Sunday, January 11, 2009

I know that I have not posted much lately, except for the vacation posts, but my space on Blogger is full so I can't put anymore pictures on. I am working on a solution as I type, so that I can keep blogging.
I feel like a post without a picture, is like a wedding without a groom, or a junkie without his drugs, or a suit without a button (get where I got those??).
Anyways I am trying to fix it.


Mama Cher, Ok, fine, it's Sharon said...

Did you figure it out? I know you can buy more space...

This is exactly why I shrink my pics in photoshop. It's an extra step but saves tons of space.

Kendra B. 512 C. said...

I figured it out. I had to delete some pictures. But for some reason all of the pictures that I deleated on my computer are still on the google so I will just have to go through and delete the ones that I do not like.

I am also going to just pay the $20 to store my pics online instead of on my computer.