Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fire in ST. George

Tonight I will type in red to emphasize the seriousness of this post.

The day started out weird. I was in my hotel room getting ready and the electricity went off. (I should have realized that this was a sign about what was to come for the rest of the day.) 10 minutes later it came back on. Then 10 minutes later it went back off. After this happening 3 times I got fed up and just went to sit out in the sun by the pool and read the newspaper until they could figure out the problem and get it fixed. It got fixed and we were on for the conference for the rest of the day. At about 3:45 we had a snack break hosted by The Dairy Council. They brought ice cream. So everyone is standing around the indoor pool eating their ice cream. I started talking to 2 ladies from another charter school. I set my lovely and wonderful (shameless plug www.seatbeltbags.com ) Harveys Seatbelt Bag down on the stairs. As I was in mid sentence I suddenly smelled and saw black smoke. I looked down and it was my purse. On FIRE!!! Yes on fire. I grabbed it really quick and picked it up. Underneath the bag was an exposed electrical wire. It had started my purse on fire!!! I quickly stomped the fire out while 100 other people stood around looking at me like I was a freak. The management came over when they heard me yelling, "FIRE!! FIRE!!". They called the electrician that was already at the hotel because of the electricity going out in the morning. They offered to pay for the damage. Damn strait they need to pay for the damage. All I can think about is that when you get out of the pool you walk up these stairs. What if a wet child had stepped on the wire? They could have died. Holy Crap.

So I know that Channing is never going to let me go to a conference again. Last time I went to California and sprained my foot. This time I go to ST. George and start a fire in the hotel. What next? The funny thing is I am not like this at home. I am not clumsy. I do not get hurt or anything. I have not even been sick this year. Something must come over me when I leave town.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Moment of Truth

So I was sitting in my hotel room and there was nothing on T.V. I went to rent something from a Red Box but it was empty of anything good. So I came back and started searching for something to watch.

I got to a show called 'The Moment of Truth'. The idea of the show is that the player has to answer questions honestly. So before the show the person is strapped to a lie detector and asked hundreds of questions. Then with their family and friends present they have to answer the questions. Tonight there was a woman on who was answering question after question honestly. She had nothing to hide. (Remember, her family and husband were on stage watching.) Even when the questions got to be things like "have you had sex with anyone else besides your husband since you have been married?", and when they had her Ex-boyfriend come on stage and ask her, "do you think that I am the one you should be married to?". To make the whole show she answered 17 questions honestly, just to loose all of her money with one "non-honest" answer. The question was "Do you think that you are a good person?" WHAT??? She answers honestly to everything else and then tries to say that she thinks she is a good person!?!

I must object to this show. Is America so desperate to see someone else so miserable that anything goes? Now I understand that these people choose to go on the show, and they make their own life choices, but this show can ruin lives. Having said all of this I am definitely watching this show again next week. I am as addicted to this crap as anyone else. But do not think you will ever see me on that show. I have too many skeletons in my closet.

Watch the trailer for the show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApYkmsF4bGg

St. George

So here I am at my 2ND conference of the year. This time I am at the 2008 Winter Conference at the Holiday Inn in St. George, Utah. It is definitely not the Marriott in Monterey, California but still, the bedding is nice and the room has 10!! pillows. I love pillows. The more the better. The room service and restaurant stop at 10pm. Who eats before 10? Not me. I guess I will just have to go pick up dinner every night. I have to pick it up and bring it back here. I DO NOT eat in restaurants alone. You know you see the guy by himself in the restaurant and think, 'that is so sad', in a 'he is such a loser' way. I do not want to be that 'loser'. So tonight I picked up Cafe Rio. It was delicious. So I will write more later about the conference once we are up and going to classes.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Explination about my phone

When I said that I can't live without my phone that was a huge exaggeration. Adam was so worried because I gave my cell phone number as the emergency phone to the ski instructor. Since I did not have my cell phone Adam thought that I would not know if he was hurt and dying on the mountain. That is why I went home to get the phone. Oh yeah...I also forgot his goggles and a change of socks for after lunch. It was very sunny and FREEZING today so he needed both of those. So there is my explanation.

Sitting and Waiting...

Adam is at his first day of Snowboard School. I am sitting here waiting for him. Here is how the day has gone so far...

We needed to leave at 7:45 am, to eat breakfast in the car on our way to Brighton, to get here in time to rent his gear and get to his lesson. The alarm did not go off, I had to race through a shower and get Adam up and we still did not leave until 8:15 am. It took longer to get here then I thought it would. It was sunny and nice but there was a SLOW!!! truck in front of us the whole way up the mountain. He took up the whole road even on the parts where there was a passing lane. It was ridiculous. So we got here at 9:10 when we were supposed to be here at 8:30. Since we had never been here we had no idea what we were doing. I did not want to ask anyone, and risk looking stupid. (A little side note on myself. I hate to ask for directions because every time I do I end up being right in front of the place that I am looking for.) So I did give in and ask where we needed to go for the rentals and the lessons. Of course we were right outside the door to the rentals and right next to the lessons area. Whatever.... So we rushed in and rented his stuff and went out to the lessons. We got there at 9:25...perfect timing! Then we stood around for 30 minutes waiting for the instructors to get their crap in gear. Why did we rush? Who knows. Just as I was walking away to find something to do, for the next 6 hours, I realize that I left my cell phone at home. I just can't live without my phone, so I tell Adam I am going to drive home and then come back after lessons to get him. He HATED that idea. He wanted me to drive home, get my phone and come right back before they ate lunch. Hmmm...45 minutes each way. Fine. So I did it. It made him happy.
So here I am (after a wonderful drive home and back) sitting at the lodge and waiting for him to finish (along with 20 other parents). We only have an hour left so not too bad. I hope he is enjoying himself. I know I am (enjoying myself). I have managed to finish the March menu for Channing Hall, do 2 reports for the state and read my backlog of emails. Wow! This 6 hours alone has been productive. My favorite way to spend my weekend...doing work. I am so excited for the next 5 weeks of snowboarding lessons!! (Insert sarcasm here.)
Maybe next week I will take a lesson too. Scary thought I know.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Valentines Cakes

The kids got cake kits for Valentine's Day from their grandma. I am just now getting around to posting the pictures of the cakes. Adam and Abigail wanted to make one together so we had Jason and Haley's friend come over and make the 4Th cake. They had a great time, and the cakes turned out beautiful and delicious! Everyone helped mix and bake. Then they decorated their own cakes.

This is Haley's cake.

This is Sage's Cake.

Here is Jason's cake. He did the "J" all by himself.

Here is Abigail and Adam's Cake. We called it The "A" cake. Very cute and sweet.

Abigail Being Silly!!!

Valentines Day Adventures

On Monday the 11Th of February, Haley's preschool performed at the Sandy Senior Center. They went to sing Valentine's Day songs for the "grandma's" and "grandpa's" at the senior center. She did so well. She was so cute. They sang 1 song in Spanish and 2 in sign language. They also did 1 with props and 3 or 4 other fun songs. (Jason went to the same preschool and did the same performance.)

So the night of the 13Th it snowed a foot and the wind was so bad that school was delayed for 2 hours on Valentine's Day. It was probably the one and only time we will get a delayed opening at Channing Hall. The kids of course loved it. They all had parties at school, including Haley.

As usual, Lewis and I got them each a small token for Valentine's Day from us. (We really do not go all out. I know some families that get full on gifts and stuff. We just give a little thing to say 'I Love You'.) The girls got little pink and purple porcupine stuffed animals. The boys got a pack of Pokemon Cards each. They also got a package from their Grandma and Grandpa with heart shaped candies, and cake mixes in it. Abigail waited until I was in the shower and promptly ate all of the chocolate hearts in 2 of the boxes. She then got a tummy ache. Serves her right for eating things that were not hers to have.

All in all it was a good day. The kids got a ton of chocolate and cards from their friends.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Lewis!! I love you!! Here is to 10 more years!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Abigail Brooke Frampton
07.29.04; 11 weeks & 6 days early
Provo, Utah
3 days of pain before C-Section; 1 month at hospital
3lbs; 12inches

Abigail is my baby. She is my last. I wanted another girl, and I knew we would have one. Abigail is my tiny love. She is a doll. She is my doll. Abigail is strong. She is stronger then most of us. Abigail is sweet. Abigail is loving. She doesn't know anything else. She copies everything she hears. She listens and remembers. She asks, "Are you happy with me?" She worries about everyone around her. She wants to be included. Abigail is funny. Abigail is crazy. Abi loves to play dress up and tea party. She has babies and dolls around her all of the time. She is a little mommy. When she says I love you, she really means it. She is demanding and needy. She loves to eat. She eats as much as I do. Abigail is still tiny. Abigail was named 20 minutes before birth, while I was drugged. It was the only name Lewis and I could agree on before I went into the hospital. Abi is kind. She is fun. She questions everything around her. She wants to learn and understand everything. She is friendly. She is cute. Abigail has helped me grow and accept that things can't be perfect all of the time. Abigail is a hand full. Abi is my baby. She always will be.
I love you Abigail.

Haley's my girl

Haley Madison Frampton
10.05.02; 1 Week early; water broke 2 days before planned C-Section
American Fork, Utah
4 hours of pain without meds before birth; 3 days in hospital
6lbs 12oz; 19 inches

Haley is my girl. I wanted a girl. I knew she would be a girl. Haley is beautiful. Haley can take an awesome pictue. Haley is a lot like me when I was little. She looks, walks, talks, wines, and sucks her thumb like I did. Haley is strong willed and feisty. She wants what she wants, and she wants it now. Haley can be sweet. Haley is loving. Haley is all girl. She loves pretty things. She likes to wear dresses and pretty shoes. She likes dress up and dolls. She likes ballet, and singing and dancing. Haley loves being a big girl. Haley is smart. Oh so smart. She listens and learns, and remembers so much. She is so big! She is getting so tall. She is growing up so fast. Haley looks like Jason, her brother. (People think they are twins.) Haley looks like me. Haley was the name Lewis wanted for her. I wanted Madison. So we compromised. Haley Madison sounded better then Madison Haley. Haley believes in princesses and fairy tales. I admire Haley. I wish I was more like Haley. She is sweet. She is kind. She loves animals with all her heart. She worries about everyone. Haley is wonderful. Haley makes me smile. Haley is so friendly. She can make friends anywhere, even at the grocery store. Haley is my girl.
I love you Haley.

Jason is Next

Jason Scott Frampton
1.12.01; 2 weeks early, planned C-Section
American Fork, Utah
No Labor, No Pain; 3 days in hospital
7lbs 1oz; 20 inches long
Jason is my second child. He is my love and my heartache. When Jason was born he was such a good baby. Jason slept well, and cried little. Jason still sleeps well, and cries little. Jason is just about the sweetest, most gentle, loving person on the earth. Ask anyone. No really, ask anyone. Teachers, friends, neighbors, kids at school. He kisses the girls hands. He has a special girl he wants to marry one day. We all know who it is. She is a lucky girl. Jason has so much love to give. He is kind. He is gorgeous! He has the most charming looks. He will sweep you off of your feet before you even realise he is there. Speaking of sweeping...he likes to help clean too. He does his chores and extra as soon as he can. Always willing to help. Jason is the best snuggler ever. He set his alarm for 20 min. earlier then he has to get up so he can come and snuggle with me before school . Jason looks like me. Jason looks like his dad. Lewis named Jason, I believe, after a friend. Jason has a few close friends who he really loves. He never wanders far from home. He says, "I love you more then my soul." And I think he means it, as best he can. He is my Jay-bay. He holds my heart in his hands.
I love you Jason.

I will start with Adam

Adam James Frampton
4.30.98; 3 weeks early, water broke
Newburgh, New York
40 hours of labor before C-Section; 7 days in the hospital
7 lbs; 18 inches

Adam is my oldest child. Adam is a big hearted, wonderful person. He always wants to do the right thing. If he sees iinjustice he wants to make it right. All of his friend's parents comment on how he is such a nice boy. They say he always includes the younger children in the games when he is at their houses. Adam is funny. He tells jokes and write comic books. Adam can build with Lego's for hours on end. Adam doesn't care how you look, where you live, what you wear, or how much money you have. He is friends with everyone. He is smart and honest. He gets himself up in the morning and he gets himself ready for school. He makes his own lunch. He thinks he is too big for hugs and kisses but when nobody is looking, he loves them. Adam is stubborn. Adam wants it his way or no way. Adam looks like Lewis. Adam looks like me. Adam was named after his dad. We wanted him named after Lewis. Adam is Lewis' middle name, so that worked well. When Adam was born I did not know if I would ever have other children so I gave Adam his middle name James. My favorite boys name. In Adam's 10 years (almost) he has lived in the most ghetto of houses and the nicest of houses, and did not notice a difference in them. Adam is and always has been a little adult.
I love you Adam.

Am I Boring?

Two people commented to me today that my blog is boring, and hence my life is boring too. I write what I want, and maybe my life is "boring" to some people but hell, it is my life. Tell me what is boring about:

  • 4 beautiful kids
  • a wonderful husband who not only is willing to tuck the kids in at night, but will also get me a Lemon-Berry Slush on his way home whenever I need it
  • Jazz season tickets (well this one is questionable, depending on who you are)
  • a full time job

OK, maybe I am sometimes bored with my life. But when I think about it I am lucky to have who and what I have with me everyday.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quick Update

I know the Jazz lost last night. BUT... they won tonight. Whatever. I just hope that they keep winning. My dad made the comment today that I have grown into a Jazz fan, and Lewis replied, "No, she isn't a fan. She is a critic." I do not think so. Well maybe. I guess when they pay the bills it makes me want them to win more. Then when they lose I am a bit grumpy.

Tomorrow we have tickets to take the kids to see Playhouse Disney Live at the Energy Solutions Arena ( will always be the Delta Center to me!). We were just going to take Haley and Abi but then Jason saw the ad on the internet and now he wants to go too. Lucky for me Lewis works there and has worked it out so we can all go. Well, minus Adam. He would not be caught dead at Playhouse Disney Live. He is too old for that stuff.

Lewis also got us tickets to Disney Princess on Ice. The girls are so excited. As all of you know by the time a little girl is 2 some of their favorite people in the world are the princesses. Haley and Abi are so excited. Too bad they have to wait another month until the show.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So the Jazz are #1 in the Northwest. They have won 10 in a row. Wow! We are in a very different place then we were just 2 months ago. It is funny how things turn around.

When the Jazz win, Lewis is happy. When Lewis is happy, I am happy. When I am happy, the kids are happy. Enough said.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Update for my last post

I am not trying to make this a church vs non-church thing at all. This is about my personal opinion on the picture. I know that some of the photos that Abercrombie has out are not great but they are not obscene either. I am not raising my children as "heathens" because they have seen a "butt" before that is not theirs. I want them to respect their bodies. I want them to be modest and know right from wrong, but I do not want them raised as prudes who are afraid of everything either. I could go on about art and sculpture that people think are obscene and will not let their kids see. But I for one want my children to learn about the world and all it has to offer.

Sorry about the ranting...

Obscene Material in the Mall? Or People out of Control?

OK, so maybe I am completely in the wrong here but I am putting it out there for all of you to tell me what you think.

The picture that is below was hanging in a mall in Virginia Beach. (It is the same mall that I took Adam to on a weekly basis when we lived there for 2 years. We played and rode the carousel. We had lunch and shopped with the little boys whom I nannied.) It was hanging in the window of the Abercrombie and Fitch store. People had a fit and called the police in to have the picture taken down. The store was given a ticket for "obscene material" hanging in the window of a store where minors shop. SERIOUSLY??? I think it is absurd that people threw such a fit. I have 4 kids. We go to the mall. We even go into Abercrombie. When I showed my kids each individually this picture and asked them what they thought, they each said in their own words that it looked like 4 friends getting ready to go swimming. Not even one of them freaked out about the "small area of butt" that can be seen. Not even one of them noticed it. For goodness sakes people! I see more skin then that at Dimple Dell Rec center in Sandy, Utah every time we go swimming.

Maybe I am wrong and this is a "bad" picture, but I do not think so. Let me know what you think...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Snow?

So right now it is 8pm on Sunday night and today we have already had a foot of snow. Lewis and I spent the morning shoveling the driveway and the sidewalks. Even church was canceled for our stake! But I can't get too excited because we are only half done. We are supposed to get the other half of the storm tonight during the night. I really do not want to get up and have to shovel to get out of the driveway again tomorrow.

The kids are really enjoying it though. Adam and Abi played for and hour and a half in the front yard. They dug tunnels and made forts. I got to sit in the house and watch out the front window. It was so nice.


Lewis had his birthday yesterday. We went out to dinner with my brother and his wife. It was fun. I let him play video games all day, so he had a good birthday.

Kendra, Adam, Jason, Haley, and Abi