Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fire in ST. George

Tonight I will type in red to emphasize the seriousness of this post.

The day started out weird. I was in my hotel room getting ready and the electricity went off. (I should have realized that this was a sign about what was to come for the rest of the day.) 10 minutes later it came back on. Then 10 minutes later it went back off. After this happening 3 times I got fed up and just went to sit out in the sun by the pool and read the newspaper until they could figure out the problem and get it fixed. It got fixed and we were on for the conference for the rest of the day. At about 3:45 we had a snack break hosted by The Dairy Council. They brought ice cream. So everyone is standing around the indoor pool eating their ice cream. I started talking to 2 ladies from another charter school. I set my lovely and wonderful (shameless plug www.seatbeltbags.com ) Harveys Seatbelt Bag down on the stairs. As I was in mid sentence I suddenly smelled and saw black smoke. I looked down and it was my purse. On FIRE!!! Yes on fire. I grabbed it really quick and picked it up. Underneath the bag was an exposed electrical wire. It had started my purse on fire!!! I quickly stomped the fire out while 100 other people stood around looking at me like I was a freak. The management came over when they heard me yelling, "FIRE!! FIRE!!". They called the electrician that was already at the hotel because of the electricity going out in the morning. They offered to pay for the damage. Damn strait they need to pay for the damage. All I can think about is that when you get out of the pool you walk up these stairs. What if a wet child had stepped on the wire? They could have died. Holy Crap.

So I know that Channing is never going to let me go to a conference again. Last time I went to California and sprained my foot. This time I go to ST. George and start a fire in the hotel. What next? The funny thing is I am not like this at home. I am not clumsy. I do not get hurt or anything. I have not even been sick this year. Something must come over me when I leave town.

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