Monday, November 8, 2010

White on White Gala

So Wednesday night was the final event. It was a White on White Gala where everything was white and everyone was supposed to wear white. When people complained about the white Infor changed it to Light on Light but I already had our outfits so we just wore white (as did most of the other attendees). As they were setting up we sat on the balcony and watched. The people at the Hilton in Cabo are like a well oiled machine. It was like clockwork. The tables and chairs outside in the reception area were all set up and it looked great. The people working the event were all in black suits and they had a meeting right before.

Here I am all ready and waiting to go down to the party:

As we walked down to the tent on the beach there was a spot where they had photographers taking couple photos that will be sent to us in a few weeks. There was also the opportunity to take a photo with the outgoing CEO, but since we did that last year we just went right on by this year. We got down to the "reception" area met up with the people from Lewis' office. Here we are all looking wonderful in white (except for me, I look strange):

Here is the inside of the tent:

Here is Lewis' recognition from Infor:

My nasty dinner that looked like the lobster was bleeding, the steak was really good though:

Fireworks to end the night:

Picture of some of the Utah crew:

Our feet; my shoes are the lovely blue ones:

Here we are on the beach for "after" photos:

This is the whole Crew, minus four (I think):

After we left and went back to our room the party raged on for two more hours as you can see from our balcony.

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Jessica Stark said...

Ok, I am so jealous! I want your life. All of these fancy trips! Now I'll just be strapped down with child. He he!