Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012


When I was little we used to make forts all of the time. We made them out of blankets, pillows, sheets, chairs, and anything else we could get away with taking from the house without my mom getting mad. We would make them so well that they could stay up for days without coming down. We would eat, sleep, play games and practically live in the forts.
Today my girls each made a fort. They only used what they could get in their bedroom (seeing as they were in time out at the time of building). I think they did well for beginners. Maybe later this summer when they are not in trouble I will show them what a real fort is made of :)

Ps. They are sleeping in their forts tonight. And I did make sure that they are sturdy and they will not collapse and suffocate themselves in the night. Notice on Haley's fort the top is clipped so that it doesn't fall.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Lewis and the kids (all except for Adam) have become obsessed with fishing. All the want to do this summer is fish. Adam doesn't enjoy fishing and I (for obvious reasons: dirty, stinky, nasty) do not like it either. Lewis heard about a great camping spot where there is good fishing and decided to take the boys for a night. Adam declined, so Lewis just took Jason. Here is their camp spot:

What? Amazing. If this is where they go to fish then I'm in. I mean I won't actually fish but I will go with them and sit by the water, on a chair, in my swimsuit and read. A girl can enjoy the surroundings without actually doing any of the gross fishy stuff :)  
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Many Faces Of Haley

Haley loves my I-Pad!!

Sunday Hike

Last Sunday we took the kids on a hike. We went into the American Fork Canyon and hiked (walked) to a waterfall. Abigail and Haley had a good time but Jason was irritated to be outside and away from the computer/video game/television. Adam was a typical teen and said maybe 2 words the whole time. So here are some pictures of the girls, but none of the boys.

I don't know about everyone else, but I had a good time. After the hike we went to a late breakfast. As soon as we got home Haley asked what we were going to do today. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!