Monday, May 31, 2010

Who is that sexy guy?


So I just noticed that the film of Abigail singing in her performance is actually a 1 second film of a kid next to her picking his nose! She is looking up and back at Cade her friend. Oh man. I will have to try again to load it on the blog. Until then, enjoy the little boy to the right of Abigail picking his nose!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Haley Doing Some Tricks!

NYPD Pizza

After Abigail had her year end program for Kindergarten we went out to dinner at NYPD Pizza in Draper. I know, I hate pizza, but their pizza is good. It is baked in a real pizza oven and the crust is just yummy!
So we are eating and in come 2 Utah State Troopers. Abigail starts turning around and is giggling. She tells me that she wants their autograph because they are famous. Then 2 more come in and she is about busting out of her seat. 4 celebrities! Then right as we get our pizza 3 more come in! Oh my gosh, now there are 7 of them and she is jumping up to go to the bathroom and "wash her hands" every 2 minutes. So I tell her to go and ask them if she can have her picture taken with them. They say yes of course and then she gets all shy and will not do it. I was bummed but whatever right? So as we are leaving about 5 minutes later she says to me that she is going to back up next to them and I am supposed to take her picture with them behind her. So I did. Little did she know that 3 of them heard her and turned to smile at her.

Then as we walked away they all said Goodbye Abigail! She was in heaven!!!!
Isn't it cute that she looks at police as famous celebrities that help people.
Oh to be 5 again!

She is the one in the yellow going back and forth..

Silly Monkey!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here is another couple at the SAME restaurant sitting next to each other instead of across...

Try and tell me that after dinner he did not have a crick in the neck. Seriously!!

All Aboard!

Tops are on. Bottoms in 6 months! I can't believe that I have a kid in braces!

(And one with a mustache!)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It is not everyday that your youngest graduates Kindergarten. I am so proud of her! To think about where she started, and where she is now. I was telling someone just yesterday that out of all of my children I think that she has a personality that is most like mine. Haley looks like me, but Abigail thinks and acts like me. I am still not sure of that is a good thing, or a bad. She had a wonderful program with singing and cookies with punch afterward. Thanks Sally for another wonderful year! (This is the third baby of mine that she has taught!)
Abigail is crazy, outgoing, rude, playful, loving, sweet, kind and accepting. Not to mention beautiful. I Love You!!!

My Birthday!

I turned 29 last Tuesday. Man it is hard getting old. I am not going to talk much about it except to say thanks for the best gifts in the world. First of all my wonderful husband got me a big bunch of this:

Delicious!I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting these. I know that they are a bit pricey but it is a great gift that I can share at work and with the kids afterward. It is healthy (a little chocolate is good right?) and it isn't a thing that gets forgotten about to collect dust.

The second thing that I got made me laugh and smile for hours. Remember when I wrote all about my Gobstopper obsession? Well at one point I said that I wish that I could get them by the truck load. Well my wish came true:

This was the creative thinking of a lady that I work with. I would have never thought of it. She is great. I now have enough to last the rest of the school year! Thanks Lyndie!!

I also got plenty of cards and a bit of $$ to buy myself something new. I think I need a new bag for the summer! Thanks for everything and

Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waterslide Anyone?

My new camera takes a pretty good picture. No lag at all!
On Sunday we went to Jason's friend's birthday party. They happen to have a pool, with a slide. The kids had a great time. I think I know who we will be hanging out with this summer.
But really... they were so nice to invite the whole family over for the party. Burgers, brats, and the yummiest beans that I have ever tasted. Not to mention cake, pie, fruit and treat bags for the kids. Whew! Did I mention that this was the family party? The real party is next Saturday, and yes, we are all going to that one too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One (or two) Of These Things Are Not Like The Other

Can you pick out the real girls?

Did you notice that someone took off a girl's head off and replaced it with another head?
We also made a stop at the Merry-Go-Round while we were at the mall.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kristen Got Married!

Since Kristen got married this weekend, Jess drove down from Idaho so that she could go to her wedding reception in Sandy. So Jess, Natalie* and I stopped by for a quick hello to wish her the best. Congrats K!!!! She looked beautiful. Strangely enough her and her husband kinda looked like brother and sister. Don't worry no relation, but still how will they know who their kids look like, mom or dad?

*Did you notice that Natalie is wearing navy blue tights with a black and white outfit? Crazy right?


Do you sit next to your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other when you go to dinner? If you do then I just thing that is WEIRD!!!! Seriously. How do you talk to each other? Look at these two:

They never talked or hardly looked at each other. How do you talk to each other this way? how can you enjoy your meal and being together? I get that you want to sit next to each other and have a romantic meal (at Red Robin? Whatever!!) but please. Sitting next to each other not only is a strange complicated way of eating but it looks strange too. And by the end of the night you go home with a crick in the neck.
So tell me bloggers: Do you sit next to or across on your dates?
I sit across.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Pampering

On Saturday Abi was at a birthday party, Jason was at a friend's house for the day, Adam and Lewis were napping so Haley and I went for pedicures. I chose blue:

Haley had pink with flowers:

She loves doing fun girly things with me. Whenever we go out and do something fun like this I really appreciate and realise how lucky I am to have these kids. Haley can be a handful sometimes but I think I need to focus more on the good times and less on the grumpy times. I mean, if everyone focused on the grumpy times I would not have any friends. Right guys?

She was very sweet and we had a great hour out. Just the two of us!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful. I received a ton of wonderful gifts from my kids and Lewis. As you can see I received a candy machine full of not gumballs, but it was full of Gobstoppers!!! Yea!!! Do they know me or what? And the best thing? Now if my kids want to steal my candy then they have to pay for it! Yes!
I also got a new handheld point and click camera from Lewis. I kept complaining about how my nice camera was too big to carry around in my purse so he got me a cute blue tiny one that works really well. Thanks honey!
Adam got me the newest soundtrack to Glee. It is the Madonna episode soundtrack. I would love it no matter what, but having it come from my 12 year old son that hates my kind of music, means so much to me!
Jason and Haley both planted me pots for mother's day. It was very sweet and kind. I loved it so much that I accepted the blame when the dog knocked them over to eat the plants and spread dirt all over the floor, the clean clothes and the red couch.
Abi made me a necklace at school. It was a heart with a small "diamond" in the middle. She wrote a card that said,"You are the sparkle in my heart."
I don't think that I express how much I love and appreciate being mom to these 4 kids. I know that I am blessed to have these 4 as mine. They do mean the world to me. I guess I will keep them... and the dog too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I was talking with my mom, brothers, and sis-in-law on Sunday while at my parents house for Mother's Day and somehow the conversation turns to my "disappointing" past. As we all know, 2 months after Lewis and I were married, Adam was born. Medical miracle? Maybe. Yeah, that's it.
Anyway... my mom says, "You better be grateful that your dad changed his way of thinking after you were born."
And I said, "Of course he couldn't send me away. It really doesn't matter what I did because after he met me he couldn't help but love me and accept me no matter what I do. In fact nobody can. If you meet me, you have to love me and you feel a need to be near me. I am so loved by everyone!" At this point my brother Sam makes a face at me, and I say, "Sam! You know it is true. Tell me right now that you do not love it when I am around. Tell me that I am not always fun and the life of the party." And he smiles and agrees.
Meanwhile my sis-in-law says, " Oh yes Kendra, it is all about you. It is always about you."
So I say, "Whatever. You guys know I love you."
So she says, "Yeah, yeah, we know. You love us."
Hmmmm.... do you think that she meant something by that? Do you think that she meant that I am self centered, naggy and rude? Do you think that she was saying that I love to be the center of attention, making the decisions and have everyone listening to me?

Well yes, yes I do.

On Mother's Day I was listening to the Glee Madonna disk while riding in the car with Lewis and the girls to go and see Babies at the movie theater. I must say that I could not think of a more wonderful way to spend the day. The movie was very cute. It followed 4 babies from different countries for the first year of their lives. (More about the movie in another post.) When it was over Haley immediately wanted to watch it again. Babies on Mother's Day, yeah. Good stuff.

What the hell Jazz? You almost make me want to not watch the rest of the season, no matter how short it might me. Wow! Down by 15? "Boo"zer.

There are only 18 more days in the school year. It can't come soon enough. I need the sun and some sleep which will come once summer is here. I think I can, I think I can. Right Natalie?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am Lost

I seriously almost cried when I watched Lost tonight. I think that I have become attached to these characters and when someone dies it bothers me. (My only solace is that we did not see their faces when they parted under the water and maybe someone was saving them. I know, doubtful but maybe Sayid... he was already dead.)
I have so many theories that I don't even know which one I really believe anymore. I just need it to be done. I want to DVR the last episodes and watch them all at once. All of this waiting is killing me! And where is Desmond? I don't think that he is dead. Sayid proved that he still had some good in him when he took the bomb...

So I Have This Friend....

So I have this friend... Ha! We all know when someone tells a story about a friend that it is really them. But not this time. This time it is really a friend. A friend who told me this story and wanted my opinion about the whole thing. She is upset and wanted to know how I would feel.

PERSONAL: "Suzy" is a 40 something, married, mother of 5. Lives in middle America, owns a home, eloped with her sweetheart. She has always been a "good girl" with a secret wild side. (See why we get along?) She doesn't blog, Facebook or Tweet so she will never know that I wrote this. We have known each other since elementary school, and we talk about twice a year. We are still very close but life gets in the way of keeping better contact.

BACK STORY: Suzy works full time for a major non-profit that most of us have at least heard of, if not given money too. (I tell you this so that you try to have a connection with the story.) She heads a division that serves a certain purpose, to say it helps a certain group of people. Like I said she heads the division and of course she has a boss, we will call her "Broomhilda". She is Suzy's boss but she is also the boss is over many divisions. For anyone that works middle management (or something similar) you know that usually this person (Broomhilda) doesn't know exactly what it is you do but she knows that you need to do it and she keeps on your back about getting it done (usually while watching Hulu or Facebooking all day in her office). She likes to seem like she knows what is going on, but doesn't actually want to do the work associated with it. She likes to do things her way (without knowing the right way), and she likes to, more then anything, be right.

STORY: Suzy has a project that she has been working on for almost a year. It has taken about 60 hours a week (remember she works for a non-profit so she gets paid diddly) to research, and put together her report. This project is a joint effort and she has a project admin that she answers to, but that actually works for a major corporation, outside of her office. The job this past year has included going to major corporations that she works alongside and getting information from her contacts, putting together idea boards while following federal guidelines and international laws. When she turns in the report/project, Broomhilda decides that she doesn't agree/believe what is written and decides to take it into her own hands and call Suzy's project admin. Of course the project admin tells Broomhilda exactly what Suzy wrote in the report is correct. Broomhilda gets mad and still tries to prove Suzy wrong.

THE ISSUE: Suzy is livid, to put it mildly. She feels like Broomhilda went out of her way to try and prove her wrong. Broomhilda has nothing directly related to the project but said that she felt it needed to be done. Broomhilda has done this before. She enjoys proving people wrong. So yes, this is not the first time. Some of Suzy's co-workers feel like Suzy should not be upset and she should just go on with work and forget that it ever happened. The problem is that now Suzy feels like she has lost some credibility with the other company that she works with because Broomhilda had to nose in where she felt that she needed to be but was not needed to be. Got it?

I of course told her that she has a right to feel upset. I hate when my bosses feel the need to follow up with my state rep, even when they say that they know I am doing a good job and trust my judgement. I know some people just need to hear it for themselves but in this case I think Broomhilda was just going out of her way to make Suzy look like she did not know what she was doing. (I wish I could explain more but I know too much as it is...)

I do not know if Broomhilda was left at the alter by a man 30 years ago, or maybe she really longs to be Broomhilder and doesn't have the money to the the proper "procedure" finished. But whatever it is she is a mean person that enjoys seeing others fail. Did you ever see Wanted with James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie? You remember Wes (James) and his awful boss? Well that is Broomhilda.

Maybe I have a problem with authority, but I think Suzy has a right to be mad. Hopping mad.