Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ouchy Olives

We left San Diego after lunch on Tuesday and headed up to Anaheim. The traffic was light so we were able to get there very quickly. While waiting for our hotel rooms to be cleaned, so we could get inside, the kids decided to go swimming. People all around us were wearing scarves and gloves with jackets and here we are swimming in the pool. It was 64 degrees and sunny. They thought we were insane. Now, I personally kept to the hot tub, but the kids and Lewis were back and forth. Once we were done swimming and had checked in, we all left for dinner. We finally got to the Olive Garden, after a set of really BAD directions and were seated within 30 minutes. Which I think is a great feat for a party of 17. Yes, our numbers rose with the addition of Angel, and Sam with his kids. As we were sitting down Adam got his fingers crunched by Abigail's chair so he was less then happy during the whole meal. Unfortunate because it was delicious!!

Notice Jason is still smiling? He really wanted that $5!

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