Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decorating The Tree

This one is a little late since we decorated the tree the week of Thanksgiving. I think it was actually the Monday of that week. Thanksgiving was so late this year that I could not wait. We usually put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but I was in a hurry this year. I handed out the decorations, Lewis took the pictures, and the kids did the decorating.
We had to get a new tree this year. We threw out our old tree last year because 'it had a light that won't light on one side'. So we went and got the cheapest little tree that we could find, which is harder then you would think. We went to every store imaginable. The little trees are just as much as the big ones. So we settled on this $35.00 number from my favorite store... NOT!! Since we are not doing gifts this year we did not really want to go all out on the tree either. It only has to work for this year and then it can become the "kid's tree" and we will put it in the basement for them to decorate. We will get a nicer one next year for the front room. The kid's did a great job on the decorations. I usually have to move most of the ornaments to make the tree look even, but this year they did really well. I still have to add the bows, but I have been sick (another post) so I have not done that yet. I will post pictures of the actual tree when it is all done.
Jason yelling for joy.
Abi getting the job done.
Look at me!!
Midget version of Adam.
Stop taking my picture! *Notice he lost his front tooth!*
Working together very nicely.
Haley finally working.

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Diana Croshaw said...

way to get the tree decorated. We also got a new 'hand-me-down' tree this year from my sister. Thankfully she gave us the lights for it too. The thing is so stinkin big I only had energy to put the lights on it so far. So we have a lit, but otherwise nekkid tree! Maybe I'll follow your lead and just hand the ornaments over to my boys and let them get it done... only problem, they can only reach the lower half!