Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Activity #3 (Adult Only)

Every year Lewis and I go out to eat and to an activity with just the adults in my family at Christmas time. Last year it was a fancy restaurant followed by great seats at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert. Then another time we had a nice dinner at the Little America. Usually it is Lewis and myself, dad, mom, Cris, Marlo, Sam, Danny, Jessie, Angel (depending on who is in town and who is gone). This year since we are traveling for Christmas I think everyone forgot about doing the "Adult Only" activity. (And yes, we do call it that, and people do look at us funny.) So this past Saturday Lewis and I went out with Cris and Marlo to lunch and a movie. Lunch was Red Robin, a far cry from all of the past eateries, yet still yummy and satisfying. Then we went to see Four Christmases. Very funny. If you are from a divorced family or have a mixed family in anyway, you will laugh and appreciate this movie. Especially the part where... well if you want to know then you need to go and see it. It was not exactly the same as our other "Adult Only" activities but it was fun anyways. We will have to plan a really good one for next year.

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