Friday, November 5, 2010

TuesDay and Night

On Tuesday we went snorkeling with a bunch of the Infor people. We went out by Lands End to see the arch and then out to swim with the fish!

The boat was going in circles so I missed getting myself with the arch but this wasn't the last time out there...


After snorkeling and lunch we went back to the hotel and went down to the pool. Lewis took a nap and I took in some sun and then went into the water for a while when he woke up. Here we are at the infinity edge:

That night was a free night for dinner so we went into town at 6 with a couple of couples for a little shopping and dinner. We saw this nice place:

HA!!!! No freaking way we ate there. I just took a picture. We ate on the pier at Alexanders. It was nice and air conditioned. Plus the guys could watch the games that were on. After dinner we went to look for a party. We went to Cabo Wabo and The Giggling Marlin. Here we are at Cabo Wabo:

And outside the Marlin. I love how the sign says:
If our food, drinks, and service aren't up to your standards, please lower your standards.
With it being Tuesday most of the places were dead so we headed home to the hotel and hung out by the pool until 1:30. When we got back to our room we had a Talvera tray with a gift card for a Mercado (Artisan Market) that they were setting up in the ballroom the next day. We had $250 to buy whatever we wanted out of jewelry, linens, artwork, and much more. Again most of the stuff was for the ladies. I bought these:
and this:

along with necklaces for my girls. I did not get a picture of my tray, and it is already put away, sorry :(

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

ooo HOW FUN! I went to Cabo on part of my honeymoon... I LOVE IT THERE! Great pics :)