Saturday, November 29, 2008

Kendra B. 512 C.

So I have had a bunch of questions about the name that I use when I post a comment on other's blogs.
Kendra B. 512 C.
I wanted to use something that was funny from the past. I went by Kendra for a while. Then I went by Special K. I thought both of those where, well, yawn. So I remembered this one. The story is short and there is nothing funny about it, but it is a name that I went by for a while.
I lived in New York for a few years while my dad was teaching International Law to cadets at West Point Military Academy. I was a senior in high school when he started. I was dating a kid from Newburgh, NY, a city that was about 30 minutes away from West Point. I did not have a drivers license for the first 4 months we were dating, and he did not have a car to drive so we would talk on the phone for hours every night since we could not see each other every day. The problem was that this was back when you still had to pay for long distance. And since he lived over the mountain, he was long distance. His mom made him pay his part of the phone bill, so I always called him because my pops would always pay my part after I apologised a little and promised to keep better track next time (which I never did). Since we only saw each other on weekends, he would write me letters during the week and send them in the mail. (Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I LOVE getting mail. I have loved getting mail since I was about 8 years old, and I still love it to this day.) So I would get anywhere from 2 to 7 letters a week from him telling me about his daily events at school, and whatnot. Meanwhile I became friends with the mailman. His name was Wayne. Wayne the Mailman. I would wait to talk to him everyday and he would hand deliver me the mail. Everyone in my house loved Wayne. He was very friendly. Since I knew the mailman well, we decided to see how much info we would have to actually put on the letter for it to get to me. I mean, how many Kendra's were in that part of New York right? 512 C. was the number of my house so mail started coming to me addressed all kinds of ways. Wayne got in on it and always made sure that I got my mail. We would even write notes to Wayne on the outside of the envelopes so he would have a laugh too. So some of the ways mail was addressed to me:
Kendra B.
512 C.
New York, 10996
West Point, NY 10996
Chicken McNugget
512 C.
W.P., NY 10996
Among many others. So anyways, I always like Kendra B. 512 C. Marlo and my mom still call me that sometimes. So that is why I call myself this strange combo of letters and numbers.

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