Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunday Night

Is anyone else sick of me talking about this day yet? I feel like Sunday went on forever. Or maybe I just took more pictures on the first day, either way this is what? the 4th post about this day that we were only there for what 7 hours? Anyway I better finish it before I make myself sick.
So after a dinner of Chicken or shrimp tortilla soup (yummy!) and a buffet of meats, fish, veggies and desserts we were able to play with a green screen. They had this company at the resort for us to be "bobble heads" and lip sync to a list of songs. They taped and made DVDs for us of each song that we did. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Now if you work with me or know me very well at all you know that I love music and I will sing and dance all day long if I can. So this was the perfect activity for me. I talked some of the other wives into joining me and we did Barbie Girl. We were so good! It was our first one of the night and it was the best one that anyone did all night. Here we are getting set up. Left to Right is Tammy, Kendra, and Courtney.

Yes I was in the middle! As you all know I do not like to be the center of attention at all but since it was my idea, and I picked the song, and knew all of the words I had to be front and center. It is a shame that I can't show you the videos because I can't get it to download onto my laptop. If I ever figure it out I will post it. It was so good!! Here is Ross' wife Tammy. We had so much fun singing 3 songs together. We did not only Barbie Girl, but also Lady Marmalade with Lance (a guy Lewis works with) and I Will Survive with Jodi (Lance's wife from the Lady M. song).

Now if you do want to see the videos, I have them at home. Just come on over or ask me to bring them with. They are worth a look.

So when the videos were shut down Lewis and I ran (well I ran) up to the room to see what our gift was for Sunday night. See, the gifts are really for the wives and guests. (The CEO admitted it on the last night.) Anyhow I got into the room and this is what we saw:

If you can't see all of it I will tell you what we got. A pool/beach bag (awesome because I don't have one and I did not bring anything for the pool and beach), chap stick, a pre-stamped post card for the kids (which still has not come...), some treats to eat in the hotel room, 2 pairs of Maui Jim Sunglasses (to be picked out for ourselves the next day) with cases, aloe gel, and a big ass bottle of sunscreen. Yes, that is right sunscreen. And I had just spent $24.00 on a tiny spray bottle of sunscreen not more then 4 hours before. Nice. Oh well, no returns in Mexico! Needless to say but we had plenty of sunscreen for the trip, and everyone had a great laugh the next day talking about the famous expensive sunscreen.
BTW: We got our sunglasses the next day and I just happen to pick out the expensive pair worth over $300. Hmmm, usually my taste is not so expensive...

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