Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I NEED A VACATION!!!! This week has been so stressful! I am the Lunch Program Director at my kid's school. Twice a year my program gets what amounts to an audit by the state and federal government. This week I have been having the state come out. They want to look over everything that I do on a day to day basis. I get to sit there and have them tell me what I am doing wrong, and right. I am just waiting for them to find a huge flaw in my work and cancel my funding. The days take forever... It is just hours and hours a day on end. I can't wait for Friday to be over with. Pray the weekend comes soon!

Jason's Teeth

The day after Halloween Jason had a tooth pulled. He clenches his jaw in his sleep and had cracked one of his teeth. Half of it fell out!! So the rest had to get pulled out. It is on the right side of his mouth, the 2ND to last big one. The tooth was perfect too. No cavity or anything.

Two days before Halloween he lost his first tooth too. The front bottom tooth. He was so happy that the Tooth Fairy came! So he has lost 2 teeth in a week, and he made $5.00. He can't wait to loose more!


So Adam and I got to go to a Jazz game this past week. We have been to many before and we will go to many more this year. We only end up using our season tickets about half of the time. It is all that I can handle. I went to 3 games in a matter of 7 days. I am EXHAUSTED!

Well this one that we went to on the 7Th of November was special. The Jazz were hosting the Cavs. It was an 8:30pm game, but we had to be there at 7pm. Why you ask? Oh let me tell you. We got to stand in the fan tunnel. Which means that we got to go down before the game and high five the players as they came onto the court. We were at the Cav's entrance. We got to punch fists with the whole team, including LeBron James! What made it even better was that Lewis' cousin Skyler and her husband Braden got to do it with us. It was really not that big of a deal, but we were all so excited. We put on these HUGE t-shirts and stood in a line to greet them. I want to do it on the JAZZ side next time!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween has come and gone. We had a fun week. The kids were out of school since the 26Th of October, so we have had a 6 day weekend. The weekend was normal. On Monday we went to the skating rink with our friends for 2 hours. We then met my brother Cris and his wife Marlo and their kids for lunch. After lunch we went to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. The kids had candy and drinks too. We saw it last year at the theaters as well, but the kids love the movie. Alright the truth is I love it too. We were having a great day. I had a soccer game to play in at 9:45pm so I left for the game at 8:00pm. After I left both Abigail and Jason got sick. Lewis had to deal with that because while at my game I got a ball to the face and sprained my thumbs. So Tuesday we stayed home and canceled all of our fun day off plans. Then on Halloween everyone was suddenly better so we got to go to the mall and Trick-or Treat. Then we came home and went out in our neighborhood. This was by far the warmest, nicest Halloween we have had since we moved back to Utah. It was so warm we did not even have to wear coats. So the kids got a huge haul and we have enough candy in our house to eat for a year. Whatever is not eaten I will throw away the day before Thanksgiving. So this afternoon Adam came home from school and promptly got sick. YES!! And then to top it off Abigail did too. We were in the new car, pulling into the garage and she suddenly had to throw up. I threw the door open just in time for her to throw up...on what is left of the camping laundry. I do not know if I should be grateful for that or sick about it. All I know is that when there is candy...there is barf.