Saturday, November 8, 2008


As some, if not all of you know, I should be in Vegas right now. But alas, I am not. Unfortunately, I am here in Draper, at my house, doing laundry. I just looked it up and in Vegas today it will be a sunny 78 degrees. Here in Draper it is going to be a cloudy 52 degrees, with snow likely tomorrow. I am not bitter. I am not mad. I am not a pitiful, sad, depressed homebody in this situation because...

Susan and I will be leaving for Park City to stay in a condo in about 2 hours. Yes that's right people. I am making lemonade out of my lemons. Susan still wanted to do something and so did I, so we are. We are going up a little after noon, spending the afternoon doing, oh, whatever we want. Then we will have dinner, oh, wherever we want. We will not have to cut meat for anyone. We will not have to take anyone to the bathroom (except for ourselves), and we will dine in utter contentment. We will then proceed to do, oh, whatever we want.

This is all that I wanted. I have tried and tried again to go to Vegas with my girlfriends. Different groups too. It has been planned and canceled about 3 times now. Depressing, right? Well no more! I have these lofty expectations for what a vacation is. But now I will take what I can get. If it is an hour to have a pedicure, that will be my vacation. If it is going shopping alone with Lewis, that will be my vacation. Yes, I need a week in Hawaii. But for now I know I am not going to get that anytime soon, so I will take what I can get and enjoy it!

Will my trip be short? Yes. Will it be close by? Yes. Its it much deserved? Absolutely.

And tomorrow evening when I get home I will be happy to see my children. I will be happy to see my husband. I will be ready to go back to work.

Whens my vacation? Today. Today is my vacation.