Monday, November 1, 2010

Airport, Tickets, and Luggage

We left on Sunday morning fairly early due to the fact that on Friday we got an email from Lewis' work saying that even though we had tickets on the flight that the airline would not give us seats until we got to the gate because they had oversold the flight. Oh great, exactly what we wanted to hear. So we left in the AM and got to the airport about two hours early. Checked the bags and then found the gate. There was nobody at the gate yet and when we asked we were told to come back 75 minutes before the flight to get our seats assigned. We thought that we had time so we walked down to eat breakfast with another couple that was going on the trip.

When we got back to the gate at exactly 75 minutes until takeoff everyone was like, "Where have you been? We have been looking for you." Then the lady at the counter tells us that we have the last two seats on the flight and if we were 5 minutes later they would have given them away! How lucky are we??

Once we got to Mexico they had a bus there waiting for us so that we would not have to talk to the time share guys and we headed straight out to the Hilton or otherwise renamed The "Mansion de Inforian" or The Infor Mansion. They re-branded everything from the coasters, to the water bottles, to the menus at the restaurants. Either Infor paid a butt load of cash or Hilton does this a lot and they have it down pat. It was amazing either way. Here is a picture of the Hotel name over the pool.
The only casualty on the way there was my suitcase. It got chewed up on the ride over and had holes all over it. All of the zippers were missing and basically the bag was destroyed. But luckily enough everything was still inside because there is an inner liner that was not punctured at all!! At least my bag wasn't lost!

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