Monday, April 13, 2009

Every. Single. Day.

Good evening! I am trying to write every single day. Even if I do not want to. Here is what I have to say today:

Jason and Haley were sick today. They cough all night, and then they are grumpy all day.

The DVD player got put back in the car today. Finally. It works!

Lewis and I watched the Jazz game. I am soooo glad that I do not go to all of the games this year. Some would be nice, but not all.

I am going now so that I can watch The Hills. Oh yea!

Until tomorrow...


Rubymainia said...

I've been sick since Saturday. I was sick on Easter. I got to stay home again.

Diana Croshaw said...

I'm glad you'll be posting everyday. I'll try to leave a comment on your posts for you... because I know it makes one feel special! Sorry to hear the kids were sick. Jason was a little "on" today, but he was still really good for me! Thanks for the warning!