Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last But Not Least

On our last day in Cabo we got up fairly early and went out for a walk around the grounds and out on the beach. Here is the beautiful pool and swim up bar that we ordered food at everyday. They had a big stone pizza oven so that I could have fresh made pizza. And as we know, fresh pizza in the stone oven is the only kind that I like, so I was in heaven!!!!

These are the cabanas on the beach with chairs and table service. I only sat there for a minute because as we all know, I love the beach but not the sand, so I sat at the pool and looked out over the beach everyday instead.
Here is my sexy husband walking on the beach before breakfast on our last day.

After breakfast we decided to go back to the room and pack up most of our stuff and we were just hanging out trying to decide what to do for the day. We had a good five hours before we had to catch the bus to the airport. We decided that we would go and hang out at the pool. So we got all dressed and ready and headed out to the pool where we ran into a guy from his work and his wife and they were going to take the city bus into town and get a water taxi out to the Lovers/Divorced Beach area, so we decided to go with them. We got into town and found a taxi and headed out. It was a glass bottom boat so we could see all of these guys on the ride:

Here is a picture of a famous cave where 2 people go in and 3 people come out... I will let all of you figure out exactly what I am talking about. Oh, you want to know if we went in, well that is my secret now isn't it!!

We had the driver go out by the arch so that we could get some nice close up pictures of it since when we were on the snorkeling trip we did not get many good shots.

We also had him take a picture of all four of us. By the way this couple that we were with has a 4 month old baby at home!! Crazy!!! I know she was dying to get home and see her baby by the last day.

So we landed on the shore and all of these guys wanted to help us off of the boat. They take your bags and they help you off onto shore... and then they expect some money for helping you and they do not want to give you back your stuff until you give them some money. So Lewis digs into his pocket and grabs the change and gives it to the guy and the guy gets mad that in the mix there is a penny. He wants to know what the heck he is supposed to do with that. So I just grab my bag and trot up the sand. The boat driver later told me that those guys make more money in a day then I do!
So here are the boys on the Divorce Beach side:

After about an hour we took the taxi back to shore, had some ice cream and then took a bus back to the hotel. We showered, packed the last little bits and caught the bus to the airport to come home. We had an amazing time. We never felt in danger or in trouble. We had a great group of people that went with us so it was very fun.
Now do you want to know where the trip is next year? Well, too bad! I will tell you if we make it!!! (Which is a story all to itself)
By the way here are some pictures of the gifts that we received the last night in Cabo. They gave us a silver picture frame with a picture of us in it that was taken on the second night at the "Club Infor", and a photo book all about Cabo.

I took a side view of the frame so that you could see the curvature to it and so that you would not have to see that picture, it is really not that great. I will have to put a different picture in the frame that I took while we were there. Or maybe when we get the pictures back from the last night at the Gala.
Well... until next year Adios my friends!!!

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