Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Activities

Thursday: Trunk or Treat at the church with the neighbors. Here they are are in the car when we were all done and about to drive home.
Friday: Trick or Treating in the neighborhood. Here is Jason in his Skateboarder costume. He choose his costume about 2 minutes before the trunk or treat. He just did not care one way or the other. He ended up happy though.

Adam was a Business Traveler. He actually had a name and everything. Everyone though he was the guy from 24. You may notice that he has had a hair color change. He was going to be Adam Savage from Mythbusters so we dyed his hair, and he then changed his mind. Oh well. He looks good with the new hair color.

Abigail was Dorothy Gail from Kansas. She went through about 10 ideas and then FINALLY stayed with this one for 10 minutes and so I got her dressed.

Haley was a "Pink Pirate" thanks to help from Sheila. I was not going to buy the $30 costume that looked like it would fall apart in about 20 minutes, so she came up with a better idea that was great!

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