Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A few more from Breakfast with Santa

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....


Along with the rest of my family we took the kids to breakfast with Santa at the beginning of December. The kids had a great time meeting with Santa, Mrs. Claus, the Grinch and a polar bear. They ate breakfast, did crafts and even Adam had a little bit of fun. Here is a lucky shot that I took of Jason and the Mrs. He is actually smiling because she told him that Santa owns a pink sweater that he sometimes wears, so he should wear his pink shirt with pride.

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year we tried something new. We started a new Frampton family tradition. We decided to eat out. Oh it was the best idea that we have ever had! Everyone enjoyed the food and the fun. I enjoyed the lack of dirty dishes and the extra time that I had on my hands on Thanksgiving morning. Here are the kids after lunch right before heading out to out other new tradition.
We went to the movies. I know lots of families that go to the movies on Thanksgiving, but had never gone. We went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox. I loved it but the kids just thought that it was so-so. After the movies we went to my brother's house for dessert and dancing. Yes the traditional Balmanno Family Dance Party did happen this year. It was as fun as always. Everyone got in on the action, including Adam who did the Worm for everyone. Her are all of the Balmanno grand kids with a pie or cake or crumble. On top of this we also had ice cream for the kids to top off the pies. We always have way too much, but that is one of the great things about Thanksgiving. Lots of food.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you!!
After getting the kids to bed Lewis and I went out to see the Jazz game. It did not start until almost 9pm. We called our friends to come and meet us so they drove up to watch the game. I had a great time chatting with them and watching the Jazz win.
The next day on "Black Friday" Adam and I got up at the awful hour of 3:45am and went to Wal-mart with my mom, brother and sil. We had a great time. I did not buy anything for Christmas but we got to go to breakfast and then we were home by 6:30am; just in time for me to take Mojito to the Vet to get snipped! I dropped him off and headed home to shower and meet up with Jess and Sean my favorite newlyweds! We were going to go shopping but after getting In' N' Out the lines were so long that we gave up and went home.
Overall the weekend was great. We ate, shopped, visited and ate some more.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Notes of Note

  • School is out for the year!!!! (Well the numeric year that is. We have to go and finish this school year 09-10 BUT for 2009 SCHOOL IS OUT!!!)
  • I sent out Christmas cards so if you did not get one then I need your address so post it as a comment. (NO this is not my way of getting people to post comments. I like getting mail so this is my way of having you give me your address so I can send you a card and then you can send one back to me; getting me more mail!!!)
  • My Christmas decor is lacking this year. I have the tree, hearth, and banister done but that is it. When you look from the kitchen into the living room it looks nice, but when you look from the living room into the kitchen it almost looks laughable. So plain. Oh well, next year will be better.

  • Christmas shopping is done (for the most part). Santa will be bringing the kids what they asked him for (for the most part). The only one left to buy for is Lewis. Any suggestions?
  • I will have lots of time over the holiday break to blog! (Maybe... if I get around to it, and if the Internet cooperates!) No really. I am going to try and finish my backlog of updates and keep you updated on the new stuff too. I think I can, I think I can....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Countdown Until Christmas!!

9 days until Christmas
8 bills to pay
7 meals to plan
6 teacher gifts left to buy
5 days of school left
4 impatient children
3 "Christmas" dinners
2 dentist appointments
1 overwhelmed mother!

I Love My Freakishly Adorable Kids!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

School Reports

Both Abigail and Jason had reports this past month. Abigail did hers with the help of Tori, her TA. Her report was on an Herb Farm. Jason did his report all by himself. It was about Walt Disney. He had to even dress up like the guy! They both did a great job!!
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New Moon

When New Moon came out I saw it twice in 15 hours. Thanks to Lewis for hauling out of bed and going in the middle of the night with me to the first one, and thanks to Jyl and Sheila for the fun second night. And thanks to Utah Mama for hosting the second one and getting us all of the fabulous swag that you see in the top left picture. The girls loved the teeth and fought over them for a week.

As for the movie I do have a small soft spot for Jacob now, but I am still and FOREVER will be an Edward girl. The Edward in the movie might not be my idea of Edward from the book, but they did what they thought best. Every one's idea of gorgeous is different and we should embrace those differences. Love you Edward!!
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Haley fell at school. She was running and tripped over her own feet. Yikes!! Her teacher said that she fell straight onto her face. So we had to leave school and visit the doctor. She did not need stitches but she had to have her face scraped and she had some great bruises for a while. She has scars on her in each of the three spots but we are putting cream on them to hopefully make them go away. Poor baby!!
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Four Freaks?

About a month ago I got together with a group of friends from West Point. I lived in New York during some of high school and these are my buddies from church. Kenny (the tall guy in stripes) came out to Utah for a short trip so we got together for dinner. They are the same as I remember them! I miss you guys!

PS. Adam says that Kenny looks like Edward from Twilight. Oh Kenny...OOPS I mean Edward!! I guess to Adam tall and skinny means Vampire Edward.
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Haley's Birthday

Haley turned 7 in October. (I know, I am a bad mom! Sorry Haley. I am just really behind on blogging due to the slow computer!!) For Haley's birthday we went to Red Robin with Abigail, Sage and M.R. It was very yummy, and we got this giant piece of ice cream cake for free for Haley's birthday. We had a great time as you can see!!
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Gardner Village

I took the kids to Gardner Village right before Halloween. They were off of school one day so we went down to see the witches and to have lunch. Here they all are with the hugging witch and our favorite "Witchy Poo".
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Cotillion Class

Adam started Cotillion in October. He is learning how to be a polite, well balanced young man. They are learning how to dance, how to make a good first impression, and how to treat a lady. Here is his little friends group from the first night. Nobody really knew if they wanted to be there or not. Now after going 3 times they all are having a great time!
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Better late then never. :)
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

How Do You Spell Dream?

Lewis and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Italy in October. Lewis made all of his goals at work so we got to go on an all expenses paid trip to Italy. It was amazing. Long lunches and dinners while sitting outside right on the ocean. Day trips to Capri and Pompei. Temps in the high 70's and low 80's in October! Heaven!!! Shopping, shopping, shopping. We had such a great time. I am not sure how you spell dream but this is how I spell dream:

And this is just the tip of the iceburg. We had such a great time!