Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haley's First Soccer Game

Getting her to get her uniform on was a challenge. She said that the socks itched and the shorts were too big, but once she was in it she looked good! She was also very hesitant about playing. I think that she just did not know what to expect. Once she started playing she loved it. When it was over she was sad to come home and wanted to keep playing. They play 4 quarters of 5 minutes each. She ran the whole time that she was in the game and she was very tired at the end. The White Tigers (Haley's team) won 3-1 over The Black Widows. She actually made one of the goals! (Although Lewis does not believe us that she did. He thinks she was just "part of the pack" that made the goal.) Hopefully she will keep enjoying soccer as much as I did while growing up.

Isn't she just the cutest freakin' thing that you have ever seen?
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Diana Croshaw said...

yep, just about! Look how cute her smile is while she's running down that field! Glad she had a good time!

The Queen Bee said...

Very, very cute. I can't believe soccer has started already there. Our registration doesn't even start until next weekend.

Shannon said...

So cute! Look at her strut her stuff!

Jenners said...

My little one just started playing soccer this year (he is 4) and it is HILARIOUS!!!! He loves it though -- especially the cleats! He really has to be forced to take a break and let others play. They play four 10 minutes quarters though -- I was surprised it was so long for such little kids! I find it so cute and amusing ... and he was over the moon when he "scored" a goal. And all their games end in ties!