Wednesday, December 31, 2008

From Primm to San Diego (Monday 22nd)

Adam looks excited, huh?
We passed the largest thermometer in the world and Lewis would not stop so I had to take a picture of it through the window. Isn't that what you do on family vacations? Stop and look at the big balls of sting, and the largest thermometer? Whatever.

We got to San Diego just in time for lunch so we stopped at:

or better known to our kids as Barf in the Box. (The last time I ate here it was the year that they found tainted meat, and everyone got sick from it. Yea, like 20 years ago.) It was raining and the kids were tired of being in the car so they got out to eat. After this we headed to our hotel for the night. We unpacked and went to see my grandma and uncle. We did not stay long. (Once Abigail broke one of the vertical blinds it was time to go. In all seriousness they were well behaved. They sat on the couch and watch television the whole time.) We went back to the hotel to get everyone else and we all went to:

for dinner. It was a short wait which was good for everyone. We got a table by the televisions so that the men could watch the Bears win the football game. (Some of us do still consider Chicago the place that we grew up. Maybe because we lived there the longest of anywhere our whole lives... until Utah that is.)

My kids hit the jackpot on tickets so they were able to get a ton of stuff. Just what we wanted and needed, more crap to haul home. There were tons of kids and family there having fun. Mostly it was giant family Christmas parties hanging out watching the game while the kids ran around. It was a ton of fun for everyone.

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