Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Picture Problem

As you can see I fixed the picture problem... temporarily. I had to go on and delete some photos so that I could load more on. I need to just pay the $20 for the year and upgrade to the ton of storage. I am sure that is what I will do. My other option is to have the first year of my blog bound into a book, which I wanted to do anyway, but have not gotten around to doing. Most likely I will do both, but maybe not until summer time, when I have more "free" time. (But as we all know, when you have 4 kids, your times is never free.) But until then, I will have to try and refrain from using pictures on each post, even though I am morally opposed to it.

1 comment:

reddirtgirl said...

Does this mean we don't get a picture of the violent vomiting?( I couldn't resist:)