Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes (Wo)Man

Why do I do this to myself???
I am just trying to be nice. I am just trying to help. I must have a deep down emotional issue or something.
Today I offered to help the 6th grade mom's figure out what to do about their Holiday Party. They wanted to order cookies from me for the kids to decorate and it was too late to add to our order so I thought of a great plan. I could make them cupcakes. Easy right? Sure. Well I am just finding out now at 6:33 that they want me to do it. I am happy to help. I want to help.
No, I am a glutton for punishment.
I need to make 8 dozen cupcakes by noon. NOON. And I have to work tomorrow. Now this is considered working so I am going to do it tomorrow at the school. I can make them all at once, really fast in my huge oven. But I still need to go shopping and get all of the crap to make these cupcakes. I also have to help Lyndie pack the lunches and deliver them to the classrooms in the morning. Yea! I still have to enter in lunch money and get a deposit ready for the bank. I need to print over dues and send them in the mail. I need to do laundry. I need to pack for our trip. I need to sleep for 3 days straight because I am sick. I need to shop for my children's Christmas gifts. I need to sit in the corner, with my thumb in my mouth and rock back and forth, forth and back, back and forth....
Will I get everything done? Of course I will. For I am the Yes (Wo)Man. It is physically impossible for me to say NO. I am the helper of helpfulness. I am the cooker of cupcakes. I am the depositor or deposits. I am the packer of the lunches. I am the helper of the helpless. I launder with the best. I am the printer of printers. I can pack for an army to go into battle in 20 minutes or less. Sleep? Ha-Ha!! I laugh at the thought of sleep. I spit in sleep's face! I do not need sleep! For I am the Yes (Wo)Man!
I am wasting time.
I needed to blog it out. So I did.

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Diana Croshaw said...

I understand you, I do. I have to say, though, that lately, I've been doing MUCH better at this. No guilt whatsoever about buying cookies from Reams to take to the stupid ward Christmas party tonight. Sorry you got stuck with so much to do right before leaving town. Good luck!