Saturday, April 11, 2009

April So Far...

Since my March update went so well I thought that I would do April the same way. It will be more like 2 to 3 minutes worth of updates but still, faster then updating each thing alone. Plus I get to feel like I am all the way up to date without spending the whole day on the computer.
We started the month off by having friends over for poker. Here is Holly and Connie.
Here I am with Holly. We had to take this picture about 20 times and it still is not that great!

And then the next morning it snowed.

Last weekend we took the kids to Sonic for a $1.00 treat and I guess we happened to get there just at the right time because 6 one dollar treats was $3.21! Yes! Score one for us!

On Tuesday our neighborhood/ward had an Easter Egg Hunt. I took the kids because Lewis was at home not feeling well with a migraine. The kids found a ton of eggs and each won at least one prize! Abi looks tired because the egg hunt started 30 minutes past her bedtime. Plus it was really windy outside.

On Wednesday I had to go to Wendover for a food show/conference for the night. Jessica agreed to go with me so I would have some company. (To be honest I had decided not to go because I did not want to go alone, but then she stepped up and agreed to go with!! Thanks!) Here we are at the reception after the food show. They told us it would be appetizers and drinks but when we got there it was a full on dinner. Yummy! I look really red in this picture, and I do not know why. I am not tan/sunburned at all...

The food company paid for my room so we thought it was going to be a crappy room, but when we got inside it was so nice. We stayed in the new part of the Montego Bay Casino. It was no smoking (YEA!!!) and it had 2 king beds! It was very nice and the bedding was nice, not the crappy overlays with itchy blankets underneath.

BUT!!! There was one thing that got us laughing our butts off and cringing at the same time. It was this on the bed skirt...

EEEWWWWWW!!!!!! If you can't figure out what it is, then I am not going to help you out. Sick. At least it was not on my bed. He-He!!
Here is the view from our windows. Wendover is really out in the middle of nowhere.

Yesterday while driving in Draper the television/DVD player in my car fell off of the ceiling and hit me in the head. I screamed and slammed on my brakes. I thought something hit the roof of the car and the roof dented in. My kids stared screaming and none of us knew what was going on. If I had been on the I-15 we could all be dead right now. I would have slammed on the brakes and then cars would have hit us for sure. As it was I came to a complete stop in the middle of the road. After the player hit me in the head it fell onto Jason and cut his face in 4 places.

Now I have a bleeding kid and a fallen down player in my car. I am just about in shock so I grab the phone and call the dealership (they installed the player). I told them what happened and the guy was like, "Bring it in on Monday and I will fix the player."
WHAT???? No I'm so sorry we almost KILLED your whole family?? I am sorry you kid is bleeding? I am sorry you could have been knocked out and crashed your car? No. Nothing.
I. Am. Pissed.
Tomorrow is Easter. I will try to update better starting with those pictures. Love and miss you all!!!


Samuel Balmanno said...

who is jessica??????

Miss Kendra said...

Engaged. Getting married very soon. I am her bridesmaid. Sorry buddy!!!

Jennifer D. is single and cute. She is in March.

Jessica Montgomery said...

Ha ha... anyway Kendra, it's Montego Bay, not Monte Carlo..but nice try!!