Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got Milk?

Tomorrow morning I am taking Abigail to see an allergy specialist from her pediatrician's practice. Abigail has, what we think, is a severe allergy to milk. When we got home from Disneyland we noticed that her nose was still runny (she had been sick for over a month), she was almost not breathing at night because of congestion and phlegm, her cough was horrible, she still had a low grade fever, bad cramps, and she was VIOLENTLY vomiting everyday. (The rest of us had colds but by the time we got back everyone was better, except for Abi.) Once she vomited she would be fine... usually. We finally figured out the trigger to the vomit. On New Year's Eve she was having a bowl of cereal at about 10 pm before she went to bed, and half way through she got the bad cramps and ran to the bathroom and violently vomited. We were like "THE MILK!!!!" Milk was the only common denominator, she drinks milk or has milk products everyday. Since then we have not let her have any milk and she is better. Until.... Monday was Jason's birthday and we went out to eat. She got ice cream for dessert. Her phlegm came back immediately, she coughed, and ran a low grade fever all night. She is better now that it has been 24 hours, sleeping now without the struggles.
Tomorrow is the preliminary visit. They want to know what we know. They will meet with her and see what she has to say. The doctors did tell me that this can happen. Since she was a preemie she is more likely to develop allergies and develop other problems as she gets older. This is unlike the rest of us that usually out grow allergies and problems as we get older. Hopefully we are on track with this, and will be able to figure this out. Wish me luck. I will update tomorrow with the results.

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