Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Seaport Village (Tuesday 23)

On Tuesday after a quick breakfast of donuts and juice from Target, we headed to Seaport Village to meet up with everyone. My brother Sam and his kids, along with my sister Angel were meeting us there. They left 2 days later then we did because Angel did not fly in from New York until Sunday night, and Sam had to work on Monday. My grandma and uncle were meeting us there as well. It was sunny and warm, again, except for the wind. I love Seaport Village. Growing up our family used to drive to San Diego during the summer to visit my grandparents. We always went to Seaport Village to ride the carousel and eat ice cream. Even when I went to San Diego for my Spring Break when I was 18 I went and did those things with my friend Colleen :)

While we were there I made a a deal with Jason that if he smiled for all of the pictures during the vacation I would give him $5 to spend at Disneyland. For those who know him, you know he is funny about pictures. But offering money worked! He started smiling immediately.

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