Saturday, November 15, 2008

Food Storage Tag

This post is one that I started a long time ago. I even had to retake the picture tonight so it was an accurate reflection of our food storage closet. My friend posted hers and I told her I would do the same, and then got busy.
For our "food storage" we use a small closet in the basement that really is too small for anything else. I guess we could hang clothes that are out of season there, but we do not really have seasonal wardrobes in our household (just ask Jason who was given shorts to wear today because"that's what you have") so that's out. I went out and bought 2 white heavy duty plastic shelves from my favorite store (NOT!!) and they are one in front of the other to maximize the depth of this strange space.
As you can see, if there is an actual emergency we are in major trouble. We have about 30 boxes of cereal, a case of applesauce, ravioli, green beans, corn and popcorn. We also have about 6 boxes of granola and fruit bars. A couple of jars of peanut butter, pudding, lots of pasta, cookies, crackers, mustard, ranch dressing and BBQ sauce top off the gourmet treats. Oh, and some sloppy joe sauce too, but the kids hate that stuff so I make it about once a year just to keep it in the rotation. In the garage we have about a case of water left and a couple boxes of fruit juice. Wow. When the earthquake comes we are gonna have to come to your house to eat!
I have a thousand excuses and reasons why I do not have more food storage. Not enough room, not enough money, not enough time, and on, and on, and on. Plus, am I really gonna use it? When and if something happens I am going to track the kids to my mom and dad's house anyways. I will not be able to carry any of that stuff. Okay, I know. That's just another excuse.
But for now, and until something changes, if you are living in this house or visiting us during an emergency it will be dry cereal on the menu. I hope you enjoy!!
I want to TAG all of you to do this one. It makes you think about what you really have to eat.

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