Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lemon-Berry Slush

I am sitting here blogging and drinking my lovely Lemon-Berry Slush. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and guess what? I have a sinus infection! Imagine that! It is the fall in Utah, and what happens in the fall in Utah? I get at least 1 sinus infection. Usually more then 1, courtesy of the wonderful Salt Lake County inversion. (Some of you may remember the 2006 infection. I did not have a regular voice for about 3 months. As soon as I would get the infection gone, it would come back and I would get even worse. I lived on my wonderful L-B Slush for about 3 months. I could barely eat and all I wanted was my drink. My voice was sexy though. I sounded like a man who had been smoking for 50 years. And singing in the kitchen all day long. No wonder "M" hates my guts to this day!)

I started to feel sick the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My voice had already been harsh for about 2 or 3 weeks. I even debated about calling in sick on last Wednesday but I thought that I was being overly cautious and I went to work. Thanksgiving weekend was a blurry, stuffy 4 days. I was hoping for a cold but on Monday when I could not hear from my left ear because of the pressure and had my head feeling like it weighed 50 pounds I gave up. I knew I needed a doctor so on Tuesday I went in first thing. The doctor looked into my left ear and saw 4 bubbles of liquid. Nice. He wondered why I was not screaming in agony. Oh I just felt like I was under water. He was impressed because it looked so bad that most people would have gone to the ER. I just do not have sensitive ears. I am lucky. Then he looked into my right ear. As he did, he pulled down on the lobe a little, and a bubble of liquid popped and I felt a hot, searing, shooting pain go strait through my head. I screamed. Loudly. He then he told me that I was feeling the pain he was telling me about it.
*To all of you who get ear infections, I am so sorry. I will be more sympathetic next time. I had no idea that it hurt so bad. And to my children, Mommy will not tell you to stop crying next time your ears hurt. Ouch!*
He then looked in my throat and in my nose. Yes, I had the sinus thing and maybe double ear infections brewing. SWEET!! So he faxed in my prescription for CEFDINIR to Walgreen's. It would take care of everything at once.
Aren't they pretty? He wanted to give me something stronger then usual because I sometimes have to go on the medicine twice to get rid of my sinus infections. (They have even given me shots to get the antibiotic in my system quickly.) This way I can be cleared up in just one 10 day dose. So I sat at Walgreen's for about 40 minutes (they were about 2 hours behind and about 20 really old people were standing around waiting) and my meds were not ready yet so I went home and sent Lewis to get them after work.
It is now Saturday night and I am still not feeling 100%. I am tired and coughing a little but my ears have popped several times this past week sending shooting pains in my head, including once while I was working the lunch computer. I did scream then too and scared a couple of the kids. Lyndie just smiled because she knew exactly what happened. I still can't hear from the left side but overall it is much better.
Hopefully by Monday I will feel like myself. Until then, it will me and my Lemon-Berry Slush waiting for the voice to return so I can sing and sing for Lyndie. Well, I will sing anyway... just don't hate me for it!

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Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Oh, this sucks so bad. I hope you are feeling better now. I know how bad it can be!! I had it so bad one time that the dr said my ear drums were almost black! I didn't even know that was possible.