haley and a picture of me. We really do look alike! People say that we do but I never really saw it until now. Wow! It could be the same person.

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!! Easter is the one holiday that usually do with my parents. We do not always spend Christmas, or Thanksgiving or any other holiday with them. Since we have lived in Utah we have managed to have every Easter Sunday with Alain and Donna. But this year they are in San Diego visiting my grandma so we just did it on our own. We went out to brunch with the kids. And then came home and I made dinner. We had ham, potatoes, deviled eggs and rolls. It was a nice quiet day. Here are a few pictures from Easter morning.

Skiing Saturday

On Saturday I took Adam to his last snowboarding lesson for the season. I decided that I wanted to ski again. My friend Susan (hey girl!) who teaches English at Channing wanted to go too. She is an excellent skier and I am well...not that great, to put it nicely. I had to trade my boots a lot to find some that worked. Once I got out on the mountain I was a maniac. I had no movement from my knee down and so turning was not an option. I had a spectacular fall that bruised my whole left side. It was amazing. My skis went flying and I rolled over them (that's how I got bruised). The guy behind me stopped to say that it looked "Awesome!" and was I OK. I told him yes and he just murmured that he wanted film of that. It did not hurt until Sunday morning and then I was in PAIN!! More sore then anything. I am not embarrassed in any way though. I look at my bruises that cover my legs and side and I am like...proud. It is my "sports related injury". Weird, I know. The ski people that fit you for boots told me my only option was to have some sized and molded to my feet so that they fit right without limiting movement. I know I am a spaz.

Here is a photo of Adam in one of his races on Saturday. He did really well! I can order prints at Star Photo Online.

Aquarium on Friday

We have an Annual Membership to the Aquarium in Sandy. I took the kids on Friday morning. It is still all of the same stuff. I can't wait until they build the new big one downtown. The kids seem to like it no matter how small it is. They love the jelly fish and the "Nemo" looking fish. They always talk big, like they are going to actually touch the sting rays, but they never do. I always touch them and then maybe 1 kid will touch and then the rest get scared and go look in the shark tank. So here are a couple of pictures. As always Jason did not let me take his picture. He is afraid that it will "take his soul". Whatever. He is just strange!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

I know that I have not updated. I am on Spring Break. That means that I am breaking from all of my "normal" duties. Including blogging. I have been so tired the past 2 days that I have done nothing in the ways of cleaning, or working. I wanted to sleep on the couch all day. I would have done it too if I did not have 4 kids that wanted to go to the aquarium.
I do have a full weekend ahead, and I have done a couple of fun things with the kids so far this break and I will get all of that posted on Saturday or Sunday.

Side Note: Can you believe the Jazz lost at home on Thursday night? Come on!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

This is by far my favorite Dr. Seuss story. Lewis and I took all of the kids on Friday night to go to the new movie that just came out. We all had a good time. Even Adam who fought me going told me it was at least a 3 star movie for him. This story makes me think of little Abi. She will never be big. She will never be tough. I always remind the kids that she is just as important as them and just because she is the smallest and the youngest she still gets a say.

If we all just remembered one small line the whole world would be:
a different place,
a better place,
a happier place.
a place that I would rather be.

"Because after all,
A person's a person, no matter how small.
A person's a person no matter how small."

Princess Sunday

Lewis and I took the girls to see Disney Princesses on Ice. Most of the little girls there wore their princess dresses. My girls just wanted to dress up in nice clothes. Lewis's cousin, Kendall, also took her kids on Saturday. She said that her daughter was a little scared of the fire breathing dragon that was in the Sleeping Beauty story. Haley was too. Abigail loved it. She danced and sang the whole time. They waved at all of the princesses. Abigail was most excited about seeing Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was the special hostess for the show. The one part that bothered me was when they did the Mulan scene. She is not a princess and they should not have included her in the Princess show. But whatever. Both of the girls had a fabulous time. I am so happy that we could take them to these fun things. When I was little I never got to go to shows like this. (I know mom, one time we went to 60's and 70's inspired Ice show. But it was nothing like they are now.) I think kids in general are spoiled today, but that is a whole other blog.

Skiing Saturday

On Saturday I took Adam, Jason, and Haley along with my Dad, Alain, and my nieces Krystina and Rachael to Brighton for a day of skiing. Adam is still doing his 6 week lessons for the snowboard, and we put the other 4 kids into ski lessons for the day. Then my dad and I went skiing for the day. (Lewis stayed home with Abigail. Lewis doesn't ski.) It was so much fun! I have not gone skiing in over 10 years. It all came back pretty fast though. We went to the bunny hill just 2 times. I was then up go up to the mountain. I was skiing blues with no problem. I had a great time and can't wait to go again. My legs were sore on Sunday, but mostly from where the boots hit my calves. I have 2 bruises on my calves from the boots. Here are a few pictures of the kids...

Click to play Skiing
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Look to the Future

I have missed blogging about so much the past few weeks. There is nothing I can do. I can only look to the future and hope that I can do better.

Flashback Monday

One year ago today...

One year ago yesterday...

When's My Vacation?

Jason is copying anything anyone says.
Adam is making a noise like a dying bird.
Abigail is crying and saying that I am mean.
Haley is yelling that she does not want to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy.
Lewis is at the Jazz game working.
Kendra is going bananas.

I need a vacation.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What? An Update!!

OK people I see that when you look at my blog 100 times in a 36 hour period that must mean that I need to update. also it has been like almost a week since I updated. I find that if I wait too long then I forget what has happened and then do not have anything to blog about. I have so many things going on right now, but I do need to make some Kendra time. My time of course is blogging time. I am sort of using the blog as a journal or sorts these days. I promise lots of updates tonight and in the near future. I just have to go to the store right check back later tonight or in the morning!

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Drive, The Tire, and The Tears

On Saturday I drove Adam to Brighton Ski Resort for his snowboarding lesson. I usually stay up there with him because I HATE the drive up and down the canyon. I know it is not that bead, but I hate it. So this particular week I had to come back down because Lewis' cousin was having her wedding shower and I wanted to go. So I go up, get Adam all set for lessons and start my drive down the mountain. I call Lewis and tell him that I am on my way and I will be home in about 30 to 45 minutes. About halfway down, right where the road does an "S" curve my tire blows out. I shout an obscenity and pull over to the side of the road. But as we all know there is no side of the road on that part of the drive. I thought 'did I hit a rock?'. But no there was nothing in the road. My tire went from fine to flat in about 3 seconds. So I decide to use the roadside assistance. I get my phone out and yes, you guessed it no service. So I grab the jack and get ready to change my own tire. Each time I turned the jack the base sinks into the mud. With each turn it sinks more. I realize there is no way that I can do this alone. So I try to flag down a car to get someone to either help me, or drive me to get cell service so I can call for help. At least 200 cars pass me and do not stop to help. After 45 minutes I am wet, muddy and angry. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Nobody will stop to help.
Lets stop and think for a second. In the last 6 weeks I have:
1. Sprained my foot
2. Had my purse start on fire, and have to stomp the fire out
3. Left on the side of the road in the rain and mud to fend for myself
I start thinking What have I done to deserve this? And then the tears come. I just start bawling. (And if you know me I just do not cry. Maybe a tear when the kids were born and I well up during that stupid ABC show about the Home Makeover sometimes, but never if anyone is around. I also welled up during The Notebook, and still do each time I see it. LOVE that movie!) So I curse every car that passes, sees me crying in the mud, and honks for me to get out of the way before they drive off. I curse every car that has a Families are Forever bumper sticker, and a CTR window cling. Seriously people. Practice what you preach. I am not a scary man with an axe ready to kill you. All I needed was a little help to a phone.
I am crying so hard that when "Gary" stops and asks if I need help all I can do is nod my head. He gets out, and puts his hand on my back and says, "We can help you but, you will need to stop that." He gets the jack and realises why I am so frustrated. He can't do it either. There is just too much mud. So he calls to the truck and out come about 5 scouts. They were up camping in the snow and were rushing down to get to their school for baseball tryouts. The boys end up lifting the front of the car just enough so he can get the tire off and the little donut back on. Then they follow me out of the canyon. I hope that they made it safely and on time.

Thank you "Gary" wherever you are.

The Museum

This is a post that I should have done a couple of weeks ago. I took the kids up to The University of Utah and went to the History Museum. We went with our neighbors. The kids had a great time. They saw dinosaurs, Native American artifacts, and "dug" for Dino bones. My friend "M.R"'s (the neighbor/friend mom) dad was an archaeologist. So she is really interested and she knows a lot about all of the fun things that we saw. Here are some fun pictures of the kids playing at the museum.

Click to play History Museum

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lyrics and video to 'Low' by Cracker

Note the actress in the video...yikes!

Sometimes I wanna take you down.
Sometimes I wanna get you low.
Brush your hair back from your eyes.
Take you down let the river flow.

Sometimes I go and walk the street
Behind the green sheet of glass.
A million miles below their feet
A million miles, a million miles

Chorus:I’ll be with you girl
Like being low
Hey hey hey like being stoned.
I’ll be with you girl
Like being low
Hey hey hey like being stoned.

A million poppies gonna make me sleep.
Just one rose and knows your name
The fruit is rusting on the vine
The fruit is calling from the trees

Hey don’t you wanna go down
Like some junkie cosmonaut
A million miles below their feet
A million miles a million miles


Blue blue is the sun.
Brown brown is the sky.
Green green of her eyes.
A million miles a million miles

Hey hey don’t you wanna go down
Like some disgraced cosmonaut
A million miles below their feet
A million miles a million miles


Matchbox Twenty

The concert was fabulous! We were in the 9Th row on the floor. Our seats were right on the isle too. It was so much fun. I have not been to a concert in so long. I mean I have but I do not really count Disney Live!, or American Idol Live on Tour. I sat the whole time throughout those "concerts". I guess the last concert I went to was almost a year ago. It was Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw. Good concert but it was a free bee from Lewis' work. Not one that I would pay to see. But this one was!!
First there was an opening band. They played fine music and all but it was one of the guitar players that caught my eye. Not because he was good looking, but because he looks like Charlie from Lost. I swear I thought I was at a Drive shaft concert. Here is a picture. It is small because I do not know how to load my phone pictures on the computer properly.

See what I mean? It was a crazy resemblance. Marlo and I both saw it as soon as they came onstage. But it wasn't really him. I don't think....a hobbit at the Matchbox Twenty show? Stranger things have happened.

Then Alanis Morissette came on and she played for about an hour. It was great. I loved her back in high school. She left right after her set because she was flying to Canada to be inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame on Friday. I did not take pictures of her. I was too busy singing the lyrics to all of her songs.

And finally Rob Thomas and the rest of Matchbox went onstage. If I was to leave my husband for anyone Awkward!! He is already married! Anyways they played for a full 2 hours. It was amazing. They played a good mix of their old and new stuff. They also played a Billy Joel song and one of favorite songs from a 90's band named Cracker. {Cracker is an American alternative rock band featuring Johnny Hickman and Camper Van Beethoven singer and guitarist David Lowery. They are best known for the hit songs “Low,” “Eurotrash Girl,” “Get Off This” and “Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)”. } Low is the name of the song. Marlo and I sang every word. The 13 year old kid sitting just down from us stared the whole time. I am sure that he had never heard the song. And with some of the lyrics in the song I am sure his mom never wants him to hear it again. I had so much fun. Definitely worth the money!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is anyone even out there?

I know a few people read this everyday, or every other day. If "K", "S", and "H" are the only ones reading it, is it still worth me spending time keeping it up? I truly read all of your blogs at night to see what has been going on in your lives. Even if I do not call or write I still miss you guys. I am just lazy and I am a huge procrastinator when it comes to personal stuff.

I am just having a bad night. 2 rants in a row. I better stop now while I am ahead...

I need a lemon berry slush. Anyone else? I'm buying.

What is your opinion?

"What is your opinion?"

I hate when people ask me this question. Wait. Let me rephrase. I hate it when certain people ask me this question. Or certain groups of people.

It is like asking someone, "How are you doing?" You do not really want to know the answer. It is just something you say. 99% of people are going to say "I am good." or "Great!" no matter how they really are doing. I say good, or fine to answer that question most of the time even if I am having one of the worst days ever.

These kind of questions are not meant to be answered honestly the majority of the time. People want to hear that you are fine. And they want you to agree with their opinion. They really are not worried about how you really are or how you feel about the situation. You can tell the people who care and the people who do not. You know who wants to know how you really are doing. You know who wants your honest opinion.

Do you want to know if I have an opinion and what is it? Well hell yes I have an opinion. But my question for you is, "Do you really want to hear it?" Yeah, that's what I thought!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Can you say Matchbox Twenty???

That's right peeps! I am going to the concert! And the way that I hear it I am going to be sitting so close that that I will be able to see and probably smell their sweat. Now act all grossed out . I do not mind. You will be home watching Lost (I am having Lewis tape it for me..he he) or Survivor (I am taping that one too...I am a loser I know) while I am dancing and having the best time. Everyone should be able to see someone so hot in person. It will be the highlight of my day I am sure. At least I have something to look forward to.
Many thanks to "M" for procuring the tickets at the last minute. You are not only my favorite babysitter (eww, actually I do not ever call you that. It sounds wrong) but my favorite* sister-in-law** too.

Oh and Alanis Morissette is opening for them. Yes, at one moment in time (1996?) I will admit that I was addicted to her Jagged Little Pill album. Brings back lots of West Point memories. But that is another entry.
*Favorite is a word that is relative in my world. Like, you may be my favorite if you buy me ice cream during the summer. You can also become my favorite by maybe making my bed one day, or doing the dishes.
**I only added this in case one of my other sister-in-laws read my blog and get mad.
***Anything ideas that are expressed in this blog are not endorsed by channel 2, 4, 5, or channel 14KJZZ. Any questions or concerns may be directed to the owners by going through the proper channels. Thank you.


We went into school at 7 am this morning to see Adam's teacher. He was not in trouble, it was just time for the bi-yearly conference. The breakdown is he is doing fine. His handwriting has improved, but still has a ways to go. (He is doing typing lessons on the Internet so that he can start typing all of his work. He has the WORST handwriting. Him and Lewis. They should both be doctors with handwriting so bad.) Adam is doing great with everything. But my proudest moment of the conference was when they showed me the mid year exam. He was the ONLY person to get 100% on the exam. Can I please be the proud mom for just a day? He worries and stresses over every little project, math homework and writing assignment that he has. So having a day to say, "Hey, you did Perfect", really helps both of us. He doesn't even want me to tell people. He is so modest about the whole thing. Doesn't he know that in every mom's heart her child is Perfect? We know it is not always true, but it is the darn unconditional love.

Update on the Fire/Purse Situation

I got a check in the mail today from Holiday Inn. It was for $118.00. A little short from what I wanted but a check is something. I can't buy a new one with that. I need another $30 for shipping. I guess I will have to save my pennies and use the "tainted" one that I have.
I have sent the letter to the corporate office so we will see what they say. Apparently the letter was cc'd to the hotel in St. George and the proper safety people for the state. ( I love having a lawyer for a dad. He can always tell me who to call, and include in an email or letter.) I am still very unhappy with the manner in which safety and responsibility for the incident was handled by the manager. All I can do is complain and hope that they take me seriously.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I read about these cool places for you to send me on for my vacation. Here are my favorites:

Turkey: The Anatolian Cave Suites are located in the heart of the fantastic canyon lands of Cappadocia, home to some of the earliest Christian communities. Since prehistoric times, humans have burrowed into the soft, volcanic rock near Goreme-Nevsehir, Turkey, creating complex structures that honeycomb the earth. Today, travelers can stay in unique luxury, surrounded by art and history in well-appointed cave suites.

British Columbia: Tucked into a harbor on Princess Royal Island in northern British Columbia, the King Pacific Lodge floats amid the Canadian wilderness. Come aboard for a rustic yet refined adventure, which could include kayaking near orcas, fly-fishing or bear viewing, any of which can be followed by pampering in the lodge’s spa.

Sri Lanka: If seclusion and romance are what you crave, it doesn't get much better than a fabulous Palladian-style mansion set on 2.5-acre Taprobane Island, the only privately owned island in Sri Lanka. Wade through the surf like the many statesmen, artists and adventurers before you to reach the airy, octagonal abode and the tranquil, lush gardens that surround it.

Or we could just go to Disneyland. Whatever is good for you is fine with me!

So much to type...

I know there are many of you waiting for an update. It is just I have so much to update on that I do not know where to start. I will update on an old subject at least once a day this next week so that I can get it all done. I will also keep you up to date on daily occurrences as well. So please check back often.
What happened in St. George:
(Red because of the fire.) I wanted to let everyone know what is going on with the purse that was burnt in the fire at The Holiday Inn in St. George. But, I am not supposed to say much until it gets settled. My lawyer, ( a very promising young man by the name of Alain Balmanno ) you may know him, has been attained to write a letter on my behalf to the corporate office. Basically the manager in St. George gave me a very hard time about the purse and the money to replace it. The were also not helpful, never apologized and were rude by the last I was asked not to say too much about it until we have it settled. Also I have no idea what is happening. I do not have a check, and I have not heard from them. Hmmmm... what I want is a free room for a week to use whenever I want. I also want them to see that they have a blatant disregard for safety and make sure that they have to do something about it.
Overall the conference was the best that I have ever been to. I met some great people, a few of them were even under 60 this time. I learned a ton, and got some fabulous ideas for Channing. I can't wait for the Summer Conference in June. It is here at the Sandy Expo Center. There will be classes for Melanie as well.
I drove home from St. George on Thursday night. I just wanted to get home. When I got home the kids acted like I had been gone for a year. Abigail would not go to bed and ended up falling asleep on my lap. She has not done that in at least a year. The other kids were all over me asking for their "Gifts". Gifts? Gifts? Was I supposed to get Gifts? In St. George? Who wants something for there? Well lucky for them I stopped at Walmart on the way home and got some $0.50 candy for them. Ha-Ha!! They loved it. And I was the great mom who brought home a Gift!

So now that I am back from my trip I asked Lewis "When's my vacation?" And he says, "Whenever. Who's gonna pay for it?"