Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jason is 11!!

Jason turned 11 last week. He did not ask for much. He wanted a $20.00 bill and some soda. So he got exactly what he asked for. In his bag he received a 2 liter of Mt. Dew (disgusting!), a card with a $20 inside, a box of Zingers, some chocolate, and a bag of beef jerky. You would have thought that he won the lottery. He was one of the happiest birthday boys ever. He had his friend spend the night and we took him to Red Robin for an adult sized burger and some free birthday cake. He really is the easiest kid ever!

The one thing that he was not thrilled about was that Abigail made him a birthday crown that he did not want to wear. He did for a minute just to make her happy. He took it off as soon as I would let him.

Jason really is one of the easiest kids I have ever met. He is sweet and lovey-dovey (which none of my other kids are). Jason is laid back and chill as long as he can play his computer games. He is always willing to help me and empty the dishwasher for his chore. 

Happy Birthday!!!
For Christmas my dad gave the granddaughters and Gabe ice skating lessons. They go once a week on Saturday and have a great time. Here are some pictures from the first lesson: 

 Haley, Rebekah, Ti, and Abigail
Rachael and Gabe were not here because we went at the wrong time the first week. Oh well. They still let the girls skate with other classes.

 Abigail waiting for instructions. She is of course wearing a nice and interesting outfit. She has a tendency to choose interesting outfits. At least she is an original!

 Abigail and Rebekah learning to get their balance when they feel like they are falling.

 Ti wishing she had gotten into the adult classes instead.

Haley "marching" across the ice.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning came bright and early, not! The kids slept in until 7:30! It was so nice. Usually on Christmas morning they are in out room at 6am. We are some lucky parents! Here they are all lined up for the annual morning in the hallway picture:

 Seven got a gift from Bella the dog. She LOVES this toy. She has been playing with it and is acting a bit "high" ever since.
 Jason loved his haul that included:
Kindle Fire
Skyrim Strategy Guide
Magnet Set
Ski Coat
 Haley received:
Kindle Fire
Microphone with Speakers
Big Fluffy Pillow
$200 Debit Card
Scope for his .22
Tripod for Filming
Slushy Maker
Shopping Cart for her Baby Doll



Mojito in his coat having a treat from Bella!

Haley wearing her new glasses. She loves them despite the fact that she does not "need" them.

Don't worry, Lewis and I were spoiled too. Lewis got a new watch and mats for his Jeep. I got a purse, coat, and an I-Pad from the kids.

Merry Christmas Mojito

Mojito got into the Christmas spirit too. Jason and I drove all over the valley to find a Christmas outfit for him to wear. The best we could do was this red "robe". He actually liked it and he wants to wear it. Just don't tell him that I think it looks like it is for a girl dog even though it was in the boy section at the store. The blue and green looked like it was for a boy, but we wanted it to be festive so we got the red.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we always head over to my parent's house for dinner and festivities. Grandma reads a story to the kids, we eat crepes, Grandpa hands out the gifts, and the Christmas story is read. Abi gets to hand out the chocolate bunnies reindeer. She loves this tradition even though it will soon be her last year. The youngest grandchild that is able hands them out to all of the grand kids. Talise will be old enough soon and she will lose her job.

This year all of the kids/spouse got the same gift. It is a radio/charger/flashlight. It is great in an emergency such as a zombie apocalypse  earthquake or flood.
The kids all got ski passes or classes for ice skating. Everyone was happy and I only had to go to the store one time :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Gardner Village Elves

I took the kids to Gardner Village with the ladies from work and their kids for a fun morning before Christmas. Well it was pretty cold and Gardner Village only did about half of the elves this year so after 40 minutes we were done. Usually we are looking and taking pictures for a long time. Here are a few of what we got:

 Abi and 2 friends in a bathtub that I am pretty sure we were not supposed to touch that was supposed to have an Elf inside taking a bath. Since it was empty we helped ourselves to a photo :)

These are all the "butts" that we took to Gardner Village. Minus VaNita, Lyndie and myself.

Here are the faces that belong to the "butts" in the previous photo.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grandpa's Tree Decorating

Every year my parents have all of the grand kids over on a Sunday afternoon to decorate the tree for them. My kids love this because I decorate the tree at home so this way they have a tree on display, even if it is not at our house. This year my dad wanted a picture for his Christmas card with all of the grand kids on the stairs. This is just my picture of the kids (minus Talise).

And one of them acting all crazy...

yes, that is as crazy as Adam gets now a days. He is a serious guy. And Jason hates pictures, on account that they take his soul and everything.

Adam did participate in the decorating this year though.

It is always a fun evening for the kids to decorate and for the adults to eat :)