Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunscreen? I was supposed to remember sunscreen?

After checking in, getting our spending money... oh! I mean food money ($50 - $100 a meal), confirming our activities for the trip and setting our carry on luggage in the room we headed out to the main lobby/restaurant area to grab a little lunch since we were starving. While there we eating with some of the other couples from his office we somehow starting talking about sunscreen.
I thought that I was so set. I thought that I had packed everything and that I was ready. No. I forgot sunscreen. So after we ate we walked down to the "Deli" and got some sunscreen. We paid with one of our $$$ cards that they provided and I thought wow, that was a little expensive. Um yeah. When we looked at the receipt we realized that we had just paid $24 for this:

At first I was mad but then we laughed and decided that not having a sunburn was totally worth $24.00.
And you think that is the end of the story? Well it is not. Because as most of you know (from reading about last year in Italy) we get gifts each night at Club. But in case you did not read last year's blog I can remind you. Each night while we are out having dinner and doing the nightly activity people are turning down our beds and and leaving gifts for us. My next post will be about our dinner, activities, and gifts from Sunday night.

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