Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Activity #5 (Haley and Mom only) Plus Snow

After school on Friday the 19th, Haley and I went with a bunch of friends to eat at Red Robin. We went with Susan and her boys, Rebecka and her kids (her hubby came right at the end and ate leftovers), Lindsey and her son, and Sheryl and her girls. Whew.... that is a lot of people. I did invite my other kids, but they were all Scroogy and did not want to go.) Haley had a good time hanging with "the big girls". After dinner we went to see Despereaux. I liked it to spite the fact it was nothing like the book.
During the evening while we were eating and watching the movie the snow was falling like crazy. Abigail got a few minutes in it even though it was freezing out! She loves to play in it no matter the temperature.

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