Tuesday, September 30, 2008

10:00pm Tuesday Night

The kids are asleep.
Lewis is asleep.
Even the cat is asleep.

Do I watch TV?
Do I read my book?
Do I clean something?

No. I feel like doing none of the above.

I need a hobby.


I need a vacation.

Monday, September 29, 2008

This just about sums up how I feel right now:

Do you know the muffin man?

The muffin man?

The muffin man.

I know the muffin man. Who lives on Drewy Lane?

She's married to the muffin man.

The muffin man?

The muffin man!!

She's married to the muffin man...

More Then Meets The Eye

Someone said when referring to their blog, "If I just wrote about my kids then it would just be Kendra's blog."


Really? Do people say, "Hey lets go read that blog about those kids" and they mean mine? Not that it hurts my feelings. I do blog about my kids. I love my kids. They are a huge part of my life. They are the majority of my life.


I am so much more then just my children. I am sorry if my blog is boring, and slow compared to say, um, yours, but I write when I can about what is going on. This is more of a journal for me to remember things then anything else. My daily life is my children.

I don't talk a bunch of religion. I don't write many poems. I do not write to make you go "WOW". I don't try and make you "see the big picture". I don't do a ton of "self promotion" either. It is just me and my keyboard spitting out the daily adventures of a lady who has 4 kids and a husband. A lady who works hard and plays hard. A lady who has 5 minutes to herself in the evening and wants to do something fun with her time.

I am:

best friend
too much t.v. watcher
"go to" person
social butterfly
party animal
family activity chair

and so much more.

When it comes to me there really is...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Go Out and Play!

We went to the park today and this is what Lewis did for half of the time:

It was National Go Outside and Play Day. So when the kids turned on the television this morning and Nickelodeon and Noggin and every other kids channel was off the air they went to the computer. And guess what? Nickelodeon and Nick Jr Online were off too! Amazing. So we went to the park instead. I think it is great they they shut down their sites (even if it was for only 3 hours) and had notes on them that sent the kids out to play. I love it.

Truth is my kids do not watch television much anymore. 3 of the kids are in school all day and Abi is at day care and they only get television if they come before 8 am, and then it is turned off and they are too busy all day to remember they want to watch it. Plus it helps it is a separate room, so they do not see it. During the summer my kids watch a lot of t.v., but they also play outside for hours, upon hours a day so I always felt it was a trade off. We went to the pool for 3 hours a day and then they would play with their friends for 3 hours a day outside and so what was the hurt of watching television for a couple of hours? I guess nothing, but I still felt guilty. Now they only watch for a very limited time. Adam and Jason watch in the morning when they wake up for 30 minutes and then in the evening they may each watch 30 minutes to an hour depending on the child. Right now they would rather come home and go outside to play with the neighbor kids. And that is what I would rather see them doing too.

Now the computer, that is another story. Jason would live on it if I let him.

Then and Now: Same Place, Different Side

March 2007:
They could barely look at the camera. They kept falling off of the poles. The pictures took 10 minutes to get done and this was the best one.
September 2008:
They all looked immediately. Everyone could hold on. And we did it in one picture, so in about 5 seconds.

A lifetime of differences in 18 months.

And I always wondered why she wakes up so often and gets into my bed every night. Look at the way she sleeps. I would wake up every night too... when I fell out of the bed and hit my head!

Adam at Scout Camp (LAST YEAR!!)

We just got these photos of Adam at scout camp from the summer of 2007. He looks so little. One is really dark but I wanted you to see how dirty he came home to me everyday.

Update Time!

Okay, so I need to update, I know. The last week of posts have been well, kinda cheap. I have been doing easy cheesy blog posts and not really working for it. So here it is. Our week in a nutshell:
chirp, chirp
cricket, cricket
Did you hear that too? Yeah. That was our week. Nothing happened. On Friday I took my parents to the airport so that they could leave for their cruise. That is it! Boring! That is why I have not updated. Nothing is going on. As soon as I can come up with something interesting I will post all about it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Okay since none of you want to come out and play I will just watch Oceans 13 for the 10th time. Goodnight!
Snore, Snore, Snoring, Snore.....
Bored, Bored, Boring, Bored.....

In Style

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My Model

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The Player

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My Baby

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My First Fact

My first personal fact:

I have been wrong only once. When I thought I made a mistake.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Quirk...

So I thought of this good one while cleaning the bathroom this evening.

I have four children so I can deal with barf, urine, mud, rotten food, feces, blood, and snot. I can clean up the grossest things imaginable. Spoiled milk, wet bed sheets, kitty litter box. Almost anything. Almost.

What I can't deal with is hair. If it is my hair I am fine. But if I find a hair that isn't mine I freak out. Long, short, blond, or black. In at a restaurant, on a chair, in my food, or in the bathtub at a hotel, it is all the same. On a park bench, in a shopping cart, or at the barber. Sick! It just gives me goosebumps and the shivers. Disgusting!!! I can't clean up hair. I once had them change all of the bedding at a hotel and re clean the bathroom because I saw 1 hair. 1 hair! And it was probably from the cleaning lady, but gross!!


Here are the rules:
Link the person who tagged you.
Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.

1. I will watch a T.V. show or movie over and over. I still watch reruns of 90210, and I have seen every episode like 5 or 6 times. I watch movies that I love over and over. Mama Mia has been seen 9 times so far, and Little Shop of Horrors about 20 times! Lewis HATES this by the way.

2. I sing and dance incessantly. I do it without even noticing too. Just tonight I was singing God Bless America at the top of my lungs and Lewis was like, "What is wrong with you? Feeling patriotic?" I did not even realise I started singing. And Adam got so tired of me breaking out into song in public I made a deal with him that if I start singing in public (which is defined as us being with more then 2 people NOT in our family and not in our house or car) I will pay him $1.00. Plus last week my boss mentioned that I could be seen doing a little dancing while listening to music in the kitchen at school. Embarrassing!

3. Even if Lewis locks the door, I have to go behind him and check. And then I check again after he is asleep when I am done watching television. And then again if I get up at night to get a drink or check on the kids.

4. I will not fold cold clothes. If they are in the dryer long enough to cool I have to turn the dryer back on and let them go around for 20 minutes. And then if I forget I have to let them go again for another 20 minutes.

5. Cooking utensils have to be placed on a disposable item when not in use. At work it needs to be a folded paper towel (never 1 layer!) and at home I use a paper plate. I don't care if it is a waste. Better yet, use a new spoon every time you stir!

6. I need to have at least 2 pillows on the bed for ME to use, but I only use one at a time. And I need my own blanket to sleep with.

I tag: Sharon, Marlo, Cris, Sam, Katie and Shannon

My Tricks and Tips

I keep reading all of your blogs that have little recipes and handmade objects featured on them. I am not "crafty" (in that way anyways!) and I do not make up little recipes of my own. (To do at home anyway. I make up things at school, for work and when I cater. But I do not do a ton of creative cooking at home because when it comes to food my kids are wimps and so is my husband.) So I have found a way to express my creativity in my own way. I have all of these little "hints" that I have either come up with or have picked up in my last 29 years. I will periodically post these as to keep up with you people.

If you slowly burn a few teaspoons of sugar and cinnamon on top of the stove it will hide unpleasant cooking odors and make you family and visitors think you've been baking all day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay! I don't like that if you start a post and then save it and finish it later it appears online in the place that you saved it!

I started my OCD post on Saturday and then did not finish it until today but it is still showing on my blog as being done on Saturday.


Saturday, September 20, 2008



1. A psychiatric disorder characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions, such as cleaning, checking, counting, or hoarding
2. anxiety disorder marked by the recurrence of intrusive or disturbing thoughts, impulses, images or ideas (obsessions) accompanied by repeated attempts to suppress these thoughts through the performance of certain irrational and ritualistic behaviors or mental acts
3. recurrent obsessional thoughts or compulsive acts

I think that we are all a little OCD. Everyone has their thing. It might be cleaning, counting, hoarding, or checking on things incessantly. I know I am a little OCD.

*If I see a spoon on the counter I HAVE to put a folded paper towel underneath it, even if it is clean. The paper towel has to be folded in half too. But I don't care if their are dirty dishes in the sink.
*I check the door locks every night even if Lewis said that he locked them. Even if they look locked I still physically try to lock them. But I leave my car unlocked to the tune of $1800.00. (That is a different post entirely.)
*I become obsessed with whatever I am doing at the time; reading a book series, a movie, shows on t.v., school and work projects; so much so that my mind doesn't want to concentrate on anything else but that thing. But when I am done with it I just drop it like a used tissue, never to think about it again. (But I multitask well so it is not as noticeable to others as it is to me.)

I have a brother who has to touch everything more then once. He would adjust the rear view mirror and then have to touch it one more time, even if it did not move. He would have a physical altercation with anyone that would not move and let him sit next to the door in the van because he NEEDED to sit there and have control of the door.

I know a guy who is so obsessed with his schedule that if there is a change, even because of a fire drill he is hysterical. He is a teacher who can't deal with a blip in the schedule. If a music class starts 2 minutes late he talks about it for days. If gym runs a minute late he is down complaining to the principal that his kids are late.

There is a guy that I work with that has to shut every door twice to be sure it is shut properly. He will shut it and then open it and shut it again. EVERY door.

I know this lady that can't throw things away to save her life. Once when her daughter was about 10, she was cleaning her room and grabbed the trash can and started digging through it. She was yelling "TRASH!!" or "NOT TRASH!!" for everything in it. A broken in half pencil without an eraser is trash to me but she had it in the non trash pile. She hordes stuff. People have to throw things out when she is not around. (And no, I was not the 10 year old.)

I know a ton more but I don't want to put anyone on here that might read about themselves and get embarrassed. I could say plenty about all of these people and their "issues", and they could say plenty about me and mine. That is not the point of this posting.

My point:
We are all a little obsessive. We are all a little compulsive. We are all a little disorderly. We are all a little crazy. We all have our "issues". So lets all try and give each other a break sometimes. Now, if you want to leave a comment about your OCD item I would love to hear that I am not the only freak out there!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


When's My Vacation?

Need to be dealt with.

Mike and Ikes,
Hair Bows,
Are cluttering my desk.

Mothers on cell phones hitting crossing guards in Draper,
Brad & Angelina,
News is never good.

Make it worth it.

This is my new song...

I sing this constantly!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Adam got this book at the book fair today at school. He is more then halfway through already. It is funny how he will read a book so fast when he wants to and take a month to read a little book when we give it to him. The book is totally cute so I am glad that he likes it. I just want him to love reading as much as I do.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day Off?

Tomorrow there is no school but I do not get a day off. I have to:

*go to parent, teacher, student conferences (3 of them) starting at 8 am
*plan out 8 months of cafeteria raffles (1 a month for the rest of the year)
*work on October menu
*do about 10 loads of laundry (I never get caught up)

What I would rather do:

*7 am: have lewis drop the kids at daycare (all of them)
*10 am: sleep in
*11 am: go out to a late breakfast
*12 pm: do some guiltless shopping with someone else's money
*2 pm: get a massage
*3:30 pm: have a nap
*5:30 pm: go to an evening sing a long of Mama Mia
*7:30 pm: have cafe rio followed by coldstone
*9 pm: blog
*11 pm: go to bed

Now that sounds like a good day off!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The more I ponder this problem, the more I think I know what happened. I hope I am wrong...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


What a Game!

You Can Dance...

Yes, Cris. I have seen it 9 times. And stop judging me. I admit I have a problem, and that is the first step. It is an addiction. A serious one. I will seek help once it is out of the theaters. Maybe. This time we took a huge group. Here is a nice pic followed by a crazy one. As we all know I need a crazy one of each group.

Yes. I am wearing a boa. How can you go to a movie based on a musical about ABBA music without a boa? You can't, period. Thanks for wearing the scarf Rachel, although you would wear that anyways. You came prepared.

We had some first timers with us so I want to send a special SHOUT OUT to them: Lyndie, Jennifer, and L.L. (hehehe). I am not sure if Bev has seen it yet so SHOUT OUT to you too! I need to send a SHOUT OUT to the cleaning crew as well. Thanks for NOT dancing with me. I had to buy my own dinner. WHATEVER!! And a SHOUT OUT to the wonderful crowd at the movie that night. Thanks for the love! Special love to Lisa for her birthday. Happy 27Th! We went to the sing a long version and had a great time. One of the two men in the audience was not thrilled by our excitement, but hey, you go to a sing a long version of a movie on a Friday night, what do you expect? And to the ladies with the 3 year old children in the front row: Don't do ladies night when the husbands won't keep the kids. It ruins it for the rest of us!

Lets go again! Make it a round 10!


Haley wanted her hair to stay curly for school one day so I got it wet in the morning and let it dry naturally. It really is curly. You would never know it was that curly on days she has it brushed out. Once it is brushed out (like it is below) after it is washed it stays pretty straight until we wash it again. Curly hair is so interesting to me because as we all know my hair is very strait.

Look What I Grew

Wow! This is a bad picture of me! So the corn that I am holding. I grew it! I did! Just wait until next year. We will have a huge crop to serve at school.
Abigail is learning to play by herself in her room. She started making forts out of her furniture. She can play quietly for about an hour at this point. I am loving it! She makes a mess but I get an hour to do chores, make dinner, use the computer or make phone calls without being interrupted. What will I do with my free time? ;)


I took Seven to the vet for some shots so that she could get shaved over Labor Day Weekend. (I told you I was really behind on my blogging...) So getting her in the crate is a chore. It takes both Lewis and myself struggling with her to get her inside and then when we get to the vet she would not come out.

I felt so bad. She was scared to death. She was being very loving though the whole thing. She kept licking my fingers and rubbing her head on my hand. The vet said it was because she wanted to feel comfortable. She was really good when she got her shots and then I took her to the Kitty Spa. Truly it is a spa. Here are the pictures of the inside.

Nicer then my doctor's office. In the waiting room they had Animal Planet on with Big Cats playing. They offered me soda or bottled water free of charge while I waited. And the wait was maybe 3 minutes. It was the best doctor's appointment I ever went to with anyone. Person or pet.


So um... like 2 weeks ago (I am very behind on blogging) Haley and I went with Jess to the mall. While there Haley got a hot dog. That's when she decided what her profession is going to be:

Just Kidding! She got the hat for free with her meal. She did enjoy wearing it though. While at the mall we also went to get her ears pierced. And she was so excited! Until she sat down in the chair. Then this happened:

Needless to say we did not get anything pierced that day. I told her I will not offer to take her again and if she asks I will say no until she is at least 12. I am NOT fighting with her sitting in the seat ever again.

Fall TV Schedule

8 pm: Two and a Half Men
9 pm: CSI Miami
11 pm: The Hills

7 pm: 90210
Biggest Loser
8 pm: Privileged

7 pm: Pushing Daisies
8 pm: Private Practice
9 pm: Dirty Sexy Money
11 pm: RW/RR Challenge

7 pm: Survivor
8 pm: Grey's Anatomy

9 pm: Numbers

7 pm: Amazing Race
Extreme Home Makeover
9 pm: True Blood

So this what I have so far. 18 hours of shows. Last year it was 25 hours. Plus once you take away the commercials (I only watch shows once they are taped so that I can skip the commercials) I will save 15 to 20 minutes with each show. Of course Lost will be added when it comes back, and October Road as well. But The Hills, and RW/RR Challenge only lasts 6 weeks so I will loose those soon. And Greek will end soon too. I did drop a few shows from last year and actually only added 2 new ones this year. I decided that I will not add anymore. Lewis thinks I am insane. He thinks I have a problem. I think TV is how I escape. I watch 90% of my shows at night after everyone is asleep. I am awake anyway. I might as well have something to do.

*Of course I may have missed one or two. Like Army Wives ends this next week so I did not add that one in. And who knows what else I forgot. I will amend the list when I have to. Like Lewis said, I have a problem...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It has been coming for some time now.
It is starting to feel bad.
The stiff neck.
I have been fighting it with Motrin and relaxation (HA!) for over a week.
If you knew me last year you know how bad it gets.
It is getting bad.
I am to the point where I can't look down or up.
I can't do this again this year...

And I need a Lemon Berry Slush.
I am buying if you can go pick them up!

The Island...

This is the WORST installment of the RW/RR Challenge yet. I have always enjoyed this show, but now it is just a joke.

On an island with no food but rice. There are no "challenges". They just choose 3 people as a group to bash it out. The winner gets to stay and the 2 losers have to beg the group to let them stay. One of the 2 losers will get thrown off the island by votes. Sound like a show you have seen before?

Maybe I am too old for MTV.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

RW/RR "The Island"

OK, I am going to bed so that I can watch RW/RR* Challenge (shout out to Courtney and Skyler at the ranch!). It starts again tonight and I need some "me" time. Don't judge me on my MTV watching. I know you all do it too...

*If you do not know what RW/RR is then please don't ask, I am embarrassed for you and for myself...

Catching Up with Random Thoughts

*I am tired, always tired

*Abi has been better at preschool, no crying for 2 days during meal time

*School is in full swing

*I have a pile of laundry that would make me blush and hide if Allison showed up

*I want to join the gym again

*Lyndie is the best employee ever

*How do you get caught up when you have to always push something back

*I am better at my job then I thought

*Jason's reading is better already

*Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant and not married, so stop being embarrassed that I was 19 and pregnant

*I want to go on a date with Lewis

*I love the smell of the rain, it smells like home to me (wherever that is)

*Girls don't like boys, girl's like cars and money

*"J" was sick today and I missed my friend

*Adam is excited to go to DC in the Spring

*Sometimes I go in my closet and lock the door to talk on the phone

*I am sorry, I had to say how I felt

*I have added 90210 and Privileged to my TV viewing schedule... embarrassing I know

*Kelly's mom is still an alcoholic

*I almost cried at school today out of compassion for a little one (I literally teared up!)

*Everyone says later... when is later

*Sometimes I lay awake at night and think about what I said during the day and think 'Oh no, that sounds like my mother'

*I am scared to get old

*I don't want to talk about things we've gone through...

*Yes I have seen it like 8 times now... I have a problem

*And I think I am going again on Friday

*I need a girls night out

*I need a girls weekend out

*Whens my vacation?
My blog! My blog!! I know, I know!!! I have so much to say and so little time to say it in. I love blogging. I get my thoughts out of my freaking' head. I really have so much to say. I have about a dozen postings ready to be typed and I have ZERO time to do it.

Don't get me wrong I love working 5 days a week... sort of. I do not think it was a mistake on my part to do so. I just wish I had a second to catch up. I want to blog, do laundry when it is light outside, see my friends, go on a date with Lewis, have lunch with my work buddies, go to Vegas, play with the kids more..... The list goes on and on. Eventually I will find a groove with this 5 day work week and get my stuff together. Until then you will have to settle for my mundane pictures and Kendra Facts. I am sorry it is not much, but at least you know that I am still here. (In fact I have started writing my own Kendra Facts!)

I am really worried that when my shows start again I am going to have to get up at 5 am to blog because I won't have anytime at night between homework and baths and reading and watching my shows...

I need more hours in a day....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Make sure and check out my photographer at http://shannonhaddenphotography.blogspot.com/

She is the best!

Couples Tag

What is his name: Lewis Adam
What is her name: Kendra Lee
How long have you been together: 10 years and 7 months
How long did you date: We still date...
How old is he: 29
Who eats more: He does
Who said I love you first: Probably me
Who is taller: He is by over a foot
Who sings better: He doesn't sing and I sing horribly, but I sing much more
Who is smarter: He is
Who does the laundry: I do
Who pays the bills: We both do
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed: Lewis
Who mows the lawn: He does
Who cooks the dinner: I do, when we cook that is
Who drives: Both of us
Who is more stubborn: Me for sure
Who kissed who first: We kissed each other
Who proposed: Nobody
Who has more friends: He does
Who has more siblings: I do
I tag: Katie, Heidi and Sharon

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye...

I got a comment on my last post. It said something about me needing to rub dirt on my girl's faces because they might get kidnapped. What she meant (just in case you do not follow Balmanno humor) was that my girls are very pretty.

Everyone thinks that their babies are gorgeous. The most beautiful in the world. We all think this. We all KNOW this is true about our own babies. We have to. It is one way that Mother Nature or God (or whatever you believe) helps us to bond to our little ones. You love them with all of your heart and you could never believe that the one you love so much is hideous.

When I was a teenager (actually starting at age 10) I would make fun of ugly babies. I know! I know! I am a horrible person. If there was an ugly baby around I would point it out, laugh, cry, make jokes, and stare. So when I got pregnant with Adam I was sure God was going to curse me with an ugly baby. I deserved it, right? After all of the pointing and laughing at the ugly babies he had to teach me a lesson. I remember crying and worrying for months until he was born. When he was born the first thing I asked the nurses was, "Is he cute?" They laughed and answered me that of course he is adorable. I did not believe them. I saw him for a brief drug hazed moment and then he was gone. When I got myself together enough to see him again I saw how gorgeous he was. But then I stopped and thought what if he really is ugly? I would never see it or believe it because he is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. It did not matter if he was hideous, I would think he was beautiful anyway.

I went through this with all 4 of my kids. Worrying that they would be not pleasant to gaze upon. Each time the nurses would assure me that my baby was beautiful. (I am sure they are told to say that to people.) And each time I agreed that they were. Now were they really pretty babies, or just mother's love made them beautiful in my eyes?

I have met many women who gushed about how beautiful their children were and then when I saw the kids I thought... "really? How can you think that?" Sometimes I still do this. In my mind of course. (Sorry! If that offends, I am just being honest.) Then I think about how I feel about my children and I understand.

Post Script:
*Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I may think my children are gorgeous, and you may not agree, and vise verse. But does it really matter how someone else feels about the beauty of your children? No it doesn't.

*But all that doesn't matter anyways because my babies are damn pretty.

Here are the only two that I am posting. The rest you will all have to wait for...
If you like them you can find Shannon my f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s photographer at her photo blog here:
She is great with kids and I love the pictures that she took.


Shannon (Sharon's sis in law, for those who keep track) took all 4 of the kids out and did their pictures last Saturday. The pics that I have seen are so cute. I can't wait to get them all. I will post one or two eventually but until then here are some of Abi that were done at her school. Notice the fake "Say Cheese!" smile in every picture. It is actually really good that they did these at her school because we have not had any done of her in almost 3 years! I like these and Abigail thinks she looks beautiful! Enjoy.