Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monday Night

Monday night they bussed us out to Land's End for a dinner at a country club on the beach. At first we were brought to the Corral (the only thing that it can be called) and I thought no freaking way. There was this donkey mule thing, I think it was actually a burro, that we had a picture with... right before it tried to bite me! People were feeding it beer and it was mad that I did not have one to pour in his mouth. All I have to say is that it is a good thing that I can move my arm fast!

We had to walk a little ways down the beach to get to dinner and they had a carpet set out for us to walk on. It was all very well done.
Once we got there we could see that the country club had also been renamed in honour of Infor. They had professional dancers and everything.

Just some of the seating by the pool

The pool

L to R:
Lance, Jodi, Ross, Tammy, Lewis and Me
We were on the stairs so Lewis looks short although he dwarfs both of these other guys IRL. Below is a picture of the dance floor from the stairs. We did not stay and dance although I would have if anyone wanted too. Everyone had long days in the sun and both Lewis and I had barely slept the first night. I never sleep well the first night that we are somewhere, so we went back to the hotel and Lewis was asleep by 11:30 and I wasn't too far behind at 1 after playing on the computer and watching some television.

Oh yeah!!!! Before bed we did get our nightly gift. It was a Pewter platter with a bowl and spoon with salsa and chips. I am very excited to use it.

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