Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are moving into our new house this week so the posts are not gonna happen! I will post again once we are set back up at home! Miss you all and come back and see me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer 2009 in 5 minutes or less!!!

I have to say that it has been a very full summer! I know that I have not lived up to my blogging promises, and I am sorry. I love blogging, it is just during the summer, life happens. So I guess I will quickly relive the summer in 5 min or less so I can get to bed before I have to get up for school. This summer I:

Went to the Grand Canyon:
Received the cutest little dog in the whole world:
Did a little karaoke:
Went to Tori's wedding:
Let the kids run the fireworks display:
Went to a good friend's wedding:
Met a REAL pirate:
My baby turned 5:
Took the kids to Thanksgiving Point:
Went to the pool a TON:
Went hiking:
Had a few pedicures:
Hung out with good friends:

And so much more!!!!

Now if only we can have this much fun the other 10 months out of the year! Thanks for a great summer everyone!!

And BEST of all, my baby turned 5!!!

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And I got to hang out on the beach for a week? (Are we naked?) ;)

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OR that I got to be a bridesmaid for one of the most beautiful brides ever?

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Did I mention that I went to Vegas this summer with some fabulous ladies???

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Girls Day Out!!

A few weeks ago Haley, Abigail and I went for a fun girls day out with their cousins Ellie and Olivia and their moms Heidi and Heather, and their grandma Allison. We went to a cute little boutique that has a little cafe inside for lunch. After lunch all 4 girls received necklaces from Allison that were bought at our FAVORITE store Bags That Fit.
After lunch and gifts (including Halloween plates for Heidi and myself from Allison THANKS!!) we walked around the store for a while and then took the girls for pedicures! After that we went to the store and Allison got everyone matching dresses for Nick's wedding. By the time we were done with all of that we were exhausted and hungry so we met the boys for a yummy dinner.

Abigail, E, O, and Haley being pampered!
Well the day went so well that the girls day out turned into a girls night in! We decided to have a slumber party. All of the girls piled into my car and we headed to our house for Beauty and the Beast and Pinocchio with popcorn and water. In the morning everyone had fun playing with Mojito before leaving early to go home.
Thanks for the fun guys! Let's do it again!!

Silver Lake

S.L. and M.R. and I took all of our kids to walk the .7 of a mile around Silver Lake the week before school started. Look at this crew! I am not sure if it gets any better then this!! We had kids that complained, but I am sure in the long run they all had a good time. Well except for the tall guy in the back. It is so hard when you get stuck doing baby stuff!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009


We ended up getting season's passes to a certain water play park that is close to our house for next year, and with that we get to go the rest of this year for free. Plus Abi can swim and go down all of the slides without me in the water which is worth way more then what I paid for a summer of fun!
We have been enjoying going as a family, and I even get in the water sometimes to the joy and delight of the kids (I usually just sit and get tan and read while they swim).
Here are some of the kids and Lewis enjoying the "big splash".

T.P. Farm

So I need to update a few summer activities but blogger is not loading pictures well tonight so I will start with this.
I took the kids to Thanksgiving Point to the farm in August. We always go once a year and they still have fun. They fed the goats, and ducks and rode the horses. Well, Adam did not ride the horses, he is um... too big, yeah that's it, he is too big....

I truly love these guys! Even when they fight they can make me smile :)

Wow. I got my butt kicked into gear by a 6 year old!

I was told twice today that I am a blogging slacker. I was seriously considering updating tonight but was feeling mentally exhausted from work today BUT then Abigail started bagging on me about never doing my "computer work" and putting the pictures up on my blog.

So here is a quick story that happened today since blogger will not let me put pictures up right now.

Abi had her kindergarten assessments today at school. I was sitting in the back of the classroom playing on my phone and filling out papers for school. The teacher came to the part where she asks Abi about rhymes.

Mrs.P: Abi, what rhymes with hat?

Abi: Rat. Oh look you have a rat hanging on the wall.

Mrs. P: Oh yes that is the mouse from If you give a Mouse a Cookie.

Abi: I LOVE that book. I have it at home.

Mrs. P: Great! Okay, what rhymes with van?

Abi: Pan.

Mrs. P.: Great job. Alright one more. What rhymes with truck?

Abi: Fu$&

Mrs. P: (turning very red with me dying laughing in the back of the room) Yes, that does rhyme. Goodness.

Me: Um.... I am totally embarrassed. I do not think she knows what she said. Um... ahhhh... ohhh...

Mrs. P: Am I totally red? Ha Ha!!

Abi: (Looking around) What? What did I do?

She had no clue.
3 hours later.....

Daddy: (in Costco after hearing the story) Abi, what rhymes with truck?

Abi: Fu$&

Me: Abi what does that mean?

Abi: I don't know, but it rhymes with truck.

Me: Abi, next time someone asks you what rhymes with truck, just say duck.

Abi: Oh yeah! I forgot that one! Hey dad! Duck!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just a very small update. I am still here and I plan on updating on a regular basis very soon. During the next 2 weeks we have:

- 2 weddings in the next 6 days
- school shopping
- school starting in 10 days
- school registration
- school kitchen to get set up
- Lewis' mom is here through the weddings
- dealing with moving into the new house issues
- cranky people to deal with
- a new phone to figure out
- a dog to train from scratch (he forgot everything while I was away)
- and much much more

I am just tired. So tired. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.

I need a vacation.