Monday, January 28, 2008

Random Thoughts...

I wanted to update my blog, but I had nothing to write about so here are my random thoughts:

  • Adam is sick. He has a fever and is vomiting. YUCK!!!
  • I love hearing my kids play when they are not fighting. They are playing Hide and Seek.
  • It snowed 6 inches again today so Jason and I left school early to come home and be with Adam.
  • Why, when I am surrounded by people, do I still feel lonely?
  • Whenever it is time for me to walk into the kitchen at school to talk to the ladies I get butterflies in my stomach.
  • Someone said to me today, "What do you believe in, in this mixed up world that we live in?" I had no answer.
  • Jason needs a haircut...BAD!!!!
  • I miss my friends. (Sharon, Ann, Connie, Nancy, Katie, Ashley, Colleen, Holly, Paul, Amanda, Susan, J.J., etc. Old friends, new friends, friends that I have grown apart from, and people that I have not seen in years.)
  • The Jazz are doing better. They still need to win a ton more games to make it anywhere. They play again tonight. I hope they win.
  • My house is a mess. I need to do laundry and I need to mop. I HATE mopping!!!!
  • You want to get me a gift? Get me house cleaning service for a month, or a year. Yeah, that's a good gift.
  • I want my own house. Yeah. I want to buy a house that we will fit in as the kids grow.
  • Adam is getting so big, almost 10. He is so grown. He can make his own breakfast, lunch and dinner now. He is starting to take care of himself.
  • Jason is in 1st grade! He is a smooth operator. He is the ladies man in 1st grade. Everyone wants to be his girlfriend.
  • Haley is a giant. Sometimes I laugh when I look at her because she is so big. She is as big as Jason. When I pick her up I loose my balance because she is so big.
  • And Abigail. She is my little bug. She is growing but she is still so small. I am amazed that her mind works as much as it does. She knocks me down with the things that she says.
  • My friend was telling me today that her husband finally realized how hard it is to be a mom. He arranged for her to go away alone for 4 days (Thursday through Sunday) once every 2 months. She can go alone or take a friend. That is the best gift ever. They have been married for 15 years and have 5 kids. Maybe if I wait 5 more years and have another, never mind. Not gonna happen.
  • Speaking of being married, my 10 year anniversary is in 3 weeks. Wow! 10 years is a third of my life. I am still waiting for my honeymoon. Yeah 10 years, 4 kids and 5 jobs later.
  • And finally...Whens my vacation?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Snow, Snow and more Snow!!

It Snowed!! We got a foot of snow overnight Sunday into Monday morning. The kids had a great time playing.

The kids needed hot chocolate after they played in the snow. Look at Jason's cheeks. They were frozen!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama!!!

My job is starting to frustrate me! I am not sure what to do. I am writing an overhaul report and have some great ideas to change our programs. We do not have a very efficient program. Changing things will save money, time and stress but I do not think that what I say will make a difference to the powers that be. We have had so much DRAMA in our program since last spring. I try and try to fix it but the problems just keep coming back. Do I really need this much stress? I could drop out and quit today, but it that fair to the program? or to the school and the kids? I love my job and what I do. I am starting to learn so much and really enjoy it. There really is so much more to it then people realize. What do I do??!!

I need a vacation...

Well, when my foot heals!

I'm Back!

Well I am back from sunny California. My trip was all and nothing that I thought it would be. It was all that I thought it would be because I was able to learn a ton from the sessions and round tables. I met some amazing and inspiring people. These people really believe that we make a difference in the schools that we work with. We had some great speakers too. The conference was right along the lines of what I needed. I learned about dealing with people and stress in the workplace. I learned that I need to know what I want to accomplish before I can worry about how to get it accomplished. It was beautiful weather! I needed a few warm days. The sun, the sounds of the surf, and the air was wonderful. I went on a boat and did some whale watching. We were able to see a bunch of them. It was so much fun. I would definitely want to go again with the kids.
It was nothing that I thought it would be because on the way there I sprained my ankle and was unable to walk the whole time!!! It was crazy. I was stuck in bed for the first day. I hobbled around the rest of the time. I met some wonderful women who helped me out. So thanks to all of you. (Hopefully you all read this!)
So my "vacation" was not exactly what I thought it would be. It was long, painful, and great all at the same time. I missed my family and I missed home but, it was nice to be alone for a while too. We will see if I have a better time in St. George at my State Conference at the end of February. I will be alone there too. I do know all of the state people, so some familiar faces will be there. Hopefully it will not snow like it did last year!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When's My Vacation...SATURDAY!!!

OK so I am getting my vacation...sort of. I am going to the SNA (School Nutrition Association) Conference in Monterey, California on Saturday. It will be from Saturday until Wednesday. I know it is for work, and I am going to be busy learning about nutrition and how to work well with others, and such other important lessons (that I need to do better with) but I am going to be at a hotel...with no kids!! I will get to sleep without a kid coming in for something for the first time in um... well in a year. Abigail started getting into bed with me at 4 am every morning. And she is a crowder. When I get up and move her out, she is back in a matter of minutes. Haley wakes up to go to the bathroom, Jason has a nose bleed, etc, etc, etc. I am so excited to get to spread out and sleep without getting kicked or hit in the mouth. I am so excited to wake up with enough time to get myself ready, and not have to worry about where someones school uniform jacket was left the night before.
This is a working trip, and I am excited about some of the speakers. We get LOADS of free stuff too. All of the companies that sponsor the conference do gift bags of goodies for us to have. We also have a catered dinner at the Monterey Aquarium on the last night. Stedman Graham (Oprah's Man) will be speaking that night as well.
I hope it goes well at home. I hope Lewis doesn't have too much trouble with the kids. I hope they do something besides play computer and video games. I am sure they will go somewhere...out to eat maybe? To a play land? or Boondocks Fun center? I will miss them, but I will enjoy being away for a few days alone too.