Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Final Product

Spring "Break": Part 7

Friday night while Adam was gone camping with scouts I helped the girls dye Easter Eggs. Even though they know we are going to be making them into Deviled Eggs for Easter Sunday Lunch, they wanted to dye them. So we went to the store and bought a couple of kits and set out to make the eggs pretty. Here is Haley making her fake smile face:

Abigail has a real smile, but I think that she doesn't remember ever doing this before. We are not really good about dying eggs every year. Sometimes we forget, and sometimes the kids won't let me forget, like this year.

A plethora of colors:

It really is a fun tradition to do the eggs with the kids. With the boys getting older and not wanting to do so many fun holiday activities I am afraid that the girls, and especially Abigail who doesn't really remember doing much before this year, will miss out on all of the fun things that can be done during the different holidays. Hopefully I will get better at remembering to do the cookies, and eggs, and wreaths and other fun things.

How To... Read a How To Post

Step 1: Go to Stie's blog.
Step 2: Read her "How To".
Step 3: Read everyone else's "How To".
Step 4: Get completely obsessed with the other blogs that you find due to the "How To" and become a blogstalker.
Step 4: After weeks of reading all of the "How Tos" write a short "How To" so that you can feel included.
Step 5: Try harder next week with your "How To".

Good enough for a first time?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring "Break": Part 6

So speaking of breaking...

Lewis called me at about 9:00, right when he was supposed to be finishing his basketball game. He jammed his finger and nobody would pull it out for him because it looked disgusting, and he did not want to pop it back out by himself so he had to drive to the ER. All of the Insta Cares close at 9:00 so there was nowhere else to go. He called me so that I could meet him at the ER and bring him the FLEX card, so he could pay for the visit.

When he got there they put him in a room and the nurse was setting him up with blood pressure cuff and a heart rate finger pad. She accidentally put the finger pad on his hurt finger and when she pulled it off to move it she inadvertently popped his finger back into place. So by the time I got there he was fine but they would not let him leave without having an x-ray.

Before I left him to go back home I managed to get him a glass of water even though there was an evil ER nurse that did not want him drinking, just in case he would have to have surgery... um yeah. He was going to need surgery because of a jammed finger...

He needed a splint for a week or so and they gave him some Motrin and a light pain pill just in case it was worse the next day. So now Lewis is fine, but he is telling the kids that his hand is broken so that they will give him foot massages and get him drinks and stuff. Not to mention that it is his middle finger that is hurt so he is walking around flipping all of us off all day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring "Break": Part 5

On Thursday night Abigail decided to make bag puppets. This is Bob Jon. At least she kept herself busy for a while.

I totally remember doing this when I was little and having my mom get mad that we wasted the lunch sacks. We would make like 25 of them and do a puppet show, but then there would be no bags for lunches for the rest of the month. Oh well, like I said she kept herself busy for a while.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Post Script...

I woke up Wednesday morning at 4:20 in so much pain I had to get up and take pain medicine again. I called the dentist and he said that since it had only been 36 hours since my root canal it might still hurt because of the infection. He explained that the tooth was like a sliver in your finger. He took out the sliver but the infection takes time to go away. Hopefully it will get better soon. So far Wednesday, I have felt pretty okay!

Spring "Break": Part 4

On Wednesday I took my kids and went with M.R. and her kids to Thanksgiving Point. We took the kids to the Farm. Her are the girls sitting on a cow:

Here they are petting a baby goat. She was so cute! She is 2 weeks old.

They rode horses:

We did not feed our fingers to the horses!

We saw baby rabbits:

we saw tulips:

Jason even asked to have his picture taken:

Don't worry, he did not smash any of the flowers.

After the farm we took the kids to eat at the deli and to have some ice cream.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring "Break": Part 3

Monday I went into the Dentist to have my root canal. I ended up being there for 2.5 hours. He gave me more pain medicine and told me to stay on it for the next couple of days because the infection was not better. He said that the water incident on Friday night did more harm than anything else. Even though it was stopping the pain temporarily it was causing irritation within the tooth. He said that hopefully I would feel better in a day or two.

When I got home Adam had a bunch of friends in the yard digging a trench and having a huge air soft war. Lewis went out to grab me some dinner and I went to bed.

Tuesday I had a hair appointment and got all pretty. Feeling good so far!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring "Break": Part 2

On Friday morning I left for a surprise trip to Las Vegas with my parents. They were supposed to go with friends but they had a family emergency so my dad called and invited myself and my SIL Marlo to join him and my mom for a couple of shows and some dinners and some sun. I said yes in about 1 second and we left on Friday morning. Now to refresh your memory, on Thursday I went in for a broken tooth and fond out that I had to have a root canal on a different tooth. So I was leaving for Vegas with pain meds and Motrin and the hopes that everything would be alright.

We left around 9 in the morning after a few pit stops and stopped for gas and lunch. Here is dad getting the gas:

I think he was yelling at me for taking the picture. Whatever, I have to document right? So we finished the drive and got to the hotel in time to take an hour or so to hang out at the pool before going to dinner and our first show of the weekend. Here is mom getting out of the jacuzzi:
After mom and dad played in the water and I sat in the sun for a while, I looked up and saw this:

The lady sitting next to me had the NASTIEST toes that I have ever seen! I am not sure how much you can see but I really wanted to offer her some clippers and some nail polish remover. Yuck!

We headed out to the Paris for dinner before our show. (Up until this point I was feeling fine. I had decided not to take the pain medicine and just take Motrin to keep up with the pain. So far so good.) Once we got to the Paris I started to feel a little pain and I thought it was just from all of the walking and raising my blood pressure. We sat down to eat. Here is my mom and Marlo:

and me and my dad having dinner:

By the time I ate my soup I was in quite a bit of pain, but I was still managing alright. I realised that when I would drink a sip of my water then the pain disappeared completely because no air could get to the broken filling. So I kept drinking and drinking. I think I drank 4 big glasses of water and some of my dad's cranberry juice when my glass was empty. I was very full (due to the water) and my tooth was not feeling any better unless I had water in my mouth. So we paid the bill and walked out to the car. On the way there I had to focus on my breathing knowing that I had a water bottle in the car to sip from on the way to our show. I managed to drink the whole bottle in the 2 miles it took to get to The Rat Pack. Here is mom and dad at the show. We had front row seats:

Once we got into the show and ordered out waters I found that if I put my finger on my tooth it helped almost as much as the water, by cutting off the air flow to my crack. Here we are demonstrating the tooth cover:

During the show I drank my whole water and Marlo's whole water. After the show we got to take a picture with the guys from the show. I was in so much pain at this point that I ran into the bathroom with my empty water bottle and filled it with (GASP) tap water!!!! I NEVER drink tap water, not even at home. I can't stand the taste. But at a time like this I had no other choice. I was in pain like I have never felt before (and I have four children!!!). I walked back out took the picture quickly and then ran back to the bathroom to refill my bottle for the ride in the car. I seriously felt like I might pass out from the pain. My whole body was shaking and I had no focus on what I was doing or how long I had been in the bathroom.

We go tot the car and my dad knew that I was dying so he took me to a pharmacy to get some clove oil. This is a wonderful tooth pain reliever that I have never even heard of before. My mom and I jumped out of the car and bought some and I opened it up right there on Fremont Street in the middle of the crazy-ass Friday night crowd. I ripped it open and rubbed some in my mouth and felt immediate relief.

I think that because of how far I let the pain go nothing worked for very long. Now picture this:

I was full of about 8 bottles of water in less then 3 hours, I was in so much pain, and I was running down the stairs of a parking garage to get into the hotel before I either passed out or peed my pants. I ran into the hotel, went up to the 19th floor and sprinted to my room, all the while taking sips from my bottle and holding my cheek.

I got into my hotel room, took my pain pills and filled up my water bottle with more nasty tap water. It still took about two hours to get control of the pain so that I could even lay still. We watch 50 First Dates on the TV and I finally fell asleep, but not before setting my alarm for every three hours so that I could keep up on the pain pills.

By morning I was feeling fine and I made sure to keep up on the pills for the rest of the trip.

Saturday we got up and went to a little coffee place, saw Elvis:

ate a small breakfast:

and went out to the pool:

We sat out by the pool all day. We had lunch and strawberry slushy drinks. I sat in the sun and got a brownish tint to me, Marlo got a couple of burn spots, Mom and Dad sat in the shade and mom got toasted by the sun.

After the pool time we got ready and went to see The Lion King. It was my second time seeing it, but nobody else had seen it before. I loved it just as much the second time. After the show we had a yummy dinner at Mandalay Bay and then walked the strip. We saw this:

and this:

and we saw an episode of COPS being taped. Too bad nothing interesting was going on:

We went to the M&M store to get some prizes for the kids and then headed down to the fountain so Marlo could watch. She had never seen it before:

Here we are after the show:

We took our time walking back to Mandalay Bay and saw a few fun freaky people along the way. Best of all my teeth never hurt again for the rest of the trip!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring "Break": Part 1

Last Monday I went out to dinner with my aide friends from school. It was Jen's last day, and Tori had just quit a few weeks earlier so we all wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate them moving on to something new.
A wonderful restaurant down at the mall was chosen. They have so many choices for dinner and a great dessert menu. So I ordered chicken with potatoes and asparagus spears. When I was taking my second bite of the chicken something hard broke my tooth. I can't say for sure what the hard thing was but I felt my tooth crack and then it fell off. I ran to the bathroom and saw for sure that a quarter of my #30 tooth (right bottom, 2nd from the back) not only cracked but broke off completely. I complained, got my meal comped, free dessert to take with me and then filled out a bunch of forms about how it happened and all of my personal information so that they could contact me and and pay for the damage, if any.
Tuesday came and I scheduled a 9am dentist emergency appointment. They checked out my tooth and sure enough it was too broken to fill. They had to make a crown for it. All he could do on Tuesday was file down the tooth so that it was not cutting my tongue anymore. So we scheduled me to come back on Thursday and have the tooth cleaned out and to have the crown mold made.
Thursday morning came and I went to the dentist. They started and I was feeling completely fine. Then they put in the rubber stopper thing that holds your mouth open on the opposite side while they work. As soon as I put pressure on the rubber thing excruciating pain shot through my mouth. I stopped him from working and started telling him that it hurt. He took a look and could not find anything so they took an x-ray. Sure enough the filling that I had from the time I was 17 (my first filling ever!) had cracked and the tooth was completely infected! I had felt zero pain before because I am a right side eater (I chew my food on the right side of my mouth).
The only thing he could do was wipe some numbing cream on the right side and finish having the crown mould done without the rubber stopper. When they finished he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and some pain pills. He told me to alternate the pain pills with Motrin every three hours and to take the antibiotics 3 times a day until I could have the tooth fixed. I made an appointment for the following Monday (I needed to be on the meds for 3 days before he could do the root canal).

Tomorrow; Spring "Break": Part 2 VEGAS!!!!!!!

Guess What...

Guess what I haven't done in a week?


Guess what nobody has clean?


Guess I better get to work...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Going On A Trip

Stay tuned. I am headed out tomorrow for a surprise unplanned trip! I will update daily so you all can see where I am, and what trouble I am causing!