Saturday, December 6, 2008

It Has Begun...

This week Abigail's school had a "special" visitor come. She was so excited. That morning I dropped the other kids off at school and then took her to her school. I then went to the doctor (post coming). I had to be back at her school at 5:30 in the evening to actually take her to see him. {Haley wanted to go with me so she could see him too, but she was at a friend's house when I had to leave. Apparently she cried and cried. She needed to sit on his lap too. So I will just have to take her to the mall later in the month.} Abigail was so excited and well behaved while waiting in line to sit on his lap. She kept saying, "He is really here! Mom! He is here!" It was the cutest thing. She told him she had be "kinda good". At least she is honest :) She then told him that she wanted a toy bunny rabbit and a toy carrot for the bunny to eat. Hopefully he can get that into her stocking for her. She got a candy cane and we were on our way.
Seeing her sitting on his lap really made me realize that Christmas is coming. The year has gone by so fast. The whole month of November came and went in a flash. And now we have only 2 weeks left in school before Holiday Break. Between now and Christmas I want to get so many activities in with the kids. I want to go to Gardener's Village and see the elves, do the Thanksgiving Point light show, and go to Temple Square and see the lights. Plus Haley still needs to see Santa. Luckily I do not have shopping to do, so I think that is the only thing that is saving me, time wise. I really love this no family presents deal. So far nobody is breaking down and crying. Everyone is just excited for our vacation. Hopefully it will last and Disneyland will be enough for them this year.
I guess it happens to all mom's at some point in their lives. I always said that it wouldn't happen to me. But now it has. When asked, "What do you want for Christmas?" The answer is, "For my children to be happy and not fight."

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