Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Did It!!

Be proud. It doesn't matter if the person I voted for won or lost*, I did my duty. It was fun. I hope all of you went out and voted. Win or lose we did what was needed of us.

I had to go to 3 different places for them to find me in the system. (I only needed to vote for my local elections. I also moved since the last election so I needed to do a provisional ballot. It was a mess and then the lady on the phone in Salt Lake, at election headquarters, found me and I got where I needed to go. I went to three places and talked to a ton of nice people.) I met the nicest woman at VF Outlets. She was maybe 40. She went on and on as to how I was such a pretty girl and how I will make a beautiful bride when I am old enough.... I think she may have needed glasses. In her defence I do not wear a wedding ring so she must have just assumed. Just don't tell my kids that I am not married. They might have questions.

I ended up voting at the church just up from my house. And look who helped me...

Haley saw this picture and said, "Hey, that's the lady from the school library. Why did she get to vote cha (you)?" Thanks for the help ladies! And I hope this picture makes it to your blog too!!

*I never lose...

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Shannon said...

YAY for VOTING!!!!!