Friday, September 18, 2009

Boys, Bugs, Beef


Tonight Lewis and I took 5 kids to the movies and left 2 boys (who did not want to go) home alone for about 2.5 hours. The boys that were left home alone are both 11 and have stayed home many times just long enough for us to go to the movies and come back. I fed them before I left, told them that they could have a snack but not another dinner, gave instructions on what they were allowed and not allowed to do, and I felt completely comfortable leaving them. When I got home I could have screamed. Maybe I did a little. They had made a full on meal. Toaster over pizza things and drinks. Wait! It gets better. They were eating it in the living room, which is a really big NOT ALLOWED in the new house. They had a whole picnic set up with trays and chairs and everything. Yeah, it bugged me but I did not yell yet.


I did not yell until I saw the 10,000 (no exaggeration at all!!) bugs covering my ceiling, kitchen table, doors, windows and walls. I gagged. No really, I did. (If you know me, then you know that I do not like bugs. The don't scare me but I think that they are disgusting and I want nothing to do with them. It is the only reason that I regret moving into this house. The bugs from the woods!) So anyway, they were everywhere. And I got pissed. Of course the boys have no idea how they got into the house, they did not leave the door open. Yeah. Okay. I can tell you this, if I am not around to tell kids to shut the door then it will not get shut. But they assured me that it was not them. (It must have been Mojito. Yeah because he can open doors and leave them open while he goes outside.) So these bugs are everywhere. Flying around landing on me, on the floor, counter everywhere. Lewis gives Adam the vacuum to suck them up and he is mad that he has to do the job. Whatever kid, get over it. You made the mess now deal with it. I ended up doing it myself after he "tried". I really do not know what happened but I can say that he will never leave the door open after he goes in and out ever anywhere again.


We took the other 5 kids to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs tonight for a fun night out. The movie was funny and all 5 kids liked it, and Lewis did too. Lots if funny food jokes and with Mr.T doing the voice of a crazy security guard in tiny tight shorts made for a great time for both kids and adults.

Overall a good night. The beef was good, but the boys bugged me. :)

P.S. I still feel like the bugs are crawling all over me!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Things I Hate About You (Work Addition)

That is right kids! It is time for another addition of Things I Hate About You...

This is my third installment of the ever changing list of things that I hate about you. Basically I hate everything about everyone for different reasons.

(Not really, but I can find a way to hate everything if you really want me too, but it would take me a long time, so this is for fun writing purposes only. Well and a little bit to vent about how I feel. I am in NO way talking about MY place of business. Just about people I know and things that they do.)

1. I HATE that you can call into work every Monday or Friday (depending on the week) sick because you have a runny nose or a scratchy throat. Listen, we all want a 3 day weekend every week but we just can't have it. If I have to be here then so do you. Suck it up and take some Pepto.

2. I HATE that you get to go out to lunch on your lunch hour. My whole day is lunch. I make the deposits. I run the lunch system. I scan the lunch cards. I open the lunch milks. And then I eat the same thing that we give to the kids. We eat and we talk about lunch; what went well and what we need to change. Just once I want to be able to go to Zuppas and sit for 45 minutes and have a salad and soup. But until then I will eat lunch in the Staff Lounge with everyone else and dream of a lunch hour away talking about shoes and handbags or some other girly crap like that.

3. I HATE that you get to talk crap about your bosses! So not fair!!! I can't even post on Facebook or my blog without everyone seeing my every thought about everyone! Not that I hate my boss, actually the opposite (Hey Sanford! Actually I think he stopped reading my blog months ago...), I just wish I could vent and not get called into the bosses office to "explain myself". Humpf!

4. I HATE that you judge me for working outside of the home. I have two words for you on that subject. Bite Me. My kids are better behaved, smarter, and better cared for then yours, and you stay home. (This is not about anyone who reads this so stop being all offended!)

5. I HATE that you think my job is easy and that I don't do anything. I really do not feel like defending myself to you so I won't. Let me just say to all of you who think my job is cake: you try it for a month and then you can let me know what you think.

Well, that is it for tonight. I hope you enjoyed this addition of
The Things That I Hate About You!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I Hate About You, But That I Would NEVER Do

So here is my second, yet slightly different installment in my Things I Hate About You series. I wanted to do a full 5 more things that I hate about you that I also hate about me, but alas I am tired and do not have much time to think tonight before bed so this will be a short and sweet post.

I HATE when people invite you to do something hoping that you will pay for them to do it too!


I know! What is up with that? I had an acquaintance (would not really call them friends) call and ask if we wanted to go to the movies, just to say that they were hoping that we would go online and get the tickets and that they would "Get the next one". Again...


It is not like I am made of money, and at the same time it is not like I mind getting a movie this time, if they get it next time, but good grief!! I got the last movie!!! And the popcorn! If this keeps going they are going to owe us a years worth of movies by October.

Glad I got that one off of my chest.

Until the next installment...

P.S. Don't ask who it was, because I am not gonna tell. No matter what. Well, unless you wanna pay for me to go to the movies..... :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!

This was the fruit of my labors today. I put these together for my back porch. They sit right outside of my bedroom door. Ahhhh.....
When I was opening the hardware packaging for the table I pulled too hard and the washers and screws flew everywhere and fell down the tiny cracks in the porch. I screamed, "Oh Fudge!!"
No, really. I said fudge.
Then I had Haley and Jason crawl under the porch to get the washers that flew underneath. Everything got put together and I did not get any spider bites. Thanks kids!
P.S. Lewis put the trampoline that you see in the background together today. Good job honey!

Don't you love it when you catch the kids playing nice together and they don't ever have a clue that you were there?

Doggy Paddle

Mojito jumped into the local pond and had a swim. He loved the water, but he was disgusting after he was done. We had to take him home and have his first home bath. He was so cold afterward that he ran and covered himself up completely with the blanket in his bed. I had to uncover him a little to take this picture. So cute!!

Sneak Peek

I know that there are no curtains, and I have put up pictures since I took these, but I have had so many people ask me to see pics of the house I thought that I would give you all a little sneak peek!!


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First Day of School (for the rest of us)

Abigail started all day kindergarten this past month. She is so grown up! She was so excited to get to school and be there all day with the big kids. Look at how cute she is in her little uniform! I had the hardest time finding her school clothes. She is still so tiny that even extra small is too big and falls off of her. I ended up getting her clothes in the baby section at Target and Walmart. She is wearing 4T pants and skirts with 5T shirts from Old Navy. With that said I took her to the doctor last week and she is on the charts! She is in the 4th percentile for weight and the 14th percentile for height! Yeah!!! She has never been on the charts before. (And guess what? She is actually TALLER then one other kid in her class, even though she is the youngest!)

First Day of School (for most of us)

H, 1st grade; J, 3rd grade; A, 6th grade
They are getting so big!!!

Last Meal

We have started this fun little tradition with our friends the Wiggins. On the last day before school starts each fall we take the kids out to eat for breakfast. The whole idea was that we would get them up early, like we would on a school day and take them out to eat so that they would have to be up and ready for the day early.

Last year we took them to Mimi's Cafe and that is where they wanted to go again this year. They did not want to go there because of the food. They did not want to go there because of the ambiance. They want to go there because of this:

They want to go there because the bathrooms are gold. The girls talked about the gold bathroom for a year. Abigail was so excited to go this year (since she started kindergarten this is her first year going). So here it is for all of you to see; the golden sink. I will spare you the picture of the toilet. Now you do not need to go to Mimi's for breakfast. I have shown you the best part.
(the food is actually good too, but all they care about is the golden bathroom)

We Love Cowabunga!

Look at Jason! I must have caught him in a really good mood. He never smiles for the camera!

I know what you are thinking. OH MY GOSH! KENDRA IS UPDATING!! Well yes, it is true I have finally loaded all of my pictures onto the computer and I am ready to give my wisdom and stories to the world. Well, stories anyway. I don't have much wisdom. :)

So first of all I would like to introduce you all to the cutest quadruplet cousins ever. (Olivia is actually Lewis' cousin but since she is the same age as Haley, they all just call each other cousins.) They had the best time at Nick's (Lewis' cousin) wedding in August. They all wore the same dress and had a great time playing, climbing to the tree house and eating ice cream sundaes.

Did you notice that my girls do not have shirts under their dresses but the others do? When we were shopping for the dress Allison asked the girls about the dress and one of them said that it was not modest to wear the dress because showing shoulders was not good. Allison and I tried so hard not to laugh. She is a good girl and she is so honest to say what she has been taught.