Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday Night

After dinner on Friday night Adam, Haley and I went back to California Adventure with my dad, and Cris, Marlo, and Ti to ride a ride and watch the light parade. This is the same parade that we used to watch when we came to Disneyland when we were young.

Pete said hello at Haley and she was thrilled!

The last thing that we did before we left for good was get a Mickey pretzel. They are delicious and they come with cheese sauce for dipping.

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Mark and Jill Frampton said...

Happy New Years!
Overall it looks like you had a good time. We were thinking of you and when it was raining in CA, it was snowing it's butt off in SLC.
We missed seeing you guys with Grandma Healy. We are getting back into the swing of things with work and I'm sure you are with school and work.
You really do an awesome job with your blog, it's fun to read and see the photos. I need to get going on my stuff, I haven't got on the computer much through the holidays. Look forward to hearing from you, tell Lewis to let me know when he going to a Jazz game?
Keep in touch.