Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movies, Movies, Movies

So this weekend all I did was watch movies and do laundry. No exaggeration.
Friday Night: Went to dinner and a movie with Jessica. First we went to Red Robin... Yummmmm. We always go there because it is next door to the theater. It was fine, as usual. Then we went to see Bride Wars. It was a movie that neither of our macho wonderful men would want to go and see, so we went together. To spite the HORRIBLE reviews, and the chatty ladies sitting next to us, we had a great time laughing at the bridezillaesque antics of the main characters. Perfect chick flick.
Saturday Night: Lewis rented Pineapple Express. Let me put it this way; if you liked Dazed and Confused then you would love this movie. It had some laugh out loud lines, but it was a very inappropriate movie. Which is why we watched it I suppose.
Sunday Afternoon: I was channel surfing, which as you know I do often, and found Underworld was just coming on. I am NOT into sci-fi usually but this one is about vampires and (likens) werewolves and the ungodly creature that they make when they both bite someone who is immune to the poison in their blood.... Anyways! You know how I am with vampires, and these werewolves looked good, so I watched it, and LOVED it. Yes I told Lewis to go and rent me the 2nd one. I have seen parts of it before, but not for a long time. And there is a prequel coming out in theaters soon. Lewis will have to take me to see that one.
Sunday Night: Jessica (again!) and I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Very long, and very worth it. Yes, it is basically a love story but it keeps you busy watching and wondering what will happen for the whole 3 hours. I will not ruin this one, just in case any of you want to see it. I will tell you though that Brad looked hotter then hot as a young man. And they did a good job making everyone grow older. Worth your $5.50 for a matinee.
I do have to say a thanks to Jessica, for without her I may only go out to see one movie a month. That is about all of the time Lewis and I have for movies together.


Mrs. T said...

Underworld is one of Tim's most favorite series! I'm not sure if it is the girl in the tight black vinyl/leather or the werewolves! Either way we both get something out of it! He watches those movies at least once every two months! We will have to go see the new one when it comes out!

Jessica Montgomery said...

You're welcome! Thanks to you! That's the only way I see ANY movies! Sean hates going to the theater. He says he is "too tall for the tiny seats". Whatever. I will go to the movies with you anytime!