Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pumpkins and Halloween

Here are our pumpkins ready to be carved:

Abigail and Haley all dressed and ready to go:

Haley was her favorite character from Harry Potter again this year. We were very lucky this year with the kid's costumes. Haley already had this costume from last year. Here she is with her cock-eyed pumpkin. She planned it that way:

Abigail wanted to be a baby for Halloween. Easy. Here she is with her pumpkin with cute little cheeks:

Adam was Santa Clause this year for Halloween. He went to a dance at school and then on Halloween he wasn't going to get candy but his buddies convinced him that it was the right thing to do so he went. Here is his pumpkin. Don't judge us. It is not a suicide. Adam shot him so he would not become a zombie when he died...

And Jason. Oh what do I say about Jason? He did not want a costume this year. He wore regular clothes to school on party day and then on Halloween he went with his friend and they both wore sweatshirts with hoods that zip up all the way and have scary faces on them. It was the most that we could get him to do and it really might be his last year going for candy. Here is his pumpkin. He didn't know what to do so we went with a cannibal theme:

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Picking Pumpkins

First off I will say that I am not sure what he is doing with this pumpkin but I can say that it was freezing!! It was 78 degrees the day before and then 42 degrees this day and then it got back up to 76 for Halloween!

Half of the pumpkins in the patch were like this one. They were already rotten.

Here is Haley trying to hide from the freezing wind inside of a horse trailer filled with hay:

And of course the girls had to "drive" all of the classic tractors that they have on the farm for the kids to play on:

As you can see from their hair the wind was blowing so hard that we really had to hurry and get the pumpkins and pictures and get out of there. Too bad we choose the one freezing day to go get them.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Gardner Village Witches

We took the kids to Gardner Village to see the witches. This activity (just like the Thanksgiving Point one) is becoming very boring for the older kids. The girls still have a great time having their pictures taken and seeing the funny witches set up all over the place. I am going to have to find more "grown up" (but not too boring) activities for the fall for next year so the boys can have a good time too.

Abigail loved the giant pumpkin: 

They are far away but they really like this bench:

I can't remember if this picture cost me $10 or a promise to not make him come to see the witches ever again...maybe it was both.
But notice the glasses. He go them about a month ago. I think he looks handsome in them, but I'm his mom.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Haley Turned 10!!

Haley's birthday fell on a Friday this year. For her birthday she decided that instead of a party she wanted to just have a couple of friends come over and go out for dinner and a movie. Lewis was gone to a BYU game so I took the girls along with Abigail out for dinner and to the movies. These girls had a great time! It may have been her best birthday ever!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Cornbellys

In October Thanksgiving Point has a fall/Halloween set up with a company called Cornbellys. We always take the kids for one afternoon of fun. But like all other traditions we have had since we came to live in Utah, our kids are getting too old for them. This year Haley and Abi were the on;y ones that still enjoyed the whole thing. Adam and Jason are just too old for these little things. It is a bummer but I think next year I will just take the girls and hope that they can enjoy it for one more year.

Here is Hal and Abi sitting in the giant rocking chair:

Haley as a werewolf, and Abigail as a ghost:

This was a new addition to the fun. The girls raced around the track:

This is my favorite photo from that day. They just look right in these bodies :)

Jason did have one enjoying moment. He had a deep fried Twinkie with chocolate sauce. He loved it:

 Here is Lewis and Jason finishing the corn maze. The corn maze was the only thing that the boys enjoyed. Adam likes to go at night with his friends when the corn maze becomes haunted.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012


A new store just opened in Draper and we went to see what the hub bub was all about. It is basically just like Cabella's, which we aren't all that thrilled with either. Outdoor gear, clothing, dead and stuffed animals. The only thing interesting were the guns and the Ferris Wheel (for the girls). We did not ride it either because the line was at least an hour long. So we will have to ride it next time.

Abigail liked the scenes that are set up for pictures. The other kids could have cared less.

Here she is "driving" a monster truck:

This one was a scene with skunks so she is holding her nose:

This guy is right inside the front door:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Utah State Fair

I know you all thought that was a typo there. Kendra at the state fair? Never. Well yes we took the kids to the fair. The girls had been seeing commercials for the fair for weeks and they had it in their mind that it was going to be the best day ever! Well I think it was better than I expected and they might have been a little disappointed. Either way, we had a good couple of hours.

Here is a food truck. I took this picture for Adam. We watch the Food Truck Race Show on t.v and we are interested in food trucks.

Lewis of course had to eat the biggest thing he could find, a turkey leg. Sick.

I got my food and I needed a place to sit and eat so we wandered over to a comedy show. the guy looked familiar so we stayed and he was pretty funny. He looked familiar because he was on America's Got Talent (I don't watch that), Last Comic Standing (I don't watch that either) and Tosh.0 (that one I do watch!). This was by far the best part of the day!

He was very funny and he was very nice to the girls. He tried to get Abigail on stage with him but she was playing shy. He very kindly took a picture with them after the show:

Here is a strange puppet thing. He was following Jason around for a while:

Cute girls:

Abi as a baby cougar:

Petting a baby cow. The rest of us wanted nothing to do with it, but Abi loves animals:

Jason and I went into the fun house with mirrors. He loves to have his picture taken as you can see:


And Tiki shots:

Haley finally enjoying herself:

And finally the ride home. Abigail was feeling sick and tired after a long day: