Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phat Cheese

I am driving down the road with Abigail listening to the radio and the lady says, "That's PHAT!"

So Abigail says, "Who's FAT mommy?", while looking around.

I tell her that PHAT means cool and it is a nice thing to say but it is different from FAT, which is a mean thing to say. And by the way we do not call people FAT in the mean way.

A few seconds go by and she says, "Mommy you are one of the fattest people I like, in the nice way. You are fat. Mommy is fat!! Can we get a muffin?"

"Yes Abigail, I am. Thanks for that."

So I am standing in the kitchen today talking to Lyndie and I say, "What do you call cheese that is not yours?"

She thinks about it for a minute, going through all of the different cheeses; cheddar, swiss, etc.

I say, "You call it nacho cheese."

I think she actually groaned. And I laughed for about an hour.

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reddirtgirl said...

Cooper and I both got a laugh out of these moments in your day.